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Reborn-Super Chef – 010

Chapter 10 – Are You a Pig?


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“Isn’t this the group of thugs that hang around nearby?”


“That’s right. The leader of these men is named Tiger Li. Everyone calls him Tiger Brother. What is he doing here?”


Ye Chui overheard the chatter of two students nearby.


He frowned. He discreetly glanced at the ‘Superior Roast Mutton Skewers’ stall opposite, and notice that they seemed delighted.


Could they have called some thugs to create trouble for Ye Chui? When they could not compete on fair grounds, they would fight back using foul grounds?


Ye Chui’s heart turned cold at their antics.


He asked Lin Wei in concern, “Are you all right?”


“I am all right….” Lin Wei found herself being hugged by a man, and immediately jumped up like a deer that was frightened. Then she looked at Tiger Li stomach and her face showed a trace of being mildly annoyed. The mutton skewers that she just got had stabbed into that guy’s clothes on his stomach.


Other than being embarrassed, on her face is nothing but pity at the wasted mutton skewers. She is really a glutton!


But her expressions did successfully anger Tiger Li. He pulled out all the sticks of mutton skewers that were attached to his clothes, and immediately he staggered. Looks like the mutton skewers had stabbed into his flesh.


He shouted, “Why didn’t watch where you walk? You have impaled me with these bamboo sticks! It really hurt! How are you going to compensate me?:


Lin Wei was frightened by Tiger Li fierce looks and shout. She immediately retreated towards Ye Chui. Although she did not know Ye Chui well, standing near him somehow made her feel much safer.


Ye Chui patted Lin Wei on her shoulders, and pulled her behind him. Then he turned around and faced Tiger Li, “Just now it was an accident and not intentional. You are a grown man, why pick on a lady? Let’s forget about this incident.”


“Forget it?” Tiger Li shouted. He tossed the sticks of mutton that he was holding onto, and stomped on them. “You think that I, Tiger Li, is such an easy man to trick? This matter is not finished! This lady must accompany me to the KTV and sing some songs and drink some wine to compensate me! As for you, you should be more concerned about yourself!”


Tiger Li’s words frightened Lin Wei. She immediately gripped the back of Ye Chui’s shirt tightly. Ye Chui could hear the hidden meaning behind his words, and inquired, “So you are here to create trouble for me?”


“Somebody thinks that you are an eyesore, and asked us to ‘take care’ of your business.” Tiger Li coldly smiled. He cracked his knuckles menacingly, and the thugs that were with him also flash a cold smile. They proceed to push all customers who are queuing at the stall away, and surrounded Ye Chui and Lin Wei.


If you looked at the encirclement, you would think that these two are dating or something, as Lin Wei was still holding on to Ye Chui’s clothes and Ye Chui tried to use his body to valiantly protect her from these thugs.


Regarding these thugs, although it could be a bit troublesome, Ye Chui did not think much of them. He reached out and grabbed a burning hot BBQ hook that was used to stir the charcoal in the BBQ pit. When it comes to fighting, he was not afraid of most people.


For him, fighting is not like in the movies or T.V. What street fighting is about is not to let the opponent feel they can bully you. If you must fight, you should act swiftly, and aim accurately at the weak spots on the human body. Oh, and there is no such as a ‘fair’ fight, so anything goes, including hitting the groin. The aim is to render them unable to fight back as soon as possible.


Just when he was thinking of striking first and taking a cheap shot, Ye Chui suddenly looked surprised and watch a scene behind Tiger Li. A massive bear of a man was walking quickly towards them, and on his face, he was smiling. He tapped Tiger Lee on his shoulders.


“Who dares to tap me on my shoulders!” Tiger Li angrily turned around.




A massive fist as big as a pot immediately kissed him on the face! The huge, burly man may be smiling, but when he hit, his actions are nothing short of an expert. Quick, accurate, powerful, and dirty enough to aim for the vitals….


Once he knocked down Tiger Li with one punch, he immediately lashed out at the Tiger Li’s cronies. Before these men knew what is happened, they were all knocked down or knocked out by this massive man.


Ye Chui let go of the BBQ hook on his hand, and could not help feeling surprised, “This world still have chivalrous heroes who step in when people are in trouble?”


Saving people is the job of heroes, but the job of wooing and comforting a pretty girl is best left to himself. Ye Chui turned around and wanted to reassure Lin Wei and speak to her, but from her face, he could tell that she probably knew the giant.




“Oh shit! How could it him?” Inside the sports car, Cao Kang noticed the massive man and immediately, beads of perspiration appeared on his head. In his hand was his mobile phone. He was about to call Tiger Li and inform Tiger Li not to offend Lin Wei. But before he could do that, the giant had already strike first. Under his skills, the thugs could not even react on time before they were all rendered unable to fight back.


“Young Master Cao, who is this man?” Fang Tao heard Cao Kang’s curses, and immediately asked.


Cao Kang may be disappointed in Fang Tao, but he still patiently explained, “He is Lin Wei’s father’s bodyguard, and is named Yu Yan. I heard he used to serve in the special forces in the army, and is a very skilled combatant…. I did not expect him to be here. Now, this issue had blown up and I am in trouble! No, I must go over and explain….”


Right now, the most pressing issue is to keep a distance from Tiger Li. If Lin Wei’s father learnt that he had placed his daughter in danger, ….. Cao Kang dared not to think further.


He immediately got off the car, and quickly come up with a plan; later he would pretend that he was just passing by. When he talks, he would wink at Tiger Li. This Tiger Li is quite smart, and had worked for him on many occasions in the past. Tiger Li should understand his meaning.


Once he thought of these, Cao Kang immediately turned calm. He straightened his jacket, and walked with confidence as he made his way forward.




“Brother Yu, how come you are here?” When the big, burly man had knocked down all the thugs, Lin Wei left Ye Chui’s side and quickly made her walk towards the tall, muscular man.


“Your old man saw that you had sneaked out at night, and asked me to discreetly follow  and protect you.” Yu Yan clasped his hands and replied with a smile. Looking at his attitude, it could be said that the 7 to 8 thugs did not pose any challenge for him. It was as if he had done something very simple.


Then he let out a bitter smile as he said, “Your old man thought you were in love, and go out to have a date in secret…. Arh, he did not expect that you came here just to eat.”


Looking at Yu Yan’s bitter smile, you can tell that Lin Wei loves to eat, and had often sneaked out of the house just to indulge in her hobby.


Lin Wei’s face turned red. But Yu Yan’s words reminded her of what she was here for. She looked the mutton skewers that had been thrown onto the floor and stomped by Tiger Li. Then she turned around and looked at Ye Chui with a pitiful expression, “My mutton skewers….”


Ye Chui smiled, “I will roast some more mutton skewers for you. It will not take long.”


Lin Wei’s face immediately shown how happy she was. Suddenly at this time, a voice rang out. This is none other than Cao Kang! His voice seemed to contain a mixture of joy and surprise as he greeted them, “Wei Wei, and also Brother Yu. What a coincident to meet both of you here….”


He had barely finished talking when Tiger Li, who was knocked down, forced himself to get up groggily. As soon as he got up and saw Cao Kang, he looked as if he had found his saviour, and immediately rushed towards Cao Kang.


He did not wait for Cao Kang to continue his words and shouted arrogantly at Ye Chui and Lin Wei, “You bastard! Just because you can fight, you think you are invincible? Do you know who this man is? Have you ever heard of the name Cao Kang. All those who offended Cao Kang had been punished accordingly! If you are smart, you better quickly apologise! If not, you will surely suffer!”


Cao Kang: “….. Are you a pig? ”








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