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Reborn-Super Chef – 022

Chapter 22 – I Can Help You Fulfill Your Dreams



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“The fact that you dared to entertain Elder Han with the food you made is indeed, impressive. I look forward to trying the food you made.” Lin Zhengdao recovered from his surprise and looked at the plate of La Zi Ji (Spicy Chicken) in front of Lin Wei.


At first, he was curious about Ye Chui as he seemed on good terms with his daughter. Letting Ye Chui sit at the same table was just a decision he made on the whim of the moment. He did not expect that Ye Chui would give him such a big surprise. It seems that Ye Chui is very confident of his cooking skills. This made Lin Zhengdao desire to try the food that he made.


Lin Zhengdao looked at the dish of La Zi Ji. It looks very appetizing for people like him, who love spicy food. He picked up his pair of chopsticks, used it to pick up a piece of chicken, and inserted it into his mouth.


The aromatic taste and the spicy flavours made his eyes opened width in astonishment and delight. He had tried several fine cuisines before, but this La Zi Ji is different. After he chewed and swallowed it, he picked up another piece, then another piece….


In a very short span of time, Lin Zhengdao had eaten 5 to 6 pieces. When he reached out for more chicken, Lin Wei immediately grabbed the plate, horde it like it is a treasure, and looked her father with displeasure, “No more chicken for you! No more chicken for you! This dish is specially cooked for me by Ye Chui. You ate so much of it and I do not have much left!”


Lin Zhengdao’s hand with the outstretched chopsticks was stopped in mid-air. He was rendered speechless by his daughter and sighed, “You and your mum are exactly alike! You both love to eat and are gluttons!”


“Uncle Lin, this dish of La Zi Ji is very spicy. It is not recommended for elderly people to eat too much of it.” Ye Chui smiled and continued, “If you do not mind, I could go over to your house and cook some of my signature dishes for you to try. I can guarantee that the taste of the dish will definitely be to your satisfaction.”


“Then it is a deal! You must definitely come over and cook for us!” Lin Zhengdao smiled as he put down his chopsticks.


If Ye Chui had spoken these words earlier, he may be unhappy and unwilling to allow Ye Chui to go to his house. But now that he knows Ye Chui is going to entertain Elder Han, plus the dish of La Zi Ji is really tasty, he was very happy that Ye Chui is willing to go to his house and cook for him.


Listening to their conversation, Cao Xiong and Cao Kang who were seated at the same table felt uncomfortable. Cao Xiong had never been invited to Lin Zhengdao’s new home in Xizhou.


Cao Kang was unhappy about losing the battle of words with Ye Chui, and looked towards his father for help. He was hoping that Cao Xiong could help to get back at Ye Chui. But instead, he saw the warning look that his father was giving him. He understood that he should keep quiet at this time.


Cao Xiong thought that since Ye Chui had the upper hand in the battle of words, to engage him in further battles would be pointless.  Today they may have lost, but Cao Xiong is not done with this matter. He would get back at Ye Chui for the perceived loss of face in one way or another.


Yang Yong noted that none of the people seated at that table had continued to talk to him, and quickly made his way out, “Enjoy your meal! If you need more services, just call me.”


Before he left, he sneaked a look at Ye Chui. Seeing that Ye Chui was smiling at him, Yang Yong felt that he had performed well, and successfully navigate the sea of politics around the powerful and rich men in the room today.


“Ye Chui, your cooking skills are not bad. I have a suggestion for you.” At this time Lin Zhengdao suddenly said and looked at Ye Chui earnestly.


“Please go ahead, Uncle Lin.” Ye Chui smiled as he replied.


“You mentioned that you want to open a restaurant of your own. But $100,000 to $200,000 does not get very far, and your restaurant is probably small in size. I could invest some money in your business so that you could open a bigger restaurant. What do you think?” Lin Zhengdao smiled as he said this.


