Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0170

Chapter 170 – Same Level as The Medicine King

Translated by Gumihou at kitchennovel dot com


“Fatty kitty…” Pablo nodded understandingly even as he raised his hands for Ugly Duckling.

This time, the people were shocked by Amy’s lack of sharp words. They watched with hushed awe as she handed Little Ugly Duckling carefully to Pablo, much like a thoughtful little elder sister.

This completely overturned everyone’s mental image of Amy, just look at how carefully she place the little cat in the boy’s arms. A sweet smile bloomed across Pablo’s face as he looked up at Amy’s calm face. Sometimes, this little lady could be quite kind, ah.

“As expected, my little girl is the best. Clever and kind hearted, though she rarely shows it.” Mike, who had been secretly worrying whether Amy would be able to make friends with her tendency to speak sharply, sighed with relief. It looked like the little girl know when to control her sharp little tongue.

“Looks like Palmer is still sore about being beaten in math, that child certainly doesn’t like to lose. “ Luna had noticed Palmer the moment he stepped into the restaurant. She glanced at a happy Pablo still hugging a belligerent looking Ugly Duckling, then at Amy. Her smile grew fonder, “Yes, this is the true, sweet Amy, the one who had shared out her single Crispy Biscuit among her little friends.”

“Oh, thank goodness. Looks like Little Boss is actually a kind person at heart.” Jacques, who had been on the verge of bundling Pablo away into his carriage paused to smile at the children’s antics.

“How… how could this be!” Palmer was also blind sided. From the moment they entered the restaurant, Amy had wielded her sharp tongue so well that they were all rendered speechless. That very same sharp tongue Amy had now handed over her cat to Pablo to cuddle, the same Pablo she had disdained for not being a little sister. The happiest person in the restaurant now was probably Pablo, with his plump little face flushed with cheer, until it was smacked by a paw.

“Miao miao~”  Little Ugly Duckling struggled and mewed unhappily in Pablo’s arm, doing its best to climb away.

“Little Ugly Duckling, don’t you move around.” Amy said with a warning tone even as Pablo was frantically shaking his head, trying to avoid getting smacked again.

It the sight of Amy’s glare, Little Ugly Duckling subsided. It looked up the ceiling with a resigned expression.

… read this at please …

“It’s really happening, my left hand too. The colours have lightened, my skin!” excited cries filtered over from a young woman who had pushed up her sleeves and was now looking at her hands with surprise and disbelief, her cheeks flushed pink with happiness.

“En?” everyone’s eyes soon looked over at this remark. The woman looked to be in her thirties, her face and figure were fairly average, she was dressed in a purple and green dress, and wore a string of emerald round her neck. Her long brown hair was braided and coiled up at the back of her neck. She was the very picture of a rich merchant’s wife.

She was now staring at her arms in happy bewilderment. The pushed up sleeves revealed tender slim arms with cared for white skin. The only thing marring the beautiful skin were two shocking burn marks that twisted along the length of her arms like red angry snakes. The folded, angry flesh looked quite scary, but, it seemed she had no intention of hiding them from others.

“Sister Lucille, are there really changes?” the woman seated opposite her asked with amazement.

“Yes, I look at them everyday so I know every single line, colour and fold. While eating, my arms suddenly felt very cool, and well, I ignored it at first but then, then when I sneaked a peek under my sleeves, the scars have all gotten lighter. The entire scar have shrunk and the skin around it looked more like my normal skin colour.” Lucille bobbed her head as she studied her arms happily.

Lucille came from a fairly powerful family in Chaos City, as a child she had burnt her arms when she accidentally tipped over a copper pot filled with boiling hot water, burning her chest and arms.

Though her marriage had been arranged by her family, she loved her husband very much. Her husband was also the caring type and treated her very well. However, thanks to the scars of her childhood, she lived in fear of her husband leaving her and jumping into the arms of other women. As years passed, she tried countless ways to get rid of the scars.

Whether it was magic, physicians, or creams, all they managed to do was lightened the scars by a degree or two, nothing ever fully restore her skin. After trying all sorts of ways, she had gotten quite disheartened whether she would ever be able to escape these scars.

Today, her good friend invited her to eat out, luring her with promises of delicious meals to shake her out of her depression. The taste of the [Beancurds] alone have brightened her mood, seeing her long time scars faded after all this time surprised and delighted her beyond words.

Sally, Luna and Lucille were all seated at the same table and they all stared at their bowls a little reverently. To think that this incredibly delicious [Beancurd] also have a beautifying effect, it’s a girl’s dream food, ah!

“It really works!” Luna looked at her left hand, her eyes rounded with surprise and happiness. Yesterday she had accidentally cut herself while chopping vegetables. The cut was small and soon scabbed over, now the scab had fallen off leaving perfectly smooth skin behind. It was hard to believe that she had came in here with a scar at all.

“So, you’re saying that [Beancurds] have a restorative effect on scars?”

“My skin seemed to have gotten better! Even my old face feels more bouncy.”

“This is just too amazing, I have a feeling that Boss Mike’s restaurant will be filled with female customers soon.”

“This is really true! My scars, all my scars from my childhood, almost half have disappeared!”

Everyone who had overheard these remarks began to investigate scars on their own body to verify this effect. The atmosphere within the restaurant had gotten quite lively again.

“If it really works, I’m bringing my wife tomorrow. She had been lamenting over the scars on her hand for years.” Jacques said with bright eyes.

“Boss Mike is a true genius, restorative [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], stamina boosting [Juicy Burger] and now the beautifying [Beancurds]. More importantly, every single dish is super delicious! With this kind of skill he can call this place Mickey Pharmacy instead of Mickey Restaurant. In the future, guests might decide on dishes based on their ailments, just like a real pharmacy.” Harrison nodded as he laughed. It was partly teasing and mostly admiration as he sighed, “He might as well be the Medicine King!”

“What, [Beancurds] could get rid of scars?” in a corner, a middle aged man with a proud, heroic face covered in stubble suddenly panicked. He stood and pulled up his shirt, revealing powerful muscles and well defined abs.

Over those rippling muscles and sparse hairs were uncountable scars, old and new, large and small, the records of numerous battles. Each one highlighting his brush with death. They were his greatest pride, his badge of honour.

“These scars are evidence of my countless battles! If they’re gone what am I going to use as evidence when bragging to those rookies, ah!” Joel cried anxiously as he stared at his own chest.


[Gumihou: Lol, this chapter is nice and warm hearted, with a stupid character thrown in at the end!]




Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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