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Reborn-Super Chef – 027

Chapter 27 – Then, I Shall be Adorable and Cute!



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The appointment with Lin Wei is at 8 am in the morning. After eating breakfast, Ye Chui received a phone call from Lin Wei, indicating that she had arrived. Ye Chui looked into the mirror and make sure that he looked sharp, then he grabbed a bag, informed An Jing, and rushed down the stairs.


An Jing had kept all the bowls and chopsticks and looked out of the window in curiosity. At this time, Yu Yuan had stopped the car in front the block. The door opened and Li Wei stepped out. She is tall and pretty.


An Jing did not know why she compared herself with Lin Wei. She immediately shook her head. Why did she compare herself with her brother’s girlfriend?


But this girl is really pretty and adorable, and has a nice temperament. She is a good match for brother……


As she was thinking about these things, An Jing suddenly heard a ‘Ca Cha’ sound from the shared bedroom. It seemed that something had dropped. She immediately walked into the room, and shouted, “Little Rain, what are you doing?”


“Nothing, nothing…..”


When An Jing pushed opened the door, she saw Wang Shiyu hurriedly pushed someone into her school bag. The sound was due to her pencil box dropping onto the floor when she tried to stuff that thing into her school bag.


“What did you put into your bag?” An Jing was curious. She looked at it, and it seemed to be a present that was already gift-wrapped.


Wang Shiyu hurriedly closed her school bad. “It is really nothing, it is just something that I want to give to my teacher as a birthday gift.”


“A gift for your teacher’s birthday?” An Jing was puzzled when she heard this. Wang Shiyu is a little rascal. Every day, she loves to argue with the teachers. So how come she was willing to prepare a birthday gift for the teacher.


Although An Jing felt this is strange, she did not ask more about it. She helped Wang Shiyu to put the pencil box into her bag, and said, “We better go down quickly. The girl that brother is dating is already here.”


“Really arhh.. Is she pretty, is adorable?” Wang Shiyu immediately becomes excited.


“Very pretty and adorable.” An Jing smiled and replied.


Wang Shiyu immediately break into a sweet smiled, “Than I will act cute and adorable!”




At the bottom of the block.


“All right, Brother Yu, you can go back first. I do not need you to around me all the time.” After Ye Chui had greeted Lin Wei, Lin Wei immediately turned around and informed Yu Yan. Today her father, Lin Zhengdao heard that she and Ye Chui are going out together, and immediately assigned Yu Yan to protect her.


But Lin Wei is not happy with this arrangement. She is not a kid anymore, and resent the intrusion into her privacy.


Right now, she is trying to chase Yu Yan away.


Yu Yan smiled, “Weiwei, this is your father’s orders. What if you are in danger?”


“Where got so many dangers? Lin Wei pouted.


“Relax, if she met with any danger, I will protect her.” Ye Chui also felt that Yu Yan was making a mountain out of a molehill. Even though Lin Wei is a rich man’s daughter, she is not a TV star or movie star. Danger does not lurk around every corner. Does she need to bring a bodyguard with her every time she went out to play?


The most important thing is, this is the first time that he and Lin Wei were on a date. Nobody hopes to have such a big luggage following them around on their first date, right?


Yu Yan looked at Ye Chui, sighed and nodded his head, “All right, Weiwei, be more careful, if something happens, you must give me a call.”


“Ok, Ok! I know!” Lin Wei said that and pushed Yu Yan back into the car.


Yu Yan waved them goodbye, started the car and drove off. As soon as the car had left, An Jing and Wang Shiyu just reached the ground floor of the building.


Seeing her brother and his date, Wang Shiyu immediately skipped and ran towards Ye Chui and Lin Wei. She looked very adorable and harmless as she looked at Lin Wei. On her face is a lovely, sweet grin, and her small, sweet voice ranged out, “Elder sister, you are so pretty! Even prettier than the TV stars I saw on TV!”


Lin Wei was wondering who is this little girl is. When she heard Wang Shiyu’s words, she could not help smiling back. Girls love adorable things, and Wang Shiyu is really the type that looks super cute and irresistible. Lin Wei patted Wang Shiyu on her head, and said, “Little sister, you are very pretty as well! When you grow up, you will definitely be a great beauty.”


“En En! When I grow up, I want to be like you, a great beauty.” Wang Shiyu nodded her head and looked totally adorable. Her words are pleasing to the ear. This, combined with her sweet, childish voice make it easy to provoke laughter in adults.


“Weiwei, this is my little sister. Her name is Wang Shiyu.” Ye Chui immediately introduced them. Then he pointed at An Jing that was walking over, and introduced her as well, “This is An Jing, also my little sister.”


“Yi?” Lin Wei was surprised, “Ye Chui, how come your two sisters have a different surname from you?”


“We met our brother in an orphanage. Right now, he is working and taking care of me and Little Rain.” An Jing explained simply.


“Oh, no wonder….” Lin Wei could help stealing a glance at Ye Chui. She did not expect that Ye Chui is an orphan, and have two sisters from the same orphanage. At this time, she felt that Ye Chui is a really impressive man. She smiled and told the two sisters, “I am your brother’s friend. From now on, I will be your elder sister. Are you willing to call me Jie Jie (elder sister)?”


“Jie Jie!” Wang Shiyu did not need anyone to teach her, and immediately raised her head and called out sweetly.


An Jing hesitated, but also called her, “Jie Jie.”




While Lin Wei was happily chatting with Wang Shiyu and An Jing, in a street not far away, Yu Yan handed his car to a car washing service. Then he rented a motorcycle from the car rental service next door.


Although Lin Wei does not want him to follow her, he is a bodyguard after all, and will not just leave like that. If he cannot protect her openly, then he will do so secretly. Ye Chui had said that he will protect Lin Wei if Lin Wei is in danger. Yu Yan believed him.


But he also believes that Ye Chui is the biggest danger to Lin Wei’s safety.


Therefore, he decided to follow behind them in secret. This will allow him to react instantly should Lin Wei met with any troubles.


He placed the helmet on his head and had just left this street when he was stunned – he had just seen Cao Kang driving pass him.




Outside of the building, Lin Wei, An Jing and Wang Shiyu were chatting happily. Just when she and Ye Chui were about to set off for their date, Cao Kang stopped his car on the roadside nearby.


The door of the car opened, and reveal the driver, Cao Kang, seated inside. He smiled, “Weiwei, Ye Chui, I come to pick you up and bring you to the chicken farm.”


Ye Chui frowned, why did this man come here? He looked at Cao Kang, “What are you doing here?”


“I am here for Weiwei’s good!” Cao Kang got out from the car, and patted his car on it the hood. “From here to the chicken farm is over 10 km away. How are you going there? Are you intending to ride on the public transport? You may not mind it, but Weiwei is from a rich family. How could she withstand the hardships of riding in a public transport?”




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