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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 054

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 54 – Spiritual Menu


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Everyone swallowed their saliva.

The mouth-watering aroma of the tempura is enough to tempt them.

The tempura is placed in a basket, and the golden tempura looks like flowers as very appetising.

Of course, Luo Xiu had arranged them so that it looks more appealing.

Each of tempura on the plate seems to covered in a golden hue, and very alluring.

The Deeson Fruit slices were covered in the golden robes and you could see the white slices of the Deeson Fruit through the golden robes. These tempura are hot and constantly effused steam. The steam was mixed with the aroma of the freshly fried Deeson Fruit, and this released a mouth-watering scent that made one crave to eat it immediately.

At this moment, the simple and easy to make tempura had never looked better.

“This dish spiritual energy…. !”

Nie Ji could not believe his eyes. The spiritual energy of this dish indicated that while it had not reached the level of a spiritual dish, it is not far away from being one.

Once the spiritual energy glitters and becomes a spiritual light, this means that it had reached the level of a spiritual dish.

But this glittering light indicated that it does not contain enough spiritual energy to do so.

“Although it had not reached the level of a spiritual dish, it is still a half-spiritual dish. It is much better than most [Delicious Food]!”

Wang Xi sighed. What a pity. Luo Xiu was this close to making a spiritual dish.

At the same time, he marvelled at Luo Xiu’s skills. This dish only used the basic and common ingredients – the Deeson Fruit, yet Luo Xiu could fry it until the spiritual power is concentrated. This makes it easy for cultivators to absorb the energy. It is not easy to use a common ingredient to make a high level [Delicious Food].

Someone asked, “Why is it that after frying, it does not seem oily at all?”

Wang Xi was surprised. He looked at the dish. There was indeed no oil on it.

Everyone knows that if you fry some food, the oil will remain on the food.  On Earth, as soon as a freshly fried product is placed on an oil absorbent paper, there will be a patch of oil on the paper.

But the top grade tempura will not have a single trace of oil on this paper.

Many Japanese tempura chefs in Japan can do this [1].

This is one of the mysteries of tempura.

In fact, the principle of frying tempura is based on the characteristics of water and oil immiscibility.

After the foodstuffs are warmed by oil, they are “dehydrated” by the heat generated.

In the frying oil of tempura, the warming and dehydrating layer of flour will “grill” excess water in the ingredients, while the water vapour in the top coat will “steam” the ingredients that are enclosed at the same time; Under the combined effect of “baking” and “steaming”, the original flavour of the ingredients will become more intense.

The oil, in fact, will be absorbed … Of course, the timing and period in which the oil is absorbed is very short in duration, and tests the limits of the chef’s eyesight.

Luo Xiu is skilled in making tempura. That is why he could fry so many Deeson Fruit Tempura, and there is no oil.

“Because of the heat of the oil. Divine chef Wang, you may want to evaluate the tempera of the oil that I used to make the tempura.

Luo Xiu smiled. The [Bi Duan] oil that he used was still bubbling. But Wang Xi could detect it. The temperature of this oil is different from the temperature of the oil that he used to cook.

“There is even learning in the temperature?”

Wang Xi raised his head and asked. He knows about turning up and down the flames, but he does not know about the temperature of the oil used for frying.

Isn’t all of them just deep fry?

Wang Xi did not know that there are optimal temperatures for frying different kinds of product.

He was sure that in this Country of Fine Cuisine, no one would consider the temperature of the oil as well.

“Right, I describe the temperature of this oil as [warm-hot oil].”

“There are 4 classifications of the heat of the oil, [Warm], [Warm-hot], [Hot], and [Very Hot].”

“When the oil is bubbling, quiet and green smoke, it is [warm]!”

This warm oil is usually about 100° C. Of course, Luo Xiu could not explain the science of the oil to Wang Xi.

Therefore, he could only describe it as best as he could.

“When the oil surface is sizzling and there is a green cloud of smoke, like the oil that I used to cook the Deeson fruit, it is [Warm-hot] oil!”

“As for [Hot oil] and [Very hot oil], I believe that Divine Chef Wang should know what I am talking about.”