Ye Chui had already proven his skills with this dish of La Zi Ji. Also, the fact that he wanted to entertain Elder Han means that he had full confidence in his cooking skills. Lin Zhengdao become a successful business due to his strong business acumens.


Although Ye Chui is still young, in the near future, he would definitely succeed. Investing in Ye Chui’s restaurant is a small risk, but he is confident that his returns will be much bigger.


Cao Xiong’s and Cao Kang’s faces turned black. They did not expect that Lin Zhengdao seemed to value Ye Chui so much. He even wanted to invest in Ye Chui’s restaurant!


But nobody expected that after listening to Lin Zhengdao, Ye Chui did not even consider the proposal and immediately rejected the offer, “Uncle Lin, I appreciate your goodwill. But I want to use my abilities to set up the store and have sole proprietorship over my business. Therefore, I have to reject your kind offer.”


Ye Chui wants to be the sole owner of the restaurant business. If he accepted the monies as an investment, then he is no different from a manager. After all, he is accountable to Lin Zhengdao, the major shareholder. In simple words, he works for Lin Zhengdao.


Therefore, Ye Chui is unwilling to put himself in this situation. He wanted to have sole proprietorship so that he need not be worried about his partners or shareholders.


Of course, if he had accepted Lin Zhengdao’s offer, then the business is likely to do much better. But what Ye Chui wants is not money. If he wants to earn a large amount of monies, he need not take on Lin Zhengdao’s offer.


Just the recipe for La Zi Ji had already netted him a profit of $100,000. He still has countless numbers of recipes to sell, and if he sold them, he would be very rich.


The reason why Ye Chui was unwilling to do this is because having sole ownership of the recipe worth more than selling the recipe. This is doubly true in this era, when meat dishes were being re-introduced to the world.


Seeing that Ye Chui had rejected him, Lin Zhengdao was surprised. Cao Xiong and Cao Kang were also stunned. This is such a great opportunity, and there are thousands of people who would fight tooth and nail for this chance. But Ye Chui just declined it.


Lin Zhengdao was unhappy about being declined and asked, “Are you sure?”


“I am very sure.” Ye Chui replied calmly. He was not afraid of offending Lin Zhengdao at all.


Lin Zhengdao stared at Ye Chui for a short moment, then he burst out laughing, “Not bad! You have a backbone! Since this is the case, I will look forward to the grand opening of your shop!”


“I will definitely not disappoint you, Uncle Lin.” Ye Chui smiled in reply.


There are only two types of people that would reject this offer. One is those that are wildly arrogant. The second type is those that really have the talent to back themselves up. Ye Chui believes that he is the second type.


After all, he had opened numerous restaurants in his past life, and this should not be difficult for someone of his calibre.


“Ye Chui, if you want to open a shop, then I will be your regular customer!” Lin Wei suddenly joined the conversation. “Remember to give me a discount!”


“Oh, if you are willing to dine at my shop, then you need not worry about the price of the food. For you, all food is free. So you can eat as much as you want.” Ye Chui smiled.


Lin Wei pouted, “No I won’t. If I eat too much, I will become fat!”


When she said this, Ye Chui and Lin Zhengdao laughed out loud. The ambience of the table becomes less suffocating and more relaxed and friendly.


Cao Xiong and Cao Kang suddenly felt as if they were extras at the table. Although Cao Xiong is a tycoon, he did not have much opportunity to speak up.


This is because Lin Zhengdao was not interested in talking to him, and continuously asked Ye Chui questions about food. Ye Chui also cheerfully share his knowledge of his food, and Lin Zhengdao listened attentively.


Cao Xiong did not even have an opportunity to get Lin Zhengdao’s attention, much less, Cao Kang.


This situation continued until the end of the meal. At this moment, Cao Xiong and Cao Kang finally have a chance to speak up. After all, they were paying for this meal.


After leaving the restaurant, Lin Wei suddenly took out a mobile phone and asked Ye Chui, “Ye Chui, what is your mobile phone number?”


“Yi?” Ye Chui suddenly felt embarrassed, “I do not have one…..”






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