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Reborn-Super Chef – 007

Chapter 7 – Snatching Business


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It was about 10 plus at night. Outside the police station, there was a sports car parked outside. A short while later, two men exited from the police station, with a policeman following behind them. The policeman was chiding one the men, “This time I let you go because of insufficient evidence! But if we ever catch you trying to kidnap children again, I will slap you first, regardless if I have sufficient evidence! Did I make myself clear?”


“Yes, officer!” The fatty replied.


This fatty is none other than our chef, Tian Xiaoduo. This afternoon he was framed by Wang Shiyu and was taken to the police station. When he entered the police station, he was quite nicely dressed. But now, he looked haggard. On his face, there were red patches. This afternoon, he had a hard time at the police station. Plus the fact that he was embarrassed at being hoodwinked by a little girl made him behave himself as he was released from the police station. He did not say another word, and immediately make his way towards the sports car.


“Master, what happened today?” The man who was standing beside him asked. This man was about 23-24 years of age, wearing a pair of glasses, and look like a calm and steady man.


“Shut up! Just mind your own business!” Tian Xiaoduo shouted. This man beside him is his disciple, and is named Fang Tao. Today he was locked in the police station for half of the day before he was allowed to make a phone call. He immediately called his disciple to bail him out of prison.


Looking at his Shifu angrily stomped into the car and slammed the door shut, Fang Tao was not angry. He was bemused and grinned as he opened the door of the sports car and got into the driver seat, and drove off.


After seeing his Shifu home, Fang Tao turned the car around and was making his way home when his mobile phone rang. He stopped his vehicle on the side of a road, and looked at the caller ID. His face was slightly surprised when he saw the number, and he immediately picked up the call.


“Young master Cao, how come you are so free as to call me today?” Fang Tao smiled as he asked. The one who was calling him is Cao Kang.


Fang Tao is also a chef in Wan Lai Fu restaurant. He is hoping to build relationships with rich and powerful people. Once Cao Kang was dining at the restaurant and he had the pleasure to make Cao Kang’s acquaintance. They exchanged phone numbers. But this is the first time that Cao Kang had called him, and Fang Tao intended to grab hold of this opportunity.


“Fang Tao, I need your help!” Cao Kang did not stand on ceremony, and immediately goes straight to the point. “Today I met a man in the night market who offended me! I want you to help me to teach him a lesson!”


“Let me teach him a lesson?” Fang Tao was surprised. If Cao Kang wanted to create trouble for someone, he should hire thugs instead of a chef. He did not understand what Cao Kang wanted him to do.


“Listen to me first. That guy owns a stall selling mutton skewers. This type of food is very simple. He placed some seasoned mutton skewers on a BBQ pit to roast. You try to come up with a recipe for tasty mutton skewers. Tomorrow night I will open a store opposite his, and snatch his business. I will bankrupt him!” Having said that, Cao Kang immediately added, “Of course, I will pay you well for the recipe.”


“The money is a small issue. This type of mutton skewers does not seem to be too difficult to make. It should be quite simple.” Fang Tao smiled. He thought, ‘as a chef in Wan Lai Fu restaurant, fixing a small food business should be a very simple task for me. It is a waste of my talents [1].


After which they discussed how they would collaborate, and the phone call ended.


Fang Tao looked at his handphone and smiled. These rich men are really bored and got too much time on their hands. Just because they were angry with a night market stall owner, they actually come up such an elaborate plan to get revenge. But this is a great thing for him, since it offered him an opportunity to build relationships with Cao Kang.


As he drove off, Fang Tao was thinking, “Cut mutton into pieces, add them to a skewer and roast them? This thing is really too easy!”




At around 11 pm, Ye Chui sold the last of his mutton skewers. He packed his stuff and get ready to go home.


On the way home, he was still thinking of Lin Wei, whom he had just met. Tonight, after he had offered the 5 sticks of mutton skewers to Lin Wei, she looked surprised, and was very happy. She eagerly received the mutton skewers, and looked very cute when she is happy, and the scene made Ye Chui blushed.


While thinking about his chance meeting with Lin Wei, Ye Chui was lost in his thoughts and accidentally knocked his tricycle against a dustbin.


Looking at the dustbin that had fallen onto the floor, Ye Chui suddenly knocked himself on the head. What happened to him? He had seen all kinds of pretty women before, so why did he seem to lose his cool when he saw Lin Wei?


Woah…. Maybe it is the springtime of youth. Right now, the body that he had inherited is, after all, a young man.


As he parked his tricycle at the foot of his apartment, Ye Chui made up his mind. In his past life, he was too focused on cooking, and had no time to relationships. When he finally achieved success, he had no one to share his success with. After meeting Lin Wei, his heart pounded non-stop – it must be love at first sight! Since he had a second chance at life, he should not waste this chance. He would try to court Lin Wei, and make her accept him!


Lin Wei did not seem like an ordinary young lady, and she seems to be from a rich family. But for Ye Chui, a poor guy chasing after a rich woman is not a big problem, especially if the rich girl loves to eat. Right now, he is more concern about how to meet the girl again. After trying the mutton skewers that he had made, would that pretty lady come back for more?


As he was thinking about these, he pushed open the door to the apartment he was residing in and entered the apartment. He saw the figure of An Jing on the sofa.


She was revising her school work. The children of poor families are more matured, and An Jing is no exception. She knew that having a chance to study is hard to come by. She is very hardworking and serious in her studies. In the last examinations, she cried for a long time in frustration after learning that she was 2nd place in the entire school examination for her grade. From this, you can see how strict she is with herself and her expectations for herself.


When she discovered that Ye Chui had returned home, she immediately got up and pour a basin of water for Ye Chui to wash his feet.


Ye Chui had repeatedly asked her to sleep earlier, but she did not listen. Sometimes, she would fall asleep on the sofa while waiting for Ye Chui to come home.


Looking at his sister placing the warm water basin next to his feet, and the white colour T-shirt that revealed her figured, Ye Chui was suddenly aroused and in a daze. He immediately shook his head to clear his thoughts. Looks like after meeting Lin Wei, his imagination had gone into hyper-drive frequently.


“An Jing, you still need to go to school tomorrow. Go to sleep.” Ye Chui said.


In his mind, he was thinking, “What a beast you are, to lust after your own sister!” Although they are not blood-related, they are siblings after all.


After An Jing had returned to her room, Ye Chui washed his feet. He laid on the sofa, thinking about Lin Wei as he drifted off to sleep.


The next morning, when he wakes up, he immediately rushed into the toilet to change his pants. Ah! It is the fault of the wet dreams in the springtime of youth!


At night, Ye Chui pushed his tricycle towards his stall in the night market. As he readied his stall, he was suddenly caught by surprise. The stall opposite his had suddenly switched vendors and is also selling mutton skewers!



[1] 大材小用 – translated directly as ‘great talent, small use’. It means to not to make full use of the resources they have. I translated as ‘a waste of my talents’ as it is the best fit for the context.


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Oh no! A competitor stall selling the same type of food to snatch Ye Chui’s business had set up a stall just opposite Ye Chui!


It is war! Let the war to win over the stomachs of the customers begin!






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