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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 052

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 52 – Dedicated His Life to Cooking


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Luo Xiu did not answer Divine Chef, Wang Xi’s question.

“The expansion force is much bigger than anticipated!”

A spiritual ingredient is different from the ingredients from Earth.

Luo Xiu took out a steaming plate and begins to make the last part of the steamed bun.

The bun must be steamed.

Everyone watched Luo Xiu’s hands and wonder what he would do next.

Just now, his skills are remarkable and are a feast for the eyes. Right now, when Luo Xiu looks the shining dough, everyone knows that he is going to work on the dough.

What does he want to create with such fine dough?


Nie Ji asked. This is the same question that Wang Xi was thinking of.

The noodles spiritual chef have two specialities. One of them is noodles. The other one is bread.

“Bread ?”

Luo Xiu does not know what kind of bread there are in the Country of Fine Cuisine. He just shook his head. “No, it is something that I had created!”

“Self-created dish?”

Ma Fei could not help muttering to himself. He is slowly becoming numb to the wonders that Luo Xiu had created.

This kid cooking skills are really something.


Luo Xiu suddenly moved and grabbed the dough, then he tossed it up into the air.

The round dough flew into the air. At this time, time seemed to stand still as everyone watched the trajectory of the golden dough as it lurched into the air. They did not have the time to cry out in surprise.

Then the ‘Bai Luo Soul Capturing Staff’ nimbly caught it in mid-air.

The dough seemed to be struck to the staff.


Luo Xuo commanded, and the staff begin to twirl and spin the dough again.

And the dough begins to rotate in a clockwise direction and change its shape.

The dough slowly stretched and pull and become longer and longer, and was much longer than the white dragon just now.

One round after another.

Luo Xiu continued to spin the dough.

In front of Luo Xiu, there is a whirlpool of air that constantly rotates with the dough.

In rotating this way, the originally thick and uneven dough actually quickly become long sticks that clung on to the Bai Luo Soul Catching Staff in a circular motion.

“It is ready!”

After a few minutes, Luo Xiu heaved a sigh of relief, and quickly withdrew the staff and placed it on the counter.

Like a snake that was spitting out its vemon, the dough was released onto the counter.

Luo Xiu put down the staff, and looked at the sticks on the counter.

Each stick is golden yellow in colour, and the sticks are of the same width and thickness. Not one of the sticks have any cracks on it.

Everyone was stupefied.

Just… just like this? Is the dough ready just like this?

Using the rotational skills of the staff, the dough was divided into several thumb size sticks. But these sticks are still too thick to be noodles!

How are they going to eat this?

“This is not noodles. I think, he uses the stick and took care not to destroy the texture of the dough, and to slowly divide the dough into identical portions. I did not anticipate that this simple step could have such a profound meaning in it….”

Wang Xi was guessing wildly.

Nie Ji and Ma Fei nodded their head in agreement.

“Right now I feel that he looks very serious….. this means that this step is very important!”

That’s right!

Luo Xiu used the Bai Luo Snake Encirclement skill to transform the dough into long strips.

This is a simple thing for most bakers to cut the dough, but Luo Xiu insists on doing it this way. The reason is as what Wang Xi had said – he took care not to disturb the texture of the dough, and to ensure that the dough is uniform.

If he were to cut it, it may break the texture of the dough, and the dough may not be uniform in texture.

At this moment, Wang Xi suddenly feels that although his cultivation is much better than Luo Xiu’s, his cooking skills are inferior to this youth.

” I did not anticipate that the creation of a simple dough requires so much knowledge.”

“That’s right… even the noodles spiritual chef does not create noodles like Luo Xiu!”

“I agreed. Who else had discovered that when you cut the dough, the texture will be affected…. I recalled watching the noodles spiritual chef when he cut the dough to make the noodles. There is a slight loss of spiritual energy as the light dimmed a bit.”

“We have forgotten about the loss of spiritual energy!”

Nie Ji’s and Ma Fei’s face looked deadly serious as they discussed what they had seen. Wang Xi could not help respecting Luo Xiu, “From the time he milled the flour, he had been very careful not to break the spiritual energy contained within….. This dough is really the top grade ingredient and did not even lose one shred of spiritual energy. Instead, the energy contained within was increased.”

“But this kid is just a common chef!”

Nie Ji remarked. This is the main point!

While Wang Xi and his aides were chatting, Luo Xiu had already begun cooking the steamed buns.

At that moment, his hands were as fast as lightning.

All the guests saw were shadows. Then the first stick of dough was shaped into a peach like shaped.

The cycle continues as Luo Xiu shaped the second stick of dough and continued to shape the rest of the dough.

“So fast!”

“This does not seem like the first time he had done this?”

“Then how come this restaurant was degraded?”

Wang Xi felt something is off. The mightier Luo Xiu is, the more he suspects. He felt that there are some hidden things that he does not know.

At this time, Luo Xiu had already asked Ye Weiling to prepare the steamer, and clean tray used for steaming the ingredients in.

He carefully checked the steaming tray.

It is clean and shiny, and there was not even a speck of dust.

If there is even a drop of water on the tray, this could affect the final quality of the product.

For a world class chef like Luo Xiu, this is unacceptable. That is why he always gives his all.

“When you are cooking, you must always give your best efforts! This is something that you have cook for your guest to eat, and the food that you made will be delivered to the most vulnerable part of the human body – the insides!”

“As a chef, you should never cook without giving your all. Be it preparations or implementing each step, you must make sure that goes well. Each time you cook, you should treat it as an examination!”

This is the ‘Bai Luo’ family house rules.

A rule that he remembers to this day.

Therefore, when he made the steamed buns, he really gives it his all.

Many people were touched and impressed by Luo Xiu’s attitude. Even Wang Xi admitted that he was inferior to Luo Xiu in terms of cooking attitude.

Each step of the dish that Luo Xiu cooks is well calculated and is a work of art.

As if he had dedicated his life to cooking!

After he had ensured that the tray is clean, Luo Xiu placed the peach onto the steaming tray.

He was very careful and gentle as he picked up each piece.

The touch is slow and careful, like that of a parent treating their children.

Even Zhao Tianzong suddenly felt embarrassed.

He suddenly discovered that this kid is really focused and earnest in cooking. But…. Why did this kid have to be an enemy of his?

Zhao Tianzong forced himself to calm down.

“All right, Weiling, take my steamer over here!”

Luo Xiu glanced at Ye Weiling. Ye Weiling then rushed into the kitchen and carried out a large bamboo steamer.

“What is this?”

A guest asked.

“Steamer. Used to steam food….”

Luo Xiu placed the steam on top of the stove. Then he increased the heat and begins the last step – steam!

This step is not hard. All it requires is for him to keep track of the time.

Everyone knows that the final product is almost ready.

Once the product is steamed, this is the dish that Luo Xiu had created.

As one, they eagerly await. They wanted to see the final result of Luo Xiu’s efforts – the time when the food is ready to be consumed.


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