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Reborn-Super Chef – 023

Chapter 23 – The Spring Time of Youth



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The original Ye Chui needs to work and take care of his 2 sisters, therefore he did not have the monies to purchase a mobile phone. And although new Ye Chui could afford a mobile phone, he only knows 2 persons, and that is his 2 sisters. Hence, he had no need for a mobile phone. That’s is why he did not purchase any mobile phone.


Right now Lin Wei wants to know his mobile phone number, and he felt a tinge of regards. He should have purchased a mobile phone earlier. No worries, he told himself, “Why not give me your mobile number first? When I purchase a mobile phone I will call you. Then you will know my mobile number. “


“All right!” Lin Wei readily agreed, and borrowed a pen from Yu Yan. But she could not find any paper to write it on. Ye Chui opened the palm of his hand and let Lin Wei write on his hand.


Lin Wei then held his hand as she wrote her phone number down. They look like a dating couple.


At this time, they were standing in the hall near the entrance of the restaurant. Cao Xiong and Lin Zhengdao were having a friendly conversation as they walked in front.


Cao Kang wanted to chat with Lin Wei, but he saw that Lin Wei was holding onto Ye Chui’s hand and writing her phone number. His face turned black immediately.


How could Lin Wei take the initiative to give her phone number to Ye Chui? And appear so intimate with Ye Chui as she wrote her number on his hand? He, Cao Kang, did not have the opportunity to get this close to Lin Wei!


The most damning thing is that he had to scheme and owe other people favours just to get  Lin Wei’s mobile phone number. He did not even have the chance to test out the number.


At this moment, Fang Tao walked out of the kitchen in his chef uniform. He had heard that Cao Kang was leaving, and wanted to come over to build a better relationship with Cao Kang. At this time, he also saw Lin Wei grabbing Ye Chui’s hand and writing her number on his palm.


Cao Kang was shocked until he was rendered speechless at this scene. He had thought that Ye Chui is just a mutton skewer seller, and stood no chance with Lin Wei. In his eyes, Lin Wei only likes the mutton skewers that Ye Chui made and not Ye Chui. Ye Chui was only dreaming if he hopes to attract Lin Wei’s attention.


This morning, when he fetched Ye Chui to Wan Lai Fu Restaurant, he was still looking down on Ye Chui. He even implied that Ye Chui did not know his own limits.


Looking at the intimate way in which Ye Chui and Lin Wei are behaving, Fang Tao could not believe his eyes. Could Ye Chui successfully courted Lin Wei?


Lin Wei wrote down her phone number on Ye Chui’s palm. This lady was also quite mischievous. She even drew a smiley face behind her phone number. She looked up and smiled at Ye Chui, “Once you purchased a mobile phone, you must call me!”


“All right, I will do so.” Ye Chui smiled and agreed.


“Goodbye…. No, I should say see you tonight. Hehehe.” Lin Wei waved goodbye to Ye Chui and chased after her father.


Ye Chui watched the disappearing figure of Lin Wei and his face was plastered with a big grin. Horray for the feelings of the springtime of youth!


Ye Chui remembered that Yang Yong had not paid him for the recipe yet and wanted to collect his monies. When he turned around to make his way to the kitchen, he noticed that Cao Kang was glaring at him. Cao Kang’s eyes were seething with hate. Ye Chui just laughed at this sight, and walked away. His attitude was like, “So what if you do not like it? What can you do about it?”


“……” Cao Kang gritted his teeth, and wanted to bite Ye Chui!


He was feeling very upset. When Fang Tao walked up to him, he just ignored Fang Tao and left Fang Tao standing there.


Cao Kang was very angry at Fang Tao. If Fang Tao’s mutton skewers were much tastier than Ye Chui’s, it would not lead to this situation!


Outside of Wan Lai Fu Restaurant, Lin Zhengdao and Lin Wei left in a car driven by Yu Yan.


Cao Xiong and Cao Kang shared another car. Cao Kang was very unhappy when he sat in his father’s car, and said, “This Ye Chui is just a mutton skewers stall seller! He thinks that he won? Sooner or later he will regret it!”


“Let him regret it?” Cao Xiong immediately rebuke his son, “If this continues on, the one who will regret is you, not him!


