Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0163

Chapter 163 – Eat When Everyone’s Here

Translated by Gumihou at kitchennovel dot com


Silence fell upon the people. They stared at the little girl who sat on her little stool, an orange cat on her lap, as though it was perfectly normal for little girls to witness men quarrelling among themselves as entertainment.

Those who thought that Boss Mike had came out to mediate the situation was a little thrown when they saw Amy. That alone was strange enough, but to see that the little girl treated the whole thing as entertainment was just too weird, ah.

“What’s with that half elf girl?” a first time customer asked.

“That’s the owner’s daughter, isn’t she super cute?” the person in front of him said with a smile.

“I suppose, normally I don’t care for half-bloods, but I got to admit, this little girl is really cute.” the customer nodded in agreement.

Quite a few of the customers nodded in agreement, while some of them were tempted to ridicule a half blood out of habit, it felt kind of awkward with Amy looking at them with those large, curious blue eyes. Anyone who wish to complain had to do it in the privacy of their mind.

“Amy has certainly become a lot more cheerful and confident. She’s more like a little child now, looks like Boss Mike takes really good care of her.” Luna could hardly take her eyes off the little girl sitting so confidently in front of the restaurant. What a wonderful little child child.

Amy was only four years old, but already she was too sensible for her own good. It was rather depressing to see such a small child doing her best to save money and manage the house. She had been so solemn the first time Luna saw her, and so timid too.

However, things were different now. Not only had her clothes and appearance changed, more importantly, her eyes were brighter and filled with mischief. Those were eyes of a little child brought up with all the love and security one could wish for, and it was perfectly natural for them to act spoil and entitled like this. In short, Luna was very happy with this new Amy.

“For some reason, that sounds kind of familiar…” Sally thought, looking at Amy. The way Amy speak, her tone of voice her word choice, and that rather black belly attitude reminded her of someone, but search as she might, she really could not find a scrap of memory of such a two-face little elf child, ah.

“Master Halfsies Beard, Master Tortoise, are you still going to fight?” Amy looked at the rotating snowflake and flapping phoenix under Klaus and Julian’s feet curiously.

“No, no, we’re not fighting.”

The two of them said simultaneously. The fire phoenix under Klaus’ feet fluttered twice more before turning into a tiny flame and snuffed out of existence. The snowflake under Julian’s feet cracked into a thousand glittering pieces, and melted away into water.

As the shock slowly faded from the people in front of the restaurant, they found themselves relaxing from the tense atmosphere that had been building up just now. Looks like this little girl was really good at dissipating conflict.

“If you really want to fight, that’s fine too.” Amy was looking at the snuffed out magic at their feet with some disappointment.

Klaus and Julian were a little stunned by this remark, this little girl, looks like this apprentice of theirs really don’t know how to differentiate the serious from the trivial.

“It’s alright if you don’t fight today, don’t be sad.” Amy said comfortingly, “you’ll see each other everyday so there are lots of chances to fight.”

Klaus laughed shortly. He looked fondly down at Amy, if he hadn’t been sure that Irina never had any children, he would have suspected Amy to be hers. Otherwise, how does one explain such poisonous tongue, such scheming behaviour on so small a child?

Julian also fell into deep contemplation, that brat from before also had this love for chaos. She would egged them on to fight, and perched herself on a little stool to watch the show, occasionally calling out encouragements and clapping her hands with delight.

“Teacher Luna,” Amy soon spotted Luna in the line and began to wave happily at her.

Luna smiled and waved back, though she tended to show a rather cool expression outside of school as a kind of self protection, she could never resist smiling at her little children.

“Hello, pretty elf sister.” Amy had also noticed Sally, though she had only met Sally once, the impression was quite strong since Sally was the first elf she had ever encountered. She was also the first female to call Amy pretty, and that cemented her image in Amy’s mind.

Sally nodded once, she had been a little anxious about being recognised by Amy, but as long as Amy did not call out her name, it would be fine. It’s possible that Amy had already forgotten her name.

After greeting the people she knew, Amy tucked her hands under her chin and sat down to watch the customers ribbed and poked fun at each other. Little Ugly Duckling had stayed coiled up on her lap. It was a bit fearful of all the new people around it, but soon started to poke its head out to look curiously at the quarrelling customers.

The silence did not last, the Sweet vs Savoury debate continued. Though none of them really know what [Beancurd] really was, that did not stop them from debating with each other. The main contention of the quarrel now was whether sweet or savoury food was more appetising and the competitive air revved up again.

“That’s so amazing.” Amy clapped her hands, though she did not quite understand the point of the debate, it did not stop her from enjoying it.

Little Ugly Duckling looked left, looked right, then imitated Amy’s clapping with its soft little paws.

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“Boss Mike, they seemed to be getting more serious, should we do anything about it?” Abbé Mia asked, she had been listening through the door, and was now looking at Boss Mike anxiously. The man in question was calmly eating his [Yang Zhou Fried Rice].

“No need, they might as well get it out of their systems now. It’s also good advertisement for our restaurant.” Mike smiled, shaking his head as he glanced at the people outside. The two opposite lines of people were now facing each other, all the better to quarrel with it seemed. Other world foodies sure were cute, quarrelling over something they’ve never even seen or tasted, basing all their arguments on the merit of sweet and savoury taste, just too adorable, ah.

“Call Amy in to eat, ba.” Boss Mike had finished his food, and a glance at the clock told him that it was now five minutes till opening time. He cleared his own plate and reminded Abbé Mia, “Don’t forget, just one [Beancurd] per person, alright?”

“En, en, I remember.” Abbé Mia nodded seriously. Though she did not understand why Boss Mike wish to limit the number of [Beancurds] sold, there must be a valid reason behind it.

Amy came in with Little Ugly Duckling and her little stool, at the sight of her father carrying out a [Juicy Burger] and two bowls of [Beancurds] from the kitchen, her blue eyes brightened.

“Wash your hand, make sure you wait until everyone’s here before you eat, alright?” Mike smiled.

“Okay!” Amy dropped Ugly Duckling onto the floor and hurried to the kitchen with her little stool. She stood on the stool and washed her hands at the sink before running back to her seat. Mike had placed the food at the most strategic position in the dining hall, all the better for the rest of the customers to see Amy when she eat. In the middle was a steaming [Juicy Burger], to the left was was the [Sweet Beancurd] and on the right a [Savoury Beancurd]. He had also arranged a fork and a spoon on the table. From above, the arrangement of food and cutlery looked like a star, with the [Juicy Burger] being the top point.

Mike then made his way to the door, opened it to look out at the two lines of customers reaching the square. He smiled into the discontented atmosphere and said, “Welcome.”


[Gumihou: Boss Mike is so… Boss]




Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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