Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0164

Chapter 164 – Beancurd is Really Delicious

Translated by Gumihou at kitchennovel dot com


The two lines of customers, over a hundred people in total, glared at each other. The antipathy was clear from the furious faces, the red steaming ears, and clenched fists.

Thankfully, no fists were thrown yet, otherwise there would be a huge brawl in front of the restaurant.

Julian and Klaus already battled it out quite fiercely this morning. They now stood in front of the shop like gang leaders, expressionlessly displaying their symbols of power.

The quarrelling noise bombarded Mike the moment he opened the door, making his eye twitch. This faction battle was nothing like the one in the previous world, it was actually much, much worse.

If these people actually degenerated into a fight, it would be an all out free-for-all between wizards, demons, knights, orcs and dwarves, intersperse with with shouts of ‘Savoury is Justice!’, ‘Sweet is King!’ and so forth. For a moment, Mike just stood there, reeling from this horrible image.

“I’ll have to think of a way to prevent this Sweet vs Savoury Faction from disturbing my business. Maybe I should organise a special battle event far away from the restaurant for them to work their energy out.” Mike looked back with a smile at Amy who was clutching her spoon eagerly. “That little brat should like it, ba.”

The door bell attracted the attention some, and gradually the arguments faded as more and more people noticed that the door to the restaurant had opened. Their attention shifted, though none of them were quite happy with the interruption, the prospect of food was more attractive.

Naturally, the crucial point here was: Fight on after tasting the product.

“Please, do come in.” Mike pulled open the a little wider, and stepped back into the dining hall. He was determined not to participate in the Sweet vs Savoury fight. It would be really embarrassing if he got caught up in the quarrel.

Klaus and Julian both lifted a leg and placed their feet onto the first step, then glared at each other. Neither of them were willing to give way, they stomped through the entrance together and sat down at their chosen seat the same time with a harrumph.

“Master Halfsies Beard, Master Tortoise, hello.” Amy greeted both of them.

“En,” they replied simultaneously, their eyes fixating themselves onto the bowls of [Beancurds] on her table.

Compared to the little sample bowls from yesterday, the amount was much more. The light fragrance of soybeans wafted over from the kitchen.

The rest of the customers followed suit, stomping in together, sniffing or snorting at the other faction, sometimes jostling the other with their shoulders.

“Please, go ahead.” Luna and Sally exchanged a glance, Luna withdrew her leg and waved for Sally to go first.

“Thank you.” Sally narrowed her eyes at Luna for a bit, before nodding and lightly stepped into the restaurant.

Mike looked up when Sally came in, though she had covered her face with a veil, he recognised her immediately. When she did not greet him verbally, he merely nodded at her.

“Mr. Mike,” Luna greeted Mike as she came through the door.

“Miss Luna.” Mike nodded at her as well, he really hadn’t expected to see her today.

“Boss Mike, two [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] please, and one blood stimulating [Juicy Burger], I can’t take it any more.” Wayson Neo staggered in, hands clutching at the door frame dramatically, his voice was as whispery as paper.

“Very well, please wait awhile.” Mike nodded at the pale, sickly looking Wayson Neo. It looked like he had been overwhelmed by the his wife again. Just what kind of person had he married anyway? Mike was starting to become a little curious over the mystery woman who had reduced to Wayson Neo to this condition.

Wayson Neo staggered in and flopped down at the same table he sat at that afternoon. He was too exhausted to walk any more.

The customers entered the restaurant one after another, looking for places to sit. Those who entered first had the advantage of choosing their seats, the ones who entered later could either squeeze in with other customers, or hang about near the counter. Those who were really late could only keep staying in the line. At least there’s a one meter gap between the two lines, allowing people to come and go.

Luna sat next to Sally, they were soon joined by two other women.

Sally breathed a quiet sigh of relief, Luna looked like a properly educated human female. Sitting next to her was better than sitting next to an orc or dwarf. Looks like she could properly enjoy her plate of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice].

“I’ll have a [Sweet Beancurd] and one [Juicy Burger].”

“I want a [Savoury Beancurd], I’ll have a [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] too.”

“One sweet and one savoury [Beancurd], I want to try one of each before deciding which one tasted better.”

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Once the customers were seated, Abbe Mia stepped in to take their orders, naturally, it was all done according to the sequence they enter.

“Apologies, dear customer. The [Beancurd] is limited to one per customer, please pick a flavour you wish.” Abbe Mia gave the customer an apologetic look.

“Oh, there’s such rule, ah?” the customer was surprised, they glanced through the menu again and saw the new rule printed on it. That’s not all, at 200 copper coin per serving, though a little cheaper than the [Juicy Burger] it was still quite expansive. After some thought, they nodded and said, “I’ll have the savoury one, ba.”

As the seated customers ordered, later customers just stood in line and began to look about the restaurant curiously. Their eyes soon settled on Amy’s table, specifically, on the two bowls of in font of her.

The white bowls were filled with soft white cubes. The bowl of the left was topped with sweet brilliant syrup and the other topped with some kind of thick sauce and various chopped up ingredients. The light fragrance of soybeans floated through the air, causing everyone to swallow hungrily.

“These should be the [Beancurds], ba?” a bald uncle said curiously.

“Yes it is,” Amy nodded, still holding on to her spoon.

“Little Boss, is that [Beancurd] thing good?” asked the bald uncle.

Everyone who had heard this exchange craned their necks up for Amy’s answer. Quite a few of the customers were still hesitant about trying the new product. 200 copper coins was no small amount of money for most people.

“You want to know?” Amy tilted her head to look up at the bald uncle, she held her spoon out, looking as though she was about to offer him a taste.

“Oh, yes,” the uncle nodded eagerly.

“Okay, let me taste it for you.” Amy nodded seriously and scooped up a good amount of the [Savoury Beancurd] up. The soft white [Beancurd] wobbled, the red orange sauce dripped down the cubes slowly. She had managed to get a good spoonful of [Beancurd] along with chopped pickle, dried shrimp, and other ingredients. Slowly, ever so slowly, she opened her mouth wide and closed it carefully over the spoonful. The saltiness of pickles and dried shrimp mixed well with the soft soybeans. Her large blue eyes sparkled as she savoured the sensations in her mouth.

With a little [gulu], Amy swallowed, her little face brimming with pleasure. She gripped her spoon tightly and said enthusiastically, “Uncle, the [Beancurd] is really delicious.”

“[Gulu]…” sounds of people swallowing echoed through the restaurant.




[Gumihou: Amy you tease! *gulu*]


Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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