Cao Kang anxiously asked, “Dad, why did you say this? Do you really think that I will lose to that poor man?”


“Lose?” Cao Xiong looked into his son’s eyes and said, “You have already lost! What were you thinking about? Did you thought that just because he is poor, he could not complete with a rich man like yourself?”


“But….. but……” Cao Kang did not know how to refute this.


“But what?” Cao Xiong coldly looked at his son. “Our fortunes are peanuts in the eyes of Lin Zhengdao. In his eyes, you and Ye Chui are similar. You thought that Lin Wei is the type of woman who will swoon over your wealth?”


“I advise you to consider Ye Chui as your competitor. After all, you have already lost on the starting line. Now you need to think about what you should do!”


After the scolding by his father, Cao Kang considered his words. Things are indeed as Cao Xiong had said – he had already lost at the starting line. But the starting line is not so important. What is important is the finishing line. He nodded his head and acknowledged, “Dad, I was wrong. I will not underestimate Ye Chui anymore!”


“That is the right attitude! If you consider everything, we have a big advantage over him.” Cao Xiong finally smiled. “Lin Wei is a 2nd year student in pre-university (Grade 11th in US and Grade 12th in the UK).  She is likely to transfer to a school here. Barring any problems, she should enrol in the Xizhou Elite Noble school. At that time, you could get closer to her. Ye Chui had to work and he cannot enrol in that school.”


Xizhou Elite Noble school is a private school in Xizhou for the wealthy and affluent people. It has a good reputation for academics. For a woman of Lin Wei’s status, she is very likely to choose this school after she moved to Xizhou. And Cao Kang is currently studying in this school.


Hearing the words of his father, Cao Kang finally smiled, “Dad, I will not disappoint you! I also will not lose to Ye Chui that poor man!”




Ye Chui was on his way to find Yang Yong to collect his monies. He saw Tian Xiaoduo waiting for him at the kitchen door instead.


The fatty was all smiles as he handed over a card to Ye Chui. “Manager Yang asked me to pass this card to you. The pin number is 6 zeros. There are 120 thousand inside this card. Yang Yong is a miser. I do not know what happened to him, and why he gave you an extra 20,000.”


Ye Chui smiled. He accepted the card, but did not explain anything to Tian Xiaoduo. He asked, “Do we need to sign an agreement?”


“There is no need! I trust you!” Tian Xiaoduo smiled as he replied. He had only known Ye Chui for 2 days. But he felt that Ye Chui is a man of his word and could be trusted. Perhaps Ye Chui’s cooking skills had touched him. In Tian Xiaoduo eyes, a man with such superior cooking skills could make a decent living on his own and have no need to cheat others of their monies.


Ye Chui was touched by Tian Xiaoduo trust in him. He did not say anything, and prepared to go home. It is already 12 pm. Although he had eaten a bit, his sister had not. He needs to rush home to cook for them.


Just when he was about to leave, Tian Xiaoduo asked him, “Ye Chui, Elder Han appointment is 1 week later. Have you decide on what ingredients you need?”


“I will think about this and settle this issue on my own.” Ye Chui replied. To cook good food, other than having good cooking skills, the ingredients are also very important. Ye Chui placed great importance on this event and want to select the ingredients himself.


After Ye Chui had left the restaurant, Tian Xiaoduo was about to return to the kitchen when Fang Tao suddenly approached him. Fang Tao was quite cold and sinister as he said, “Shifu, I need to tell you something.”


“Yes?” Tian Xiaoduo looked at his disciple.


“Shifu, I felt that you are a 5-star chef. So why do you show so much respect for Ye Chui? This lowers your status. Even if that kid had some skills, you should not side with him and offend Manager Yang. Just now when you stood up for Ye Chui, Manager Yang was very unhappy.” Fang Tao tried to advise his Shifu.


Hearing these, Tian Xiaoduo immediately widen his eyes and glared at Fang Tao in fury, “What do you know? You useless rascal, go back to work!”


Fang Tao dared not to say anything else, and quickly entered the kitchen. But his eyes reveal his disgust and despise. Fang Tao acknowledged that Ye Chui was quite remarkable, but his Shifu attitude had really disappointed him.




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