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Reborn-Super Chef – 008

Chapter 8 – Who Cares About the Competition


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This newly opened stall was much bigger and better looking that Ye Chui’s stall. Even the BBQ grills that they used to grill the meat are high-tech grills. The two men manning the stall were decked in white and clean uniform and look very professional. As well, there was a new banner at the top of the stall that attracted the attention of all who passed by, “Superior roast lamb skewers”.


The business of the stall was quite good, as the two men who were manning the store were busy serving customers.


Setting up such a grand looking store opposite Ye Chui and selling the same type of food means their intent is very clear – they were here to snatch the business away from Ye Chui.


When Ye Chui arrived with his tricycle, the two men who were manning the store also looked at Ye Chui with hostile intent. Ye Chui was mildly surprised by this challenge, and just laughed quietly, as if he had found something very amusing. He nodded his head and greeted the two men, and began to set up his stall, as if he did not mind this.


This attitude of his surprised the two men, who were aching for a fight.


They were expecting Ye Chui to rush up and question them in a fit of anger, and they had already prepared to deal with Ye Chui when he did that. But Ye Chui’s reaction was…. totally unexpected. It was as if Ye Chui did not consider them a serious challenge to his business?


Frankly speaking, Ye Chui did not consider them to be worthy of his concern. Roasting lamb skewers may seem simple, but mutton skewers also had a long and distinguished history that has evolved accordingly to the preference of the majority of customers.


The method of cooking also looks simple, anyone can roast some sticks of lamb meat, but it is not something that anyone without experience can do well. There is a secret in the turning of the lamb skewers, as well as the control of the fire.


And Ye Chui’s used a secret recipe to seasoned the mutton skewers. This, combined with his choice cuts of mutton, means that the food he made is of an exceptional quality. He believed that taking these factors into consideration, his competitor could not easily mimic or steal his business.


The sky quickly turned dark, and the number of people visiting the night market increased.


Some of Ye Chui’s regular customers had arrived. When they reached Ye Chui’s store, they were surprised that there was another new stall selling mutton skewers as well.


“Someone opened a stall selling mutton skewers? They are here to snatch (Ye Chui’s) business?”


“The smell of the mutton skewers from this stall is not bad.”


“Since there is a long queue over here, let’s purchase one or sticks of mutton skewers and try the food they made.”


Ye Chui stall was swamped with customers as usual, and many customers who were very hungry and could not wait would give the new stall a try. They would purchase one or two sticks from the new stall. As a result, in the first 30 minutes, the number of customers purchasing from the new stall was roughly equal to the customers that purchased from Yue Chui.


The smell of mutton skewers is not affected much by the seasoning it uses, and the scent of freshly roasted mutton skewers are similar. For those who are not very proficient in detecting the smell, they could not tell the difference in the aroma.


Therefore, at first, the stall was quite successful in snatching Ye Chui’s business. But Ye Chui remained calm and did not panic. He focused on roasting his mutton skewers. After about an hour, the differences in the number of customers immediately become clear.


Ye Chui’s stall continued to attract a long queue of customers as usual. But the stall that was opposite to Ye Chui had very few customers. At times, there were even no customers that purchase mutton skewers from them.


“The mutton skewers here are still the best! Although the smell is similar, once you tasted them, you will find out the difference between them.”


“I could not tell what is wrong with the mutton skewers in the new stall. I just feel that the taste is different and prefers the food from this stall.”


“That stall looked very professional, but the skills of the chefs were vastly inferior. If you want to eat the authenticate mutton skewers, we should queue up here.”


Although the mutton skewers look similar, once you have tasted them, everyone could easily identify which stall’s mutton skewers are tastier. The regular customers that frequent Ye Chui’s stall are very familiar with the taste of Ye Chui’s mutton skewers. To them, the new stall’s mutton skewers tasted horrible in comparison. It was as if the mutton skewers there are inedible.


The two men who were manning the opposite stall immediately turned pale.


At this time, a sports car suddenly stopped in front of the street near the night market. As the windows were rolled down, the face of Cao Kang came into view.


He had just left a business meeting and as on his way home. He recalled that matter regarding Ye Chui offending him, and his plan to get back at Ye Chui and came here to take a look.


He was expecting that the new stall that he had just opened should have stolen all of Ye Chui’s business. After all, the mutton recipe was created by a chef in Wan Lai Fu Restaurant. How could a mere night market stall owner compete with this superior mutton skewers? He did not care much about spending the money on a whim. All he cared about is seeing the look of defeat and resignation on Ye Chui’s face.


Cao Kang was still thinking how happy he would felt when he saw Ye Chui’s dismay face when he looked up.


Fang Tao was sitting in the passenger seat of the car. Because of this mutton skewer stall, Fang Tao had a chance to meet up with this rich young master, and had an opportunity to ride shotgun.


Fang Tao was boasting to Cao Kang, “The mutton skewers recipe was lost during the [Vegeterian Movement], but my Shifu had rediscovered this recipe. He used top quality ingredients to improve the flavour. I had made some minor changes to the recipe that my Shifu created, and the taste is top notched. Snatching all the business from the night market stall selling mutton skewers is a piece of cake…. Yi, what happened, young master Cao?”


At this time, Fang Tao suddenly discovered that Cao Kang was stunned, as if he had discovered something incredible.


Fang Tao was curious, and followed the gaze of Cao Kang and looked in that direction.


Ye Chui’s stall and the stall opposite Ye Chui were open for business. On Ye Chui’s side, there is a long queue of customers. On the other side, there were barely any customers. The difference in business between these two stalls are as clear as day.


Looking at this, snatching Ye Chui’s business is nothing but a dream. It is unlikely to even put a small dent in Ye Chui’s business.


“What is happening? Didn’t you say that the mutton skewers that you have made will definitely snatch away all of his business?” The look of surprise on Cao Kang’s face was replaced by a look of fury, as he angrily looked at Fang Tao.


Fang Tao immediately panicked, “This…. I did not know what is happening here. Maybe he had a lot of regular customers who are extremely loyal to his business? Young master Cao, relax, I have a plan to snatch all the business away!”


“What plan?” Cao Kang was furious was he asked.


“We can lower the price of the mutton skewers. This will immediately create a price war, and snatch all the customers.” Fang Tao was experienced in doing business, and he immediately added, “After all, our goal is to create difficulties for that stall owner and teach that stall owner a lesson. Earning money or not is of secondary concern. Selling it at a cheaper price will definitely bring in business!”


“Then what are you waiting for? Quickly go and tell them to lower the price of our mutton skewers!” Cao Kang bit his lips as he barked an order.


Fang Tao immediately took out his mobile phone and made a call.


Right now, it is 8 pm in the evening. Ye Chui’s stall continued to attract long queues of customers. At this moment, the boss of the stall opposite Ye Chui suddenly shouted.


“ Top quality mutton skewers. One skewer only $1. Cheap and tasty!”


“1 stick for $1 only! Do not miss this offer!”


Ye Chui mutton skewers are $2 for one stick. Before they lowered the price, the stall opposite his also sold mutton skewers at $2 for a stick. But now they had lowered the price by half, and the amount of mutton is also the same. Looking at this situation, some of the customers decided to give that stall a try.




Next Chapter:

Oh dear, a price war had begun! Ye Chui could not match the price of his competitors as his cost were slightly more than $1 per stick.


What happens next?



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