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Reborn-Super Chef – 028

Chapter 28 – Undefeatable Adorable Things



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Yesterday, Cao Kang had overheard the conversation between Ye Chui and Lin Wei. He knew that they will be going to the chicken farm to purchase ingredients.


Therefore, he showed up to try to impress Lin Wei and deny Ye Chui a chance to be alone with her. He thought it was a great plan – he would kill two birds with one stone.


Ye Chui was annoyed when he saw Cao Kang but he did not reveal his emotions. He just smiled and said, “When you go out to play, taking public transport is one of the joys of going out. After all, the roads that you and the public transport operators drive on are the same road – there is hardly any difference between the scenery offered by your car that of a public transport. Also, the suburbs are different from the city. Are you not afraid that a thief may steal your car?”


“It is just a car! If I lost it, I can get another one easily.” Cao Kang replied with pride. From his voice, you can tell that he was looking down on Ye Chui.


He then looked at Lin Wei and smiled, “Weiwei, what do you think? I am here to help you and Ye Chui by bringing the two of you there.”


“I do not want to sit in your car.” Lin Wei immediately rejected Cao Kang. She hates men like Cao Kang who she cannot shake off no matter what she does.


“I will take the public transport with Ye Chui. This is the first time I ever take the public transport. This should be fun!”


“This…..” Cao Kang was at a loss for words. This is the first time he met someone who had chosen to take public transport over a sports car.


An Jing and Wang Shiyu was standing at a side quietly. Wang Shiyu’s big eyes were going to and fro between her brother and Cao Kang.


From young, she is a mischievous one and could see that Cao Kang is here to create trouble. She thought for a moment, and suddenly she had an idea. She skipped towards Cao Kang, raised her head, and call out in a sweet voice, “Hello, you look very handsome!”


Cao Kang was surprised, and looked down and saw Wang Shiyu. When he got down from the vehicle, he had seen An Jing and Wang Shiyu. An Jing is quite pretty and he was captivated by her looks and took noticed of her.


But he had no interest and love for children, and did not pay much attention to Wang Shiyu. But cute and adorable things are welcomed everywhere, and looking at the lovely, innocent face of Wang Shiyu, he was tempted to strike a conversation with her.


After all, this little girl says that he, Cao Kang, is very handsome. All children will not lie. Lin Wei should also like him….

He smiled, and replied to Wang Shiyu, “You are also very pretty!”


“May I give you a present?”


Wang Shiyu saw that Cao Kang had already let his guard down, and immediately took out the present from her bag. She used both hands to give it to Cao Kang.


An Jing was surprised. Isn’t this a present that Wang Shiyu had specially prepared for her teacher? How come she had taken it out and gifted it to Cao Kang?


Cao Kang did not expect to receive a gift from a little girl. He was very pleased and thought that his charms are irresistible. Cao Kang smiled and accepted the present, “What is inside this box?”


“You can open it and take a look, but you must be careful about it!” Wang Shiyu replied in her most charming and adorable smile.


The smile on Cao Kang face grew wider, and he looked at Ye Chui as to show off. Although he does not know who Wang Shiyu was, he had seen Ye Chui chatting to Wang Shiyu. This means that these two knew each other.


And he had just met Wang Shiyu and already she had given him a gift. What is inside is of secondary importance. The most important thing is that he had shown Ye Chui how popular he is, and this is indeed something that allowed him to gain some face after Lin Wei’s rejection of riding in his sports car.


Thinking these, he immediately tore off the wrappers of the box.


Ye Chui was also puzzled. He did not know what Wang Shiyu had in mind, and why she gives Cao Kang a gift. He felt a bit uncomfortable. But very quickly, he realised that it is not what he had thought. When Cao Kang tore open the gift wrappings, Wang Shiyu immediately ran away and stood a far distance away from Cao Kang. She even squatted down and placed both her hands over her head.


Seeing this, Ye Chui immediately pulled Lin Wei and An Jing towards him and used his body to shield them.


Suddenly, there was a large explosion.


“Bang!” – The box was opened by Cao Kang. The next moment, a round black object floated up from the box. This is a balloon. But inside it contains some air and some black ink. With a pop sound, the balloon exploded, and the ink splattered in a broad pattern in a small radius around Cao Kang. Cao Kang was hit by the ink strains and took the brunt of the ink explosion – his face and clothes were plastered with the ink.


In his hands, Cao Kang was still holding on to the box, and he was standing there, dumbfounded as if he could not understand what had just happened.


Ye Chui immediately perspired heavily—When did his sister become so …. creative as to come up with such a fiendish gift?


Frankly, this is just a simple trap that Wang Shiyu had improvised. She first filled the balloon with some black ink, then she pumped some air into the balloon.


