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Reborn-Super Chef – 019

Chapter 19 – Are You a Pig?



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What is a foodie?


Lin Wei absolutely defined the meaning of the word ‘foodie’. A few days ago, she smelled Ye Chui’s lamb kebab on the street and traced it to his stall. This led to a series of incidents.


Today, Ye Chui had just cooked this spicy chicken, and Lin Wei immediately smelled and found it…


After hearing Lin Wei’s voice, Ye Chui looked towards the door with surprise and anticipation.


Lin Wei, who was stretching her neck and looking into the kitchen, saw Ye Chui. She couldn’t help but be surprised. She did not expect to meet an acquaintance of her here. Seeing a familiar face, she immediately ran towards him and greeted him: “Ye Chui, why are you here? Oh, there is a nice smell. Are you cooking?”


“Oh, that’s right.” Ye Chui nodded. He was thinking that he really had good chemistry with Lin Wei. A chef and a foodie is a perfect match. Who would dare to say that he could not woo this pretty lady? His cooking skills are more than enough to successfully court this beauty.


Ye Chui snapped back to the current situation. He was curious and asked, “Weiwei, why you are here?”


Although he is very confident in his cooking, Ye Chui also knows that the scent could not be transmitted over few li to attract the little cat.


He recalled that Yang Yong had just said that he would be having VIP guests around this time. Don’t tell me that the guests were Lin Wei and her family?


“My dad had a lunch appointment and brought me here. Just now, when I was on the way to the bathroom, I suddenly smelled a fragrant scent, so I traced the scent…” Lin Wei explained briefly, but her eyes were darting all over the kitchen. She was trying to find the source of the mouth-watering aroma that she had caught a whiff of.


Ye Chui couldn’t help laughing: “There is no need to look any further. The freshly made food has already been eaten by them.”


“Oh, what a pity…” Lin Wei looked disappointed. Then suddenly she looked at Ye Chui with puppy eyes and smiled.


Ye Chui turned and looked at Yang Yong. Yang Yong did not imagine that Ye Chui actually knew Lin Wei. Looking at them, they seemed to be familiar with each other. He was thinking about the relationship between the two.


Suddenly, his ears picked up. He heard Ye Chui said: “If you want to eat, then I can cook it for you at any time, but I’m not a chef here. If you do not mind, how about going to my house? It’s not far from here.”


“Don’t!” Yang Yong hurriedly stood up. Lin Wei and his father were distinguished guests. If she let her dad know that this restaurant couldn’t cook the food she wanted to eat, it will be a huge loss of face for Wan Lai Fu Restaurant.


He said with a smile to Lin Wei, “Miss Lin, we can cook this dish for you. In future, if you want to eat it at any time, you can come here to eat. Just now, we were negotiating about the sale of this recipe from Mr Ye. Isn’t that right, Mr Ye?”


Then he looked at Ye Chui, as if asking Ye Chui to vouch for him.


Ye Chui smiled and nodded. “Yes, I’m planning on selling this recipe to Mr Yang for $100,000. But Manager Yang seemed to think the price I requested to be too high.”


“Who said that?” Yang Yong hurriedly corrected. “I think this price is quite appropriate.”


Yang Yong was decisive enough at this time. He also calculated everything quickly in his mind.


Lin Wei’s father, Lin Zhengdao, was a distinguished guest. This spicy chicken attracted Lin Wei. Therefore, it is likely these distinguished guests may recommend this dish to other distinguished guests. A positive word of mouth from these distinguished guests is highly beneficial to Wan Lai Fu Restaurant.


To be frank, this recipe is worth $100,000. It is just that if Ye Chui is an ordinary person, he felt uncomfortable about buying this recipe from Ye Chui.


If it is a recipe from a famous chef, he would not hesitate so much.


Right now, he grabbed hold of the opportunity and purchase the recipe from Ye Chui.


“Really? Then it is a deal!” Ye Chui smiled.


