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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 049

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 49 – Knowledge is Power


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Wang Xi wants to experiment and confirm if what Luo Xiu said is true. He took the bag of spiritual wheat and walked towards the stone mill.

At this moment, everyone could see it with their own eyes.

Even the divine chef Wang Xi wants to help Luo Xiu to prepare the ingredients.

“Oh, this is amazing!”

Many customers in the restaurant had never thought that things would become like this. They could not believe their eyes.

Inkfusion restaurant’s head chef Zhao Tianzong felt his heart beating wildly.

This is the first that he had even seen the divine chef, the most powerful man in Snow Moon City, actually helped someone to prepare the ingredients.

Had this world turned upside down?

Wang Xi looked at Luo Xiu and asked,  “All I need to do is to place the wheat inside this hole. Then I push this hand of the stone mill?”

Luo Xiu replied, “The most important thing is the steps and constant speed. Let me demonstrate for you!”

Luo Xiu stepped up in front of the stone mill, and slowly pushed against the wheel handle.

“I need to mill the flour at this speed!”

Luo Xiu taught Wang Xi how to use this device. Wang Xi shook his head, and poured the spiritual wheat into the opening of the stone mill. Then he used his hands to channel a white colour spiritual energy.

This is the light attribute spiritual energy.

The massive influx of spiritual energy made the crowd of onlookers retreated in fear.

“Wow…. What a powerful display spiritual energy!”

“As expected of the divine chef!”

“I could not even go need them!”

Many people stare at Wang Xi.

The spiritual energy had been added to the stone mill. This energy is just a tiny portion of Wang Xi’s power.

The stone mill was filled with spiritual energy, and suddenly, it grounded the spiritual wheat with ease.

Then a shocking thing happened.

Even Wang Xi and the rest of the onlookers were stunned.

For in the exit of the stone milling, golden shiny flour continuously poured out. This flour was bright and golden in colour and so glaring that many people could not help closing their eyes.

Even worse, the golden flour has a very strong and tempting aroma that whiffed out. Even Nie Ji and Ma Fei continuously took deep breathe as they breathed in the spiritual energy. Their eyes almost pop out of their head in surprise.

This is the first time that they had ever seen a spiritual wheat shining so brightly after being milled into flour.

The intensity of this light is not inferior to that of spiritual food.

“And the smell is so incredible….”


Nie Ji and Ma Fei stared at Luo Xiu in disbelief.

This guy…. Whatever he had just said is true.

“Everything had spiritual energy. The ingredients also have spiritual energy. Therefore, as a chef, you must understand the properties of the ingredients, how to maximise it and use it while retaining the maximum spiritual energy. In this way, the spiritual energy of the ingredients is not lost.

Luo Xiu thought, as he looked at the glittering bits of flour.

Regardless if it is on Earth or in the Country of Fine Cuisines, the basics are the same – it all begins the ingredients.

A good chef could make even the most common and basic food taste good.

For example, even the most simple tofu could be transformed into the finest delicacy in the hands of an expert chef.

“Metal attribute spiritual power may crush the ingredients into a fine powder. But at the same time, it would also destroy the spiritual energy contained within the wheat!”

“This means that the flour that was created in this way had no spiritual energy.”

“But by milling the spiritual wheat slowly and gently, we can maximise the spiritual energy contained within.

This is food science and the secret of the ingredients, and something that most of the people in this world had never learn before.

“Knowledge …. is indeed, power!”

Once again, Luo Xiu felt that the inhabitants of this world do not know how to appreciate the ingredients.

The ingredients were filled with spiritual energy. But when they cooked, at least half of the spiritual energy was lost.

“Therefore, in this world, the chef task is to maximise the spiritual energy of the ingredients. But the chefs here…..” Luo Xiu shook his head at this thought.

Wang Xi had poured all the spiritual wheat into the stone mill. The newly grounded flour was golden and sparkling and looks very beautiful. But at the same time, it is very glaring.

This is the ‘perfect’ flour.

“This…. flour retains all the spiritual energy!”

Wang Xi could not help sighing. All these years, how many wheats had lost its spiritual energy when he tried to cook them?

When he looked at Luo Xiu again, his eyes changed and become respectful. A chef that could retain the spiritual energy of the ingredients is not inferior to a spiritual chef. Maybe, even better than that.

Because the spiritual chef uses the spiritual power to retain the spiritual energy. However, Luo Xiu is but a mere commoner.

What if he were to become a spiritual chef?

Wang Xi’s expression becomes strange. Maybe when that day finally arrive, the entire world of cultivation will be changed by this man?

Right now, whatever he had done had already destroyed the boundaries of ‘common sense’ in this world.

For example, a common chef that could process the spiritual ingredients and retain the spiritual energy. Or creating the thing called salt, sugar and MSG. Or working the [Fire Spiritual Egg] and made it into a dough that possesses spiritual energy.

Just one of these is enough to surprise Wang Xi.

“All right, divine chef Wang will be able to eat the food that this ingredient is used to cooked.”

Luo Xu smiled, and placed the shiny, golden flour on the counter.

The counter is silent as usual.

Everyone just looked on in awe. This strange man had already won their admiration and respect by virtue of what he had displayed just now.

But Luo Xiu did not pay them any attention.

He broke apart another [Fire Spirit egg] and began to knead the dough.

This time, his felt that it is much harder to knead. The dough seemed to be resistant to his attempts at kneading them. It seemed that it is not so easy to work with spiritual ingredients.

But at the next moment, Luo Xiu suddenly feel a strange heat arising from his chest as the fire inside his body suddenly sprang to life. It flowed along the meridians of his body and the fire spread to his hands.

Luo Xiu’s hand seemed to become a bright, burning sun

Countless rays of golden light burst out from the dough….. stupefying the onlookers.

Even Nie Ji and Ma Fei dare not to look down on Luo Xiu. This chef… he could form spiritual energy. This is one step away from making spiritual food. This is something to be respected.

For in the country of Fine Cuisine, spiritual chefs reign supreme.

And the only thing that people respect more than spiritual chefs is the spiritual food.

After all, the only criteria for judging the standard of a chef is the dish that the chef cooks.

With his actions an knowledge of the ingredients, Luo Xiu had proven that he is worthy of respect.

“Sigh, this is not acceptable… Look like, I have to use this!”

Luo Xiu kneaded the dough for a while, and felt very unsatisfied.

For a chef of his level, he demands perfection in each and every step. To accept sub-par performance in any part of the process could affect the taste of the food.

“What happened?” Wang Xi asked. The ball of golden dough was filled with spiritual energy.

Is it ready?”

“Not satisfied!”

Luo Xiu replied. Nie Ji and Ma Fei were at a loss for words.

This … is still not satisfied?

The ingredient was filled with spiritual energy, and he was still not satisfied.

Wang Xi advise, “This colour, should be enough to make a spiritual dish!”

Luo Xiu shook his head, “You do not understand…. When chefs are cooking, they have something like a sixth sense!”

“They could feel that the dish they cook will be tasty or not!”

“Sixth sense?”

Wang Xi was surprised. How come he did not feel this when he is cooking?

At this time, Luo Xiu suddenly entered the kitchen and took out a long stick. This stick is about 3 feet in length and black in colour, and looks like a stick on clutches.

Seeing this strange object, everyone was curious.

“What… is this?”

Everyone was thinking.

For some strange reason, they feel that they could not understand Luo Xiu. He feels weirder and weirder with each passing day.


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