The [Hot oil] will result in a large cloud of green smoke billowing from the oil!

As for the [Very Hot oil], it is very explosive.

“Therefore, under the right temperature, you can guarantee that the oil will not stick to the food.”

Luo Xiu finished explanation and pointed at the tempura, “Please try the food. it is not tasty when it is cold.”

“Oh? I can also eat?”

Nie Ji looked at Wang Xi and asked.

Wang Xi had already reached out and took a piece of tempura.

This Deeson Fruit had just been sliced, and immediately enveloped in the flour mixture, and fry. It had not even been fried for 30 seconds.

“Ka cha!”

His chopsticks gently cracked apart the golden flour on the Deeson Fruit Strip.

Wang Xi’s eyes lit up.

Above the Deeson Fruit, a thin layer of gold-colour robe is attached. It is clear, crisp, and free of extraneous oil. The inner Deeson Fruit, is still hot. It looks fresh and white. This is like the truest taste.

And feels very light.

“You may add a bit of salt!”

Luo Xiu passed the seasoning to Wang Xi.

This seasoning is not very suitable, but he does not have any soy sauce or radish juice.

When the tempura is fresh, it does not have any taste. Of course, it can be eaten immediately, but the Japanese like to dip it in tempura sauce first.

“Ka Cha”

Wang Xi did not use the seasoning and place the slice of Deeson Fruit tempura directly into his mouth.

He could not wait to try it!

This smell, it is so fragrant.

At this moment, the freshness of the Deeson Fruit slice, together with the tempura batter enveloped his mouth.

The tempura is very crispy, and the insides of the tempura contain the slice of Deeson Fruit that tastes very fresh and appetising.

Wang Xi felt very comfortable as he experienced this new dish and taste, “Oh, it is really good. I have not tasted this before. This feels like the original taste of the Deeson Fruit.”

“The crispy white skin, the freshness and tender Deeson Fruit slices, made this dish taste much better than the uncooked Deeson Fruit by several times.”

“It preserved the original taste of the Deeson Fruit, yet it highlighted the taste of the ingredient. While it is easy to fry it, this is the first time I know that frying could bring out and highlight the taste of the original ingredient.”

“Is this because of the warm hot oil frying method?”

Wang Xi asked.

“Of course, I believe that you have tasted the Deeson Fruit if it is deep-fried immediately?”

“Yes, I did, it is very hard to swallow, and is not fit for consumption!”

Wang Xi frowned. Both he and I fried the Deeson Fruit, but the taste is totally different. One of them is like heaven while the other is like hell.

“This dish is satisfactory. Oh yes, what is this dish called?”

Wang Xi looked at Luo Xiu with blazing eyes.

“Tempura. The first character “天” [Tem] refers to the oil; the second character “麸” [Pu] refers to the flour; and “罗” [Ra] refers to the shirt (coating).”


Wang Xi laughed, “What an apt name! Tempura indeed!”

“This dish is suitable to be recorded in the [Book of Dishes]!”

“Tomorrow I will ask the Spiritual Food Guild to record it!”

Wang Xi waved his hands, and picked up another Deeson Fruit Tempura. This is the best Deeson Fruit that he had ever eaten.

This is undisputed.


Nie Ji and Ma Fei heard Wang Xi’s words and were floored.

Record into the [Spiritual Menu]?

This dish of fried vegetable is worthy to be recorded in the [Spiritual Menu]?

Luo Xiu… is just a mere commoner chef!

Since when had a dish that a commoner chef cooked been recorded in the Book of Dishes? Most of the dishes recorded in this [Spiritual Menu] is invented by spiritual chefs.

This is a great honour. It grants chefs instant fame and recognition!

Nie Ji and Ma Fei suddenly turned around and looked at Luo Xiu. Their eyes were blazing with fire!


[1] Yeah, right. With new technology, they use an airfryer and do not use oil to cook. So no oil on oil absorbent papers anymore. Now anyone can cook tempura without oil

[2] Thank you for reading this chapter from prosperous food dot com.



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