Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0172

Chapter 172 – Just Say Whatever You Wish

Translated by Gumihou at kitchennovel dot com


“But…” Abbé Mia grew flustered under the weight of everyone’s stare. The stares from Amy’s two magic teachers were especially heavy. Should she decline the requests as per the rules in the menu, or agree on the strength of their relationships?

“Since the requests came from these two great masters, surely the boss wouldn’t reject, right?”

“That’s right, they’re the Little Boss’ teachers after all. If he insists on sticking to the rules, it would not be reasonable.”

“If they get second helping, surely we can get seconds too, right? We are all customers after all.”

The customers whispered to each other as they waited for Abbé Mia’s answer. There was no way Boss Mike would refuse these two venerable grandmasters, therefore the next thing to do was to calculate their influence over Boss Mike wondering what leverage they could use to make him give them a second helping of [Beancurds].

The [Beancurds] were just too delicious, refreshing and tasty, eating just one could be considered a special kind of torture.

“Should I get another one?” Sally mused as she looked into the depths of her empty bowl. She hesitated, she could still taste the sweet fragrance of the [Beancurds] in her own breath, the sweet taste seemed to wrap itself around her body, taking her back to the special fragrance that permeated the air within the Hundred Flower Valley.

“Apologies, the [Beancurd] is limited to one portion per person per day, and takeaways are not permitted.” at this moment, Mike’s voice rang out. He came out of the kitchen bearing a plate of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice]. He placed it in front of Klaus with a smile, “Your [Yang Zhou Fried Rice].”

“He really rejected them!” the dining hall suddenly went silent, the customers all stared at Mike, unable to hide their shock and disappointment. Though Mike was still smiling, they could feel that it was just a courtesy smile. He had no intention of giving in at all.

Klaus was also stunned, he glanced at the [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] in front of him, the smile on Mike’s face had no weakness at all. This morning, Mike had allowed them to taste the [Beancurds] without asking for money, now that they’re Amy’s master, Mike actually rejected their request even with the understanding that they would pay for their food. Just what kind of attitude is this?

“Boss Mike, I have no problem paying for the second portion.” Klaus tried again. The [Beancurds] was just too delicious, the sweetness of the soft curd and syrup was simply addictive. For someone with a sweet tongue, it was completely irresistible.

Julian was frowning silently at Mike. Thus far, everyone who knew of his identity never dared to reject his request, whatever it was. Mike was the first person to do so, though he was Amy’s father, surely this was just too unreasonable, isn’t it?

“One portion per person, it is clearly printed on the menu. Since it is a restaurant rule, I hope everyone could respect it and continue to eat happily.” said Mike with a calm smile even as he shook his head in rejection. At the belligerent faces of Klaus, Julian and the rest of the customers, he cursed privately in his heart.

He knew the moment a limit was imposed, that there will be a lot of unhappy customers. However, the [Beancurd] was just too nutritious, one portion was just about right for a day’s worth of nutrition. Too much will make you sick, alright? More importantly, it would ruin the restaurant’s good name.

Moreover, there’s the [System’s] extra incentive to take into consideration. Though he had not yet come to an agreement with the [System] on what goes into the [Master Chef Lucky Dip], the rewards there were too tempting to ignore.

“Daddy already said that everyone gets one each. Master, are you going to beat him up?” Amy asked Klaus and Julian from her position at the bar table, her eyes narrowed suspiciously.

“How could that be? Since it’s the restaurant rules, we must respect it. Rules are the basis of civilization after all. En, this [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] is really delicious.” Klaus shoved a spoonful of the fried rice into his mouth and smiled agreeably at her.

“[Juicy Burger] is also very delicious.” Julian muttered as he bit into his burger.

Both grandmasters could see that there was no way they could get their hands a second portion of [Beancurd], but what’s to be done? They couldn’t really beat up their disciple’s father, right?

If it had been any other restaurant in the world, all they had to do was reveal their true identities and the owners would fall over themselves serving however many portions they could possibly wish.

However, this Mike guy was just too weird, it’s one thing to be calm if he had no inkling of their true identities, but he had already seen their powers as grandmasters and still treated them like ordinary customers. His facial expression, that courtesy smile, was exactly the same.

“On the other hand, I suppose this kind of attitude should gain him the approval of other people… whatever, it’s fine, it’s fine, let’s just eat another portion tomorrow.” Klaus mused over this matter as he ate his [Yang Zhou Fried Rice].

“Boss, I’m willing to pay you ten times the price, please let me have another portion. I need this really urgently, please.” Lucille got up to plead with Mike, her eyes misty with emotion. She had a feeling that her husband had become a bit cool lately. Her woman’s instinct was sounding an alarm she could not ignore. She had been desperately searching for a cure, but until now nothing she found could help. She did not care how much money she had to spend in order to get rid of the scars.

“I’m sorry, the [Beancurds] will be available for sale tomorrow morning. You may come early and buy it for breakfast.” Mike maintained his smile even as he shook his head in rejection. Quietly he nudged the [System]: “Hey, [System], why don’t you reconsider? It’s 10 ten times the price!! Sell one for the price of 10! only idiots refuse to earn money!”

“Host, would you please watch your words. Unwarranted insults against the [System] would trigger hidden tasks.” the [System] said unhappily, then, with rising passion said. “As a master chef in training, you should be aware of your own status. Do not be shaken by mere 2,000 copper coins. Wilfully changing the rules for no good reason will ruin your reputation, stand proudly and embrace your future, for you are destine to become the master chef that stands at the pinnacle!”

“[System], do you want the 2,000 copper coins or not?” Mike asked seriously.

“Host, just say what you wish to say.” the [System’s] voice lowered to a whisper.

“Nothing, I was just talking idly.” Mike twisted his lips, as expected this [System] was rather spineless in some ways.

“But…” Lucille still tried to negotiate.

“Miss, I do hope you enjoy the food here.” Mike smiled before making his way to the kitchen. He had no intention of listening to their pleadings, even less desire to compromise.

Lucille’s mouth dropped open, this was the first time that she encountered a problem that could not be solved with money. It was just a random rule in a restaurant, but why could they not just compromise a little?

“Lucille, just forget about it. We’ll come early tomorrow for breakfast. Just now, the two old guys who got rejected were grandmaster magicians.” the girl who came with Lucille whispered as she squeezed her hand comfortingly.

“Grandmasters!” Lucille’s eyes widened, as someone born from a great family. She knew perfectly well what that word represent. Since this Mike already rejected the requests of two grandmasters, what was she? After some hesitation, she sat down. Looks like she’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.

“Even grandmasters could not make him change his mind, this Boss Mike sure is a man of principle and dignity.”

“That’s right, if it were me, I’d have jump at the offer of 10 times the price.”

“Aih, looks like we’ll just have to come back tomorrow!”

The customers whispered to each other, looks like Boss Mike could not be moved by offer of money or threats. They have a better respect and understanding of the rules of the restaurant. Looks like Boss Mike was not joking around with these rules.




Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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