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Reborn-Super Chef – 026

Chapter 26 – This is How You Date a Girl



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Looking at the idiot Cao Kang who was about to go and queue up, Ye Chui smiled and handed him 2 sticks of mutton skewers, “Just kidding! Since Weiwei is here, I give her some face and waive the need for you to queue.”


Cao Kang gritted his teeth. He forced himself to smile, and accept the two sticks of mutton skewers.


After listening to his father, he decided to change tracks and see Ye Chui as a strong competitor. Although Cao Kang had lost to Ye Chui twice, he is not stupid and is quite smart, especially when it comes to courting girls. He may be young, but he is highly experienced.


After considering everything, he decided that he should first create a good impression of himself in front of Lin Wei. Hence, apologising to Ye Chui in front of Lin Wei is but a means to this end.


Yesterday, he heard that Lin Wei loves the mutton skewers here and would frequent the stall. Therefore, he staked out nearby and waited for Lin Wei.


“Weiwei, are you are looking for a good school? I feel that Xizhou Elite Noble school is not bad, and their reputation and teachers are of a good quality. The most important thing is that this place is suitable for people like us. Tomorrow, I could show you around the school?” Cao Kang acted like he loves the mutton skewer and ate it with relish, and asked Lin Wei ‘innocently’.


He felt that his words should score him points and Lin Wei should accept his invitation.


Lin Wei frowned. She does like the term ‘people like us’ and felt repulsed by this term. She shook her head and said, “No need! These few days I need to accompany my mother, and does not wish to find a school so quickly.”


Cao Kang was a bit disappointed, but he forced himself to smile as he said, “Then I will pay auntie (Lin Wei’s mother) a visit.”


Ye Chui was busy at mutton skewers stall. When he heard Cao Kang’s words, he finally understood why Cao Kang was here. The apology had no sincerely whatever. Cao Kang is here just to make himself look better in front of Lin Wei. But the method in which he attempts to date Lin Wei is wrong.


Ye Chui was also annoyed at Cao Kang for saying ‘people like us’. This means that Cao Kang looked down on Ye Chui as he is not as rich as they are. After thinking for a while, he smiled and ask Lin Wei, “Weiwei, tomorrow I am going to the outskirts of the town to purchase some ingredients and to prepare for the feast for Elder Han. Are you interested to go with me and have a look? It is sure to be fun!”


“Purchase ingredients?” Lin Wei was surprised.


Cao Kang immediately sneered “Ye Chui, what is so fun about purchasing ingredients!”


“I am going to a chicken farm to purchase ingredients. Their chickens are all breed in the mountains. At that, we can have a feast in the mountain tops. All I need to do is to prepare some seasonings. Then we can make very tasty roast chicken. There is a dish called beggars chicken.”


“This is easy to make, and after it is cooked, the skin of the chicken is very tender and juicy, and the aroma is mouth-watering. The flavour of the chicken is much better than that of the La Zi Ji that you have eaten yesterday.” Ye Chui said.


Lin Wei is a foodie, and hearing the description, she was virtually drooling. Her eyes shone brightly, “Is it really that tasty?”


“Of course it is, this is a rare recipe that was handed down since the Qianlong era in the Qing dynasty.” Ye Chui continued to make it sound super attractive. “Even Emperor Qianlong was impressed by this dish. This dish is also called Prosperous Food. This name was given by the late Emperor Qianlong. How, do you want to try it?”


“Yes!” Lin Wei immediately nodded her head in agreement. She had completed forgotten that she wanted to accompany her mother at home. That was just an excuse not to go out with Cao Kang.


“That’s great. Then tomorrow we will set off early in the morning.” Ye Chui smiled and nodded his head. Then he smirked at Cao Kang, “See that? This is how you date a girl!”


Cao Kang was so angry that you could almost see the smoke billowing from his ears and nose. Tonight he was here to impress Lin Wei, and show Ye Chui that he and Lin Wei are the same class of people, while Ye Chui is from a different class. Therefore Ye Chui could not hope to bet together with Lin Wei.


But his plans were thwarted yet again! Instead, Ye Chui showed him that he was the one who is not wanted. He knew that Lin Wei loves to eat. Why didn’t he used this knowledge to his advantage! Right now it is too late for regrets!


After that Lin Wei and Ye Chui arrange for a place and time to meet, and Lin Wei then happily skipped off.


After Lin Wei had left, Cao Kang dropped all pretendence. He threw the muttons skewers onto the floor and glared at Ye Chui, “I will not lose to you!”


Ye Chui just shrugged his shoulders. This guy only had an IQ of 5, and is a puny human with a combat power of 5 as well. So why is he baring his teeth at me? Ye Chui just smiled, and stretch up his hand, “2 mutton skewers are $4, and also your mutton skewers are purchased by cutting the queue. The cost of cutting the queue is a VIP service and cost $96. Altogether you owe me $100. Please pay up.”


Cao Kang: “……”




“These mutton skewers look simple to make, but there are many things you need to take note of. If you want to make quality mutton skewers, it is not easy to do so.” Ye Chui patiently coaches his new protégé.


At about 11 + at night, the night market crowd dispersed. After keeping everything and cleaning the stall, Qin Feng asked Ye Chui, “Brother Ye, regarding the mutton skewer stall, I have a suggestion. Why did we only sell mutton skewers? We can also grill other food as well, such as beef, fish, prawns, crab etc.”


Listening to Qin Feng’s words, Ye Chui was a bit surprised. He praised, “That is right! Once we have enough monies, we can sell even more varieties of food. I am hoping to call this new stall “roast skewers”.  On a hot day, when you have a beer in your hand and eat roast skewers, it would be slice of heaven. “


Qin Feng’s eyes also lit up: “I did not expect that you have already thought of it. I will definitely make sure this “roast skewers” stall do well.”


“Do not look so far ahead, and just focus on mastering how to roast the mutton skewers first. We take one step at a time. In future, our roast skewers business will definitely be good.” Ye Chui smiled.


Roast skewers are very popular in China. But in this world, there is no roast skewers stall yet. After all, this world is still (slowly) recovering from the Vegetarian movement, and meat products have just been reintroduced not long ago.


But now that the restrictions on meat products have been lifted, Ye Chui wants to grab a market share of this roast skewers industry.


“I know. I will not let you down!” Qin Feng was now convinced that there is a bright future for him if he follows Ye Chui. After all, he had seen the endless queue of customers with his own eyes. There was hardly any time for Ye Chui to take a break.


The next morning, as soon as Ye Chui woke up, he immediately bathed and begins to groom himself. Normally, he does not really care much about his physical appearance. As long as he is neat and tidy, that is more than enough. But today he is going on his first date with Lin Wei. He should create a good impression by reading this chapter at prosperous food translations.


Oh, although that kitty is lured by the food and not by him, Ye Chui will not skip this opportunity to build a closer relationship with Lin Wei. He even searched the wardrobe for his best shirt.


After he had groomed himself and walked out, his sister Wang Shiyu looked at with a mouth that is shaped like a large O. She even rubbed her eyes, “Brother, are you going for an arranged marriage meeting?”




Ye Chui could not help sweating. He walked over and tapped Wang Shiyu on her head, “Where did you learn about these kinds of stuff?”


An Jing also looked curious as she looked at Ye Chui, “Brother, are you going on a date?”


“Hehe, maybe….” Ye Chui’s face turned beet red, and asked his sister, “What do you think?”


“Very handsome!” An Jing looked around, and smiled, “If it is me, I will definitely fall in love with you.”




Is there is a sister that teased her brother in this way?






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