Lin Wei was stunned by this weird conversation. She is a clever girl and quickly realized that she had been “used” by Ye Chui.


She looked at Ye Chui, and rolled her eyes. But immediately she asked, “Ye Chui, just now, what kind of dish did you cook? Could you make one more for me, please?”


“Sure! But the kitchen is oily and smoky. You should wait in your dining area. I will get the waiter to serve it to your table.” Ye Chui replied.


“Then be quick about it! I am looking forward to the food that you cooked!” Lin Wei looked very impatient and reluctantly left the kitchen.


As soon as Lin Wei left, Yan Yong immediately frown. He was unhappy about the price, but he dared not reveal his unhappiness in front of a distinguished guest, “Mr Ye, you have made a huge fortune.”


“If you book my services to entertain Elder Han, then and only then will I make a big profit.” Ye Chui said with a faint smile. Then he took a look at Tian Xiaoduo, Fang Tao and other chefs.


Ye Chui immediately took out a chicken from the refrigerator and said, “I will now teach you how to make La Zi Ji.”


“Please look carefully. I only guide you once. The recipe for spicy chicken is simple, but every step must be done in order to maximise the taste of this dish. You should learn earnestly.”


His tone of speech was quite commanding, as if he is the teacher and all of them are students of his. Although Ye Chui is the youngest one in the kitchen and is the only one who has not achieved at least a one-star chef ranking, no one thinks that he is not qualified to teach them.


The La Zi Ji that he had cooked has proved that Ye Chui had the qualifications to teach them. Several chefs have even tried to get a frozen chicken from the fridge to practice while listening to him. However, the number kitchen stove is limited, and the rest could only observe the process.


Fang Tao stared at Ye Chui movements and paid strict attention to him. In his heart, he was quite uncomfortable. This man could sell a recipe for $100,000. Right now he is teaching them how to cook. Compared to him, I am really a failure [1].


When teaching the chef, Ye Chui is not very polite or gracious. He was very serious about teaching the chefs, and would correct their errors by scolding them.


For example, when Tian Xiaoduo was massaging the chicken, he pointed to Tian Xiaoduo’s nose shouted: “What do you use so much strength to massage the chicken in your hand? The force should be moderate, otherwise, the water inside the chicken will be squeezed out and the taste of the chicken will become too dry after it is fried… Damn it! Now you have used too little strength! If you continued like this, even if you massage it until tomorrow, it will not have any taste. Such a simple logic, and you could not understand it? Are you a pig?”


This scene directly shocked Yang Yong and other chefs. Usually, only Tian Xiaoduo would point at someone and scolded them. Never before had another person dared to point at Tian Xiaoduo and scold him.


But Tian Xiaoduo did not seem to mind the scoldings and immediately corrected his errors……


This immediately made everyone respect Ye Chui a bit more.


Yang Yong was extremely surprised by this scene. At this time, a waiter came over and brought over a piece of paper indicating what a guest had ordered.


Yang Yong quickly let some of the idle chefs to prepare the food for this guest.


He did not continue to stay in the kitchen but went out to entertain the guests.


The VIPs are naturally Lin Wei and her father, in addition to them, there was another pair of father and son seated at the same table as them: Cao Kang and his father Cao Xiong.


To be frank, the meal that they were having a lunch meeting at this restaurant is indirectly caused by Ye Chui.


The day before yesterday, Cao Kang tried to create trouble for Ye Chui. Instead, he offended Lin Wei. In order to resolve this problem, his father tried every possible way to seek a meeting with Lin Wei and her father to apologise. This meal can be considered an apology for offending Lin Wei.


It is purely coincident that they choose to dine here at this time.


Wan Lai Fu restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Xizhou City. It is a good choice for telling the other party that you are sincere in your apologies.



[1] 人比人气死人 – Literal translation, “Compared to a someone, you will be frustrated to death.” This is a common Chinese slang. In the context of this chapter, I translated as ‘Compared to him, I am a failure.’ The meaning is the same.






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