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Reborn-Super Chef – 013

Chapter 13 – You Darn Rascal!



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“Shifu…. Is he the expert that you are talking about?” Fang Tao felt as he was bashed on his head by a heavy saucepan. It took him a moment to recover his senses. “He is just mutton skewers stall owner in the night market. How could he created a dish that is even better than yours?”


“Chefs are unpredictable people. So what if we are 5-star chefs?” Tian Xiaoduo was guiding his disciple, when he asked in curiosity, “You said that he had a stall selling mutton skewers in the night market. Have you met him before?”


(p.s. from the author: The chef in our world is not determined by how many stars they got. But in this book, in the parallel world that Ye Chui was living in, the standard of chefs is determined by how many stars they had.)


“En…. I saw him once before….”  Fang Tao replied.


“Remember to bring me there another day. The mutton skewers that this man roast should be extraordinary.” Tian Xiaoduo immediately showed great interest in the food that Ye Chui had cooked.


Seeing that Ye Chui had come closer, Tian Xiaoduo broke into all smiles as he greets Ye Chui and even wanted to help Ye Chui to carry the boxes. He was about to say some nice words to build good relationships with Ye Chui. But before he could say a single word, Ye Chui glared at him angrily, “What are you doing!”


Ye Chui had seen Tian Xiaoduo and Fang Tao earlier. Regarding Tian Xiaoduo, Ye Chui remembers him as the strange fatty that rushed into his apartment uninvited to eat the food that he had cooked for his sisters. He even claimed that he is the head chef of Wan Lai Fu Restaurant, and does not look like a good man. Ye Chui had not expected to see him again today. And when he saw Fang Tao who was standing beside him, Ye Chui felt that this fatty is definitely not a good man. Last night, Fang Tao was standing next to Cao Kang, and Ye Chui had memorised Fang Tao’s face.


“Are you here to purchase some mutton? Do you need me to help you carry them?” Tian Xiaoduo smiled as he offered to help.


“What are you trying to do?” Ye Chui coldly asked. In his heart, he had already associated this fatty with Cao Kang, and did not have a good impression of this man.


“Hehe, I am really the head chef of Wan Lai Fu restaurant. The day before yesterday, I have informed you of this fact, but you did not believe me. Today, I have brought my disciple here, and ask him to vouch for me.” At this time, Tian Xiaoduo immediately waved to Fang Tao and called out, “Fang Tao, quick, come and help me vouch for my identity!”


Ye Chui looked towards Fang Tao.


Fang Tao unwillingly walked towards his Shifu. He is usually an eloquent man, but at this time, he could not say a single word. This only made Tian Xiadoduo all the more anxious, and he lowered his voice and ask, “Fang Tao, quick, vouch for me arh….”


“Shifu, this…..” Fang Tao look at Tian Xiaoduo with a bitter face. He looked as if he had some grievance but he could not say a single word.


“All right, there is no need to pretend anymore.” Ye Chui’s voice coldly rang out. He looked at Fang Tao and said, “Go back and tell Cao Kang if he wants to create trouble for me, come at me directly. I will wait for him. There is no need for him to manipulate things behind the scene. This is just cowardly!”


Tian Xiaoduo was shocked, “What Cao Kang? What are you talking about?”


“Go away!”


Ye Chui had lost all his patience, and immediately shouted. He may look like a teenager, but in his past life, he was acknowledged as the God of Cooking. With this shout, he seemed mysteriously commanding, and Tian Xiaoduo and Fang Tao were frightened by his aura.


Tian Xiaoduo could not tell what is happening, but he is afraid of Ye Chui, and immediately said, “Don’t, don’t get angry. We are leaving. We are leaving right now.” Then he pulled his disciple and ran out of the wet market.


Once they are outside the wet market, Tian Xiaoduo panted and looked at Fang Tao with hostile intent, “Tell me, what had happened? Why have you tried to get cosy with Cao Kang?”


Fang Tao knew that he could not keep it a secret, and he explained what happened last night. After listening to Fang Tao, Tian Xiaoduo was furious and immediately kicked Fang Tao. One kick is not enough to release all his frustration and he continued to kick Fang Tao.


He had tried all means to curry favour with Ye Chui, and his disciple had offended the very man he was trying to butter up!


