Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0168

Chapter 168 – Little Elder Sis, Up! Up!

Translated by Gumihou at kitchennovel dot com


“Honourable father, when did such a nice restaurant appear here?” outside, Palmer looked up at the restaurant with some wariness. The last time he came over to play in Aden Square, he happened to come across this corner before and there was no such restaurant here.

“Little elder sis! Yummy things!” Pablo, who had been standing in place with his mouth opened for three seconds, clapped his hands and rushed towards the glass wall. His little head bounced off the glass with an audible thump, causing him to stumble two steps back. He pressed his little hands against the bump on his head, unable to comprehend what just happened.

“Aiyo! Are you alright, Pablo?” Jacques knelt down, feeling a pained, but also more amused than he should be. This little chap was just too adorable, to think his little boy would actually run straight into a crystal wall.

Customers seated by the window was also shocked by the unexpected thump. However, when they saw the little boy looking in with his mouth opened in confusion, they could not help laughing at the adorable little bun.

“F… father, there’s a barrier.” Pablo pressed the bump a few times before looking up at his father uncomprehendingly.

“It’s not a barrier. That’s a colourless crystal. A very big piece of crystal.” Jacques was also wavering between laughter and tears. This little chap had never seen such a large piece of crystal, and was also easily overwhelmed. He tugged the little boy’s hand and brought it over to press against the flat crystal, he smiled, “Can you feel that? That’s crystal, it’s completely colourless which let us see what’s happening inside, and they could see us.”

Pablo pressed his hands against the cool crystal, he smacked it twice and nodded, “Crystal! Crystal! Little elder sis!”

“Looks like our little Pablo can’t wait to eat some nice things, and look, there’s your little elder sister.” Harrison smiled. He pressed Palmer’s shoulder. “How about our little math prince Palmer? Are you looking forward to meeting a cute littler sister?”

“If she’s really a cute little sister, I don’t mind teaching her math.” Palmer said coolly as he crossed his arms.

“Very good, keep speaking in that cool way. A confident man is a charming one.” Harrison nodded with satisfaction as he patted Palmer on the shoulder. “Let’s go, we should line up now. Boss Mike’s business is getting better and better.”

“With Boss Mike’s cooking skills, it would be difficult for his business to remain poor. I have a feeling that we might end up eating outside one of these days.” Jacques held Pablo’s hand and lead him forward for a closer look.

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“Yi, it looks like they have something new on the menu, ah?” the moment they stepped into the restaurant, Jacques’ eyes lit up at the fragrance of soybeans and [Juicy Burgers]. A casual glance around showed him that several customers have a bowl of something white, topped with either a red-orange syrup or red-gold sauce with bits of something on it. They had not seen this thing yesterday.

“Brother, what is that thing?” Harrison asked a young man seated closest to the door.

“That’s the new dish Boss Mike just launched, it’s called [Beancurd]. The flavour is just too perfect, I highly recommend the savoury one.” said the young man, this remark was emphasised with a thumbs up.

“Ignore that ignoramus, sweet is king. The moment you taste it, you’ll discover the true meaning of life!” said a man seated across him.

“You little brats sure are lucky, looks like we’ll be able to eat something good tonight.” Harrison ignored the two man who had started arguing with each other, he gathered Palmer and they too make their way towards the end of the line.

When they finally made it into the restaurant for real, Palmer’s attention was immediately captured by the mural. The magnificent Lot City, the lofty Dragon Islands, the wondrously mysterious Windstorm Forest… the mural was also peopled by knights on horses, flying dragonfolk, spell casting mages… it was like their still images were captured mid action, and were extremely life-like, it felt like he had been introduced to a completely new world.

“Rainbow rice… little elder sis…” Pablo began to clap his hands, his eyes darting about, as though seeking something.

The arrival of two little kids attracted quite a lot of attention. Thanks to Amy, most of the regulars held a rather tolerant and agreeable attitude towards children. Especially that little boy with his cute mushroom haircut, his expression was endearingly silly as he danced about, calling for his ‘little elder sis’.

“Little elder sis! Little elder sis! There! There!” Pablo soon found Amy, seated as she was on a high stool next to the bar counter. After being stunned to silence by her cuteness for three seconds, he started to clap and call out for her.

“En?” Palmer also looked over to the counter with some expectation. He did his best to maintain a cool expression, but the moment he clapped eyes on Amy, it all shattered. His eyes widened with shock and he stuttered, “How could it be you! What are you doing here?”

“This is my restaurant, that’s why I’m here.” Amy looked at Palmer with some wariness too, however, she managed to maintain a much better poker face.

“But… but how could this be your restaurant?” Palmer was still finding it hard to believe his own eyes.

“I’m not too sure, I think it’s mine because my daddy is the boss of this restaurant.” Amy said earnestly after considering this point.

“What is this explanation…” Palmer felt as though he had suffered a great mental blow. Looking at Amy, he swallowed hard and forced himself to calm down.

The horror he had suffered under her hands at their last math class was too terrible, he had had to spend nearly a whole day with the horses to forget the sensation of being so completely dominated. Seeing Amy brought all that half forgotten sense of helplessness back.

“Yi? So you know each other?” Jacques and Harrison were surprised. They had intended to bring these two boys over to play with a girl child and enjoy some delicious food, but who would have thought that two out of these three kids actually knew each other already.

 “She’s that temporary student from that time.” Palmer said, his expression complicated as he stared at Amy.

Jacques and Harrison’s expression also grew a little odd. Two days ago Palmer had suffered complete defeat under the hands of some mysterious temporary student; resulting in him shutting himself up in his room to self-study for two whole days without coming out.

Today, they had intended to bring him out for a little fun to help him forget about his terrible experience. Who would have thought that they would encounter the very person who sent him into that ‘self-cultivation’ mode. Moreover, Palmer had even coolly said that he will teach that little sister math if she was cute enough. Both men pressed their lips together, determined not to laugh at the boy who had fallen into a pit he had accidentally dug.

“Oh, so that child is Jacques’ son, I thought those eyebrows looked familiar. However, that child is a little too heavy set, it looked like he might have trouble standing too long.” Mike cast an inquisitive eye over Palmer. He remembered the boy very clearly, however, he really hadn’t expect him to be Jacques son. That cute little mushroom head next to him must be the second son.

“Little elder sis, up! Up!” Pablo demanded in his high, childish voice as he tottered towards the bar counter, his little arms opened wide for a hug.

“Do you even know how heavy you are?” Amy said as she looked down at Pablo with condescending eyes from her high stool.


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Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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