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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 047

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 47 – Bai Luo Family


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Flour is often used in Chinese cuisines.

Noodles are one of the items that could be created with flour. By no means, it is the only thing that flour could be used to create.

There are over 10,000 products that could be created with flour, and in Chinese cuisines, there are at least 1,000 products that could be created with flour. Luo Xiu had a few hundred recipes that could use flour as the base ingredient.

Luo Xiu was born into the Bai Luo family on earth. Bai Luo family are experts in noodles.

But today, the thing that he wanted to create is the steam buns!

In addition to the mastery of noodles, the Bai Luo clan are experts in the cooking of flour products as well.

All the people from the Bai Luo clan are surnamed Luo.

And the words Bai (white) refer to the flour that they used to make their noodles.

Therefore, Luo Xiu also had a good mastery of making steamed buns.

Even without a sense of taste or smell, he could make the steam buns without much effort. For the method of cooking steam buns have been ingrained into his body since young.

He had cooked a countless number of steam buns since young.

Unlike other families that focus on the recipes and experiment with cooking, the Bai Luo family only believes in practice, practice and even more practice to achieve perfection. There is no such thing called “Here is the recipe. The rest is up to you.” In the Bai Luo family, there are only countless hours of guidance for each step of the recipe, until everything is perfect.

With countless practice, even without the ability to smell or taste, he is confident that the steamed buns he made are absolutely delicious.

Unknown to Luo Xiu, the recipe for the steam bun that was handed down to him was not inferior to that of the dragon beard noodles. To him, it is just steamed buns – something that he had practised making 10,000s of until his teachers deemed that he had achieved perfection in.


Standing in front of the counter, Luo Xiu washed his hands repeatedly. Then he put on the chef uniform and apron. This is something that he had asked Ye Weiling to specially order it for him.

These strange quirks of Luo Xiu made everyone puzzled – especially Wang Xi.

This kid – he is just making a flour product. Why does he need to wear a specially made clothes to cook it?

But the uniform had a logo embroidered on it. The logo immediately attracted Wang Xi’s attention. How come this logo resembles the mysterious heavenly spiritual beast – a dragon?

And in the dragon logo, there are also two weird symbols.

Unknown to Wang Xi, this is the Chinese language of Earth and it reads ‘Bai Luo’.

This uniform that Luo Xiu had specially ordered is the chef uniform for the Bai Luo family on earth. All the members of the Bai Luo clan who learned the recipe had sworn to wear a chef uniform with the Bai Luo logo on it when they cook flour products.

Even though Luo Xiu had transmigrated, he still considered himself a member of the Bai Luo clan and wears the uniform with pride. Old habits die hard. Plus, wearing this familiar uniform gives him a small measure of comfort.

Once he puts on the uniform, he looks as if he had become a totally different person.

The clean and white uniform make him looks… a bit more mature and trustworthy.

When combined with his confidence cooking skills, Luo Xiu resembles a top grade chef.

Luo Xiu may be young and handsome, but his aura is not weak.

He seemed to have an air of maturity and stability that most people his age lacks.

The chef’s temperament reflected in him most vividly.

No matter who he is, he will not ignore the existence of a person with this aura. Just by standing there, he instantly becomes the focus of everyone’s attention. No one doubt that he is the head chef or that the counter belongs to him.

The aura is no ordinary, and somehow, made everyone unknowingly respected him.

As soon as Luo Xiu stepped up on the counter, it had become his battlegrounds. The place he controls.

He is the one who will decide and control everything!

This is the aura of a head chef.

Wang Xi’s expression also changed. To be frank, this is the first time that he had seen a commoner with this aura.

It was as if Luo Xiu had become a part of the kitchen.

This young man had constantly surprised and delighted him, and Wang Xi could not make heads or tails of this lad.

Even though Luo Xiu had transmigrated, he still retains his commanding presence in the kitchen. Even in the body of a teenager.

The past flashes before Luo Xiu’s eyes.

On Earth, he is a top-ranked chef. Having once done it before, he naturally can do it again, and raise to the top of the culinary world in this world.

The Wang Xi in front of him is just like a judge from the Michelin organisation. He would determine if Luo Xiu could become elite.

If he succeeds in impressing Wang Xi, his future will be bright.

Therefore, Luo Xiu will not gamble on these dishes. Today, he will give it his all, and make the best steamed-buns.

“Chef Luo seems to be different somehow.”

“That’s right. He looked very serious. For some strange reason, I am having a good vibe. This means that the food he cooks…..”

“Of course”

Everyone whispered to one another. Ever since Luo Xiu stood in front of the counter, their eyes had never left him.

This young lad effortlessly attracted everyone’s attention by virtue of his presence alone.

Ye Weiling’s eyes were shining as she looks at her brother. At this moment, she felt as her brother was a knight in a shiny armour, and super handsome and suave.

Everyone watches on, afraid to miss a what Lou Xiu was doing.

Luo Xiu cleared all the stuff on the counter, then he placed the bucket of freshly milled flour on it.


Then he poured some flour from the bucket onto the counter. He took some salt and sprinkled it over the flour. Then he stopped, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath.


Luo Xiu closed his eyes and breathe out.

Within the dining hall, all was quiet as they watch on.

They were filled with anticipation regarding what Luo Xiu will do next.


Luo Xiu told himself, and his eyes suddenly opened. His eyes were filled with confidence as he proceeded.


His hands quickly draw a circle in the middle of the lump of flour.

Then he added the [Fire Spiritual Egg] and some mountain spring water.


When Luo Xiu took out the [Fire Spiritual Egg], Wang Xi frowned. He was sure that the egg is a spiritual ingredient.

But…. How could a commoner use a spiritual ingredient and pair it with a common ingredient?

By logic, you should pair a spiritual ingredient with another spiritual ingredient. Only in this way could the spiritual energy in the ingredients be maximised! And furthermore, spiritual ingredients must be controlled with spiritual energy.

This is why only spiritual chefs could create spiritual food – because the spiritual chef had a large amount of spiritual energy. They also have the fire and light attributes – these are required to retain the spiritual energy in the spiritual ingredients.

Commoners could not activate the spiritual energy contained within the ingredient.

“Don’t tell me that this kid is attempting to create a spiritual dish?”

Nie Ji was stunned, “Although his cooking skills are not bad, but….. but…. It is not so easy to create a spiritual dish.”

“Yeah…. Even our Lord seemed to be displeased with his actions!”

Ma Fei glanced at Wang Xi.

Wang Xi was frowning. He wanted to stop Luo Xiu and inform Luo Xiu about spiritual chefs and spiritual dishes.

At this time, a banging sound interrupted Wang Xi’s thought, and he looked at Luo Xiu’s hands…..


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