Just because Tian Xiaoduo was very nice and polite to Ye Chui does not mean that it is his character to do so. In fact, he is a very bad-tempered man. When he kicked Fang Tao, he also scolded, “You darned rascal! How many times have I told you not to associate yourself with these young masters? Why didn’t you listen to me? Now that things have become like this, what should we do? I tell you, if you do not settle this issue, you can forget about calling me Shifu. You darn rascal!”


Tian Xiaoduo let out all his frustrations on poor Fang Tao.


At this moment, Ye Chui heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Tian Xiaoduo and Fang Tao had left. Recently, troubles keep coming to him one after another. He picked up the containers that are used to keep the mutton fresh, and placed them in front of the mutton stall.


By this time, Ye Chui is a regular customer there. The boss of the mutton stall greeted Ye Chui enthusiastically, and let Ye Chui choose the cuts of mutton that he likes. The mutton stall owner engaged in small talk with Ye Chui, “Hey, young man! Why are you so angry with that fatty? He had been trying to find out more information about you.”


“Who knows what the fatty wants to do? I just feel that he had bad intentions.” Ye Chui replied.


“Impossible!” The boss immediately replied, “He is the head chef of Wan Lai Fu Restaurant. He had nothing to gain from lying to you.”


“Oh?” Ye Chui was stunned by this information, he looked at the boss and asked, “You know him?”


“I recognise him! He is the head chef of Wan Lai Fu restaurant, named Tian Xiaoduo. He is a five-star chef. When I deliver meat to Wan Lai Fu, I have met him before. There is no mistake – it is definitely him.” The boss confirmed. “Although he is fat, he had made clear that he is in charge of the kitchen. None of the kitchen staff dares to go against his wishes.”


“…..” Ye Chui could not help being surprised at this information. Is this fatty really the head chef of Wan Lai Fu?


But his disciple beside him was with Cao Kang yesterday. Looking at the expressions on the face of the fatty and his reactions, he does not seem to have knowledge of what had transpired last night.


Ye Chui shook his head. Forget it! When troubles happened, he will react accordingly to the situation [1]. For now, he should be more careful.


—-That night—-


Ye Chui pushed his tricycle towards the night market stall. His competitor, the ‘Superior Roast Lamb Skewer’ stall, had vanished to god knows where. And when the dusk came and the crowd returned, the business at Ye Chui’s stall was even busier than yesterday’s.


It seemed that with Kang Cao ‘sponsorship’, the mutton skewers that he had given out in goodwill had become great advertising for his business. For those who had not eaten the mutton skewers before, after they have tried the exquisite taste, they will crave for it again.


Ye Chui immediately busied himself roasting the mutton skewers. Occasionally, he would glance around in the surrounding area, and hoped to catch a glimpse of Lin Wei. But luck was not on his side today.


Suddenly, he felt a tap on his shoulders. When he turned around in delighted, he was standing face to face with Yu Yan. He peered around, but there no trace of the figure of Lin Wei.


“Today the master and his family moved into their new home. Right now, they are still tidying up the new house, and could not make time to come over.” Yu Yan smiled as he saw the look of disappointment on Ye Chui’s face.


He continued, “But Weiwei had insisted that I help her to purchase several sticks of mutton skewers. She had craved for this a lot and skipped meals just to eat this.”


“Ok, please wait a moment.”


Ye Chui was disappointed that he could not meet Lin Wei today. But he quickly recovered and rebounded back. This type of thing should not be rushed. He placed 20 sticks of freshly grilled mutton skewers into a bag and give them to Yu Yan. Of these 5 sticks are for Lin Wei, and the rest are for Yu Yan. Although the big man did not say it out, Ye Chui knew that this man also likes the mutton skewers that he had made.


Yu Yan thanked him and wanted to pay for it, but Ye Chui would not accept the monies. He left shortly after with the bag of mutton skewers.


After Yu Yan had left, the next customer is a middle-aged fatty. There was a grin on his face as he handed over a 10 dollar bill, “Boss, give me 5 sticks!”


Tian Xiaoduo is here [2]!





[1] 兵来将挡,水来土掩 – translated directly as ‘when a soldier comes, the general will block. When the water comes, the soil will hold it.” It means to react accordingly to the situation. I just translated the meaning and not the proverb.


[2]  田小杜又来了 – it says, Tian Xiaoduo is here again. I did not put the word ‘again’ into the translations. This is the first time that Tian Xiaoduo visited the mutton stall so I thought that the word ‘again’ is inappropriate.  But I guess I need not say it out loud since I imagined that I noticed a grin on your faces. J





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