She had a jack in the box toy that was a gift from Ye Chui as a birthday present. When the box is opened, the jack will spring up. All she needs to do is to set the jack so that it will not spring up, and place the balloon filled with helium inside it. There is a small gap between the sharp edge of the jack in the box and the balloon as the balloon is floating.


When anyone opened the box, the balloon will slowly float up, but the jack in the box will immediately spring up quickly. The sharp edge of jack in the box will puncture the balloon and spray its contents to anyone who dared to open the box.


Under her expert modification, the jack in a box becomes a deadly weapon. And Cao Kang was hit by the deadly weapon. Looking at Cao Kang face and clothes which were filled with black colour ink, you cannot help but pity him. He looks really poor, as if he had just crawled up from a coal mine.


“Yeah! My super special device 3 is a success! The impact is superb! That is awesome!”


Wang Shiyu saw the fruits of her labours and immediately broke up in cheers. You could see how satisfied she was with her invention.


“Little Rain, how could you be so naughty…..” An Jing immediately walked towards Wang Shiyu and scolded her. When she saw the poor Cao Kang that was splattered with ink, she could not help giggling. But she tried hard to suppress her laughter.


Wang Shiyu looked like she was wrongly accused and replied, “That is a bad guy! I just want to teach him a lesson on behalf of Ge Ge!”


Ye Chui lovingly messed up his little sister hairstyle as he stroked her head, “You little rascal! In future you better not be so naughty! Who are you originally intending to give the present to?”


“This morning, she said that it is a present for her teacher….” An Jing suddenly recalled, and looked at her sister in horror~! Then An Jing became furious and she glared at Wang Shiyu. Normally An Jing is very nice, but when she is angry, she can be very scary.


But Wang Shiyu is a smart little rascal, and immediately hid behind Lin Wei. She even made a face at An Jing. She did not believe that An Jing will scold or punish her in front of her brother’s future wife!


While the family and Lin Wei were grinning, Cao Kang was infuriated – he was still covered in black ink!


“You deceived me! Did you know what brands are my clothes? These clothes are branded stuff and are very expensive! Even I sell you off, you still cannot pay me for my loss!” Cao Kang angrily retorted and reach out to grab Wang Shiyu.


But before he reached Wang Shiyu, Wang Shiyu had already grabbed Lin Wei leg and suddenly broke out in tears, “Wahhh Wahhh… it was not on purpose…. Wahhhh…. This man is very scary…..”


Listening to Wang Shiyu’s bawl, Lin Wei immediately glare at Cao Kang fiercely, as if daring him to take one more step forward. Seeing that Cao Kang had stopped moving, she squatted down and hugged Wang Shiyu to comfort her.


Ye Chui was stunned by the quick wits of his little sister. Wang Shiyu was hugged by Lin Wei, and her head happened to stick out of Lin Wei’s shoulder and face Ye Chui. Although her mouth was full of crying sounds, her clear, bright eyes were looking at Ye Chui and she winked. There was not even a drop of tear when she cried.


At this time, Ye Chui was defeated by this child. What a brat! She cried like there is no tomorrow and her cries would instantly make anyone pity her.


At this time, Ye Chui immediately joined in. He stood up and looked very angry as he shouted at Cao Kang, “She is just kid! So what if she played a joke on you? Why did you have to be so fierce? When you bully a kid you are so brave arh!!


“I … I …” Cao Kang was so angry until his face turned red. Unfortunately, his face was covered by black ink and this was not obvious.


“You had already frightened her into tears. If she ended up with psychology impairment as a result of this accident, are you going to take responsibility?” Ye Chui continued to attack.


“I …. I ….” Cao Kang could not speak out his grievances.


“You, you, you… What about you? You already made her cry and you still did not regret your actions? How could you be so heartless?” Ye Chui scolded, and pretend that he does not want to see Cao Kang again as he shoos him away. “Go away! Leave this place! But if Little Rain has nightmares and need psychologists intervention, I will definitely find you and ask you to take responsibilities.”




Cao Kang was shaking with anger. Right now he was covered from head to toe with black ink strains. This means that he could not go with Lin Wei to the chicken farm. He angrily glared at Ye Chui. If he did not have the ink splattered all over his face, his glare would frighten anyone. However, with the ink dripping all over him, he just looked like a clown.


He angrily opened the door of his vehicle and wanted to go in.


“Wait a moment!” Ye Chui stopped him.


“What do you want?” Cao Kang angrily asked.


Ye Chui pointed at Lin Wei, “From here to the chicken farm is several kilometres away. Are you intending to let her ride on the public transport? You may not mind it, but Weiwei is from a rich family. How could she withstand the hardships of riding in a public transport?”


Cao Kang was incensed, “What do you want to do?”


Ye Chui smiled and said, “Lend me your car?”


Cao Kang “…….”








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