Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0161

Chapter 161 – Would You Like the Sweet or Savoury?

Translated by Gumihou at kitchennovel dot com


“Have you heard? Boss Mike will be revealing his new product today. It’s something called [Beancurd]. This morning two powerful wizards got into a quarrel over the flavours and it all degenerated into an all out battle!”

“For real? Then I must go try it. That [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] I had last time was totally unforgettable. However, I must say there goes half of my rent money.”

“We’re basically in the same boat, ah, brother. I can only eat there three times a month. My kids have to go to school soon, so I really can’t overspend, but I really can’t resist trying it either.”

“Did wizards actually battle over this dish, ah? Are you talking about that restaurant over there? Are the food there really delicious?”

Thus was the conversation that was happening between the many customers in front of Mickey Restaurant. The battle between Klaus and Julian was the catalyst that spurred these dialogues between old and new customers, drawing the attention of people who had never been to Mickey’s restaurant before. Majority of them were mostly curious about a food that was so delicious that two powerful mages got into a fight over it.

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When the doors of Mickey Restaurant opened, there was already a long line in front of it.

However something was a little different tonight. The line had split into two, one behind Klaus and the other behind Julian, there was a whole meter of space between the two lines. Though nobody was fighting, yet. There was an atmosphere of confrontation, an extension of the Fire vs Ice Battle.

Under Julian’s feet, bloomed a large snowflake. The white lines of the snowflake was clear, delicate against the tiled floor and more interestingly, it was rotating slowly, drawing the eyes of everyone around them.

Under Klaus’ feet was a drawing of a phoenix, no it was a phoenix made of actual fire. The fire phoenix flapped its wings slowly. It was staring at the snowflake under Julian’s feet, but did not moved to attack.

The two wizards glared at each other, a clear divide between them. Neither were willing to give in, but for the time being, they were not attacking either.

The control over their own power was so incredible that the extreme heat and icy atmosphere was strictly kept within a single square meter around them.

“Sweet is Justice.” Klaus declared righteously, striking his magic staff onto the ground.

“Savoury is King.” Julian’s raspy voice was like a pieces of iron scraping against a rock. His hoarse voice felt needle sharp, spiking deep into the minds of the people around them.

The two of them exchanged another glare. It looked like a battle was about to erupt between them when they simultaneously looked away with a huff.

The people lining up behind these powerhouses breathe a deep sigh of relief. They were the closest to these unstable forces, there was no way they could run away unscathed should these two decide to exchange blows. Though, they had to admit that this was the first time that lining up for food could be so exciting.

Though none of the other customers had ever tasted [Beancurd], they had arranged themselves according to their tastes behind the two major flag bearers that was Julian and Klaus.

There was still another half an hour before the official dinner hour, but already there were over 20 people lining up. Each faction had about a dozen members. Rough estimation showed that the battle was evenly matched.

Perhaps they were influenced by Klaus and Julian, but already there were some signs of hostility between the two lines of people running parallel to each other.

“Yi? Brother, what’s with the lines today? Just what is going on?” Mo Xiu Ji and Andreas came up together and stared at the two lines of people in puzzlement.

“The lines have been split to the Sweet Faction and Savoury Faction. Which faction do you belong to?” one of the people in the line narrowed his eyes at Mo Xiu Ji and Andreas.

“Oh!” Mo Xiu Ji followed the line with his eyes and saw the two wizards heading it, and understood everything immediately. There was an instant sense of camaraderie as he reached out to the man and clasped the man’s hand warmly. “My brother.”

The man was surprised, but he still squeezed Mo Xiu Ji’s hands firmly and replied, “Brother.”

“That one’s a Savoury Faction scum.” just as casually, Mo Xiu Ji severed ties with his childhood friend Andreas.

Members of Julian’s team gave Andreas the stink eye.

“Oi, surely there’s no need to bully people like this, ba?” Andreas stumbled a couple of steps back, unable to take the sudden pressure of their combined stares.

“Fear not, for we of the Sweet Faction are no weakling!” a strong voice cried out, rallying the moral of his team. Others in the line also started to call out encouragements.

Bolstered by this , Andreas straightened his back and quickly trotted over to the Sweet Faction line.

As more people arrived, majority of them meaning to try out both sweet and savoury version of the [Beancurd], were forced to choose sides, just like Mo Xiu Ji and Andreas had done. None dared to form a third, more neutral line and therefore had to pick a side and wait for the restaurant to open.

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“So many people, it’s only been a few days. To think that this restaurant business is seriously hopping now.” Sally had just arrived, her face covered with a white veil as she stared at the lines of people curiously. When she first came here, the restaurant had been almost completely empty.

“Humans, dwarves, orcs… and other races are all lined up together, some might even end up eating at the same table…” Sally murmured, she hesitated, feeling conflicted. Though she had shared an eating space with a dwarf the last time she was here, the restaurant had been mostly empty with barely anyone there. Which meant she pretty much had a whole section of the restaurant to herself.

However, there was no such luxuries now. There were already so many people in the line, and more will probably come. Who was to say that she won’t find herself seated next to a dwarf, or heaven forbid, an orc? For someone who’s a bit obsessive over cleanliness, she probably would not even be able to swallow her food.

“Yi? This shop looked like it’s doing very well. As expected, good food will always find its way to people’s hearts.” right next to her, Luna slowed her steps as she stared at the lines of people with some surprise. The first time she had been here, she had been shocked by the prices and was actually quite anxious whether Amy’s family business would actually be successful. However, it looked like she need not have worried.

“Well, if there are too many people, I’ll just get a takeaway.” Sally muttered to herself, nodding firmly as she clenched her fist and made her way towards the lines of people. Memories of the deliciousness of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] made up her mind.

“Maybe there’ll be something new on the menu today,” Luna thought to herself with a smile as she too approached the restaurant.

Luna and Sally made their way towards the end of the line, arriving almost at the same time. A young man at the end of the line looked up, and asked solemnly. “Ladies, welcome. Sweet or savoury [Beancurd]?”


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Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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