Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0162

Chapter 162 – You Guys Go On, We’re Just Here for the Entertainment

Translated by Gumihou at kitchennovel dot com


At the word ‘ladies’, the men turned to look, their eyes lighting up at the sight of the two women.

Dressed in light grey cotton shirt and linen skirt, with only her straight black hair as accessory, Luna looked intellectual and beautiful. Around her shoulder was her one nod to her aristocratic life, a white silk scarf embroidered with golden lilies.

On the other hand, there was Sally, who was dressed in a light silver grey dress edged with delicately embroidered patterns in gold thread. Her clothes were quite modest, and coupled with the silk scarf over her face she looked quite mysterious. Though they could not see her face clearly, the slender ankles peeping from under those long skirts and delicate collarbone were enough to excite the imagination. In fact, her distinctive eyebrows over the scarf was enough to reveal her identity as an aloof and beautiful elf.

The arrival of two beautiful ladies made everyone stood straighter, wondering just which line they would join.

Sally and Luna exchanged a startled glance, they were still not quite sure what was going on here.

“I’m only here to eat, what the sweet or savoury question for?” Luna finally ventured to ask. Also, just what was this [Beancurd] thing? She had no idea, if it’s anything like cheese curds[1], well, she could get plenty of those elsewhere. She was only after the [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] today, and… perhaps she might even sneak one [Juicy Burger] to the teacher’s dorm later.

Sally also looked confused, she looked at the lines of expectant faces suspiciously and said nothing. It’s better that she said as little as possible. The reason why she had put on a veil was to obscure her own identity as much as possible. Once it got out that such a prestigious person like her patronised this restaurant, it could attract the attention of other elves. Elves who could recognise the secret ingredient in a certain fried rice.

“Don’t you know?” the young man looked at the doubtful faces before him and smiled, “[Beancurd] is a new dish that Boss Mike created today. It’s being served to the public first time tonight. However, it looked like it comes in two different flavours. This morning, two great grandmasters got to taste test and got into a battle over which is tastier…”

At this little brother’s explanation, understanding dawn on them. That explained the two lines, the unusual question, as well as the two powerful wizards standing in the lead.

“Grandmaster Klaus.” Luna immediately recognised the white robes, the tall staff belonging to that famous wizard from Lot City. Her eyes brightened, her grandfather would pay a visit to Klaus every year, and actually brought her with him once on these visits when she was younger. “Why had he come to Chaos City, I wonder?”

“Those men have the most powerful magical aura I’ve ever felt, their control are pretty incredible too. Even father would have trouble pulling those spells off.” Sally eyed the rotating snowflake and the slowly flapping phoenix on the ground, these two were practically advertising their strength and sense of control for all to see. To be honest, they were scarily powerful.

Aside from the Elf Queen, she had never encountered such powerful magic users before. She herself was a Level 7 mage, though she tended to favour the bow and arrow when it came to actual battle.

“Hmm, though I’m not sure what the dish is like, but I like savoury things better.” Luna nodded once at Sally and picked the line headed by Julian.

Sally wordlessly headed towards the line lead by Klaus, it was obvious that she was someone who liked sweet things.

So many people are here just waiting for Boss Mike, he certainly is an incredible man, Luna thought with a little smile as she studied the lines. There were more than 10 people in front of her, and more lining up behind her, she was not at all concerned about who she’d ended up sitting next to.

As a Chaos College teacher, the first rule one learned was: Fair treatment for all students. This rule had been embedded into each and every single teacher in Chaos College, if any of the teachers were found to have discriminated against a student through racial bias, the headmaster would immediately throw them out of the school. Sometimes literally.

Once, there was a teacher who sneered at a dwarf student, calling him a ‘Shorty Melon’. That teacher was immediately expelled, and never to be hired by any school run by Grey Temples again. This teacher was the granddaughter of some highly positioned Grey Temple member. The old man then appealed to a prominent Grey Temple member and asked him to put pressure on the headmaster.

The discussion at the headmaster went as well as one would expect. There was an explosion. A single person staggered out from the ruins. Later, that female teacher was never heard from again, that prominent Grey Temple master also never showed his face at any of the monthly banquet either. Who knew whether he stayed away due to anger of fear.

At any rate, Chaos College could be said to be The Authority on fair treatment for all beings. It was all thanks to the cold faced Headmaster Novo’s strict demands from his teachers, his love for his students and years of stubborn dedication that this unique atmosphere of harmony and equality was successfully fostered at the school.

This was the main reason why she had abandoned life at Lot City. She loved the atmosphere here, the sense of equality and seeing children from all different races seated together, learning and laughing together, was like a scene out of a children’s story

This kind of school, this teaching atmosphere, shouldn’t it be spread across the entire Nolan City? If there was even a sliver of possibility she could make a difference, Luna was prepared to dedicate her entire life to education, just like Headmaster Novo.

… please read this at …

Perhaps the people at the queue were getting bored, they all started to chat together. People from the same line seemed to bond quite well with each other, conversely, they started to sneer and ridicule the people from the other line, even those they had been friends with.

“I say, Andreas, what’s so delicious about [Sweet Beancurd]? You’re not a child any more, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” Mo Xiu Ji began to taunt Andreas.

At Mo Xiu Ji’s words ,the hackles of everyone from the Sweet Faction rose, they all glared murderously at him, even Klaus took the trouble to turn around to give him a cool look.

“Hey, hey, no need to scare people like that.” Mo Xiu Ji shrank back, this was how he usually mess around with Andreas, he really hadn’t expected so many glares to come his way. Klaus’ cool look got colder, and it was enough to send him into a mild panic.

“Well said, those who eat sweets everyday will be fatten to death soon.”

“That’s right, savoury food are the best appetizers. A man need salt in order to survive, those who don’t know how to appreciate salt cannot be considered men!”

On the other hand, the Savoury Faction were quite gleeful, and started to throw their two cents in as well. Their taunts sharp and unrelenting.

“Sweetness can bring happiness to people. As for salt, well you know what they say about pouring salt on wounds. One is clearly the superior than the other, one is a motivator and the other a curse.” a man dressed in all black, with a kind of a scholarly bookkeeper look declared as he snapped his sleeves.

“That’s right, a bit of sweetness in one’s life triples one’s happiness.”

“Those who eat sweets will have good luck!”

“Salty food only makes you thirsty!”

Thus, the Sweet Faction started their volley as well, the atmosphere outside the restaurant was beginning to degenerate into some kind of verbal mud slinging competition. On and on the battle of tongues went, as two sides exchanged blows.


The musical chime of the restaurant bell rang out.

The battle paused, everyone’s eyes went to the sun or their watches, unable to believe that the door had opened ahead of time. Had Boss Mike found them to noisy can came out mediate? Or, could it be? Boss Mike felt their growing frustration and had opened the restaurant earlier to avoid an all out fight?

The door opened, just enough for Amy to slip out. She had Little Ugly Duckling tucked close as usual, and unusually though, had a little stool in the other hand.

“En?” everyone eyed Amy uncomprehendingly.

Amy placed the little stool just in front of the door, and sat down primly, Little Ugly Duckling curled on her lap. She looked up in surprise at the two lines of people looking down at her.

This staring matched went for for a few seconds.

Finally, Amy waved her little hand and said in her childish voice, “Everyone, please ignore me. You guys continue, Little Ugly Duckling and I are just here for the entertainment.”


[Gumihou: *Blinks blearily at the computer* did I read this right? Wait, I read this line three times already… you know what I’m going to nap now] is basically what happened. It’s been a busy week people, and will continue to be busy, but I shall do my best.

[1] It’s actually ‘Brains’ – If it’s anything like real brains, that’s kind of scary. But since I’ve burned that bridge long ago…




Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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