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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 046

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 46 – There are More Than One Type of Floured Products


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“MSG! This is MSG that helps to bring out the flavour of the food!” Luo Xiu did not care about the aura, and was calm as he replied to Wang Xi.

Wang Xi immediately tried the salt and then the sugar.

Then he shook with excitement.

These 3 types of ingredients had opened a new door for Wang Xi.

“This is the purest taste. Sweet, Fresh and Salty!”

Wang Xi muttered to himself.

Luo Xiu continued, “If you add these ingredients to the dish, what would happen?”

“Combine and infusion!” Wang Xi raised his head in amazement. He was awe-struck at the possibilities that these things would mean. He could cook dishes that are even tastier than before.

Wang Xi rises his head.

Luo Xiu just smiled, and walked over towards the stone mill, and begins to mill some flour.

That’s right, the wheat that Luo Xiu had taken out is used to mill into flour.

“This youth is not bad!”

Wang Xi informed Ma Fei and Nie Ji. The two aides to the divine chef could not understand why their lord had this reaction. He was even more surprised than when he had eaten a spiritual dish.

“Come, let’s try Chef Luo’s soya milk!”

At this time, Wang Xi suddenly snapped back to reality. He had not yet drunk the soya milk.

Ye Weiling added some [Insect Nectar] to the soya milk. The tempting aroma of the soya milk immediately whiffed into their nostril. It is a very comforting smell.

“This is interesting!”

Nie Ji is often expressionless, but upon smiling this aroma, he grinned.

Ma Fei took a small sip. Then he closed his eyes as he enjoyed the taste. In a short while, his face was smiling as well.

“This is really not bad! This is the first time that I met a chef that could make my son praise his cooking skills!”

Wang Xi drank a mouthful, and his face flushed with pink colour.

Wang Xi recalled how excited his son was yesterday. It was as if Wang Zhe had discovered something exciting. As the son of a divine chef, he had eaten all kinds of food.

The spiritual dishes made by various clans’ spiritual chef. Food from across the seas. Food from other divine chefs. Wang Zhe had eaten all these dishes before.

But this time, Wang Zhe’s expression was filled with delight. It is not like the expression he had when he tried the food that spiritual chefs made.

Salt, Dragon Beard Noodles…. All these new dishes were excitedly shared to him by his son. Hearing these marvel, Wang Xi was also curious and decided to take a look for himself.

Therefore, he comes here early in the morning, just to see the skills of the teenage chef that his son had praised.

“It is refreshing in taste, and have the texture of the beast’s milk – but without the smell of the beasts. The aroma is so thick and refreshing that it makes one forget that they were just drinking the juice.”

“Such a common ingredient this [Golden Bean] is, yet it could produce such an amazing juice!”

“I, Wang Xi, had lived for over 40 years. This is the first time I know that …. Ordinary food could taste this good!”

Wang Xi shook his head, then he laughed out loud in delight.

The laughter is genuine and comes from the heart. With this laughter, he feels energised.

Then of all of a sudden, lights begin emitting from his body.

Wang Xi was surprised, “This juice is filled with spiritual energy! It absorbed the spiritual energy of the earth and sun, and these energies were released in the juice. This …. This is the because of the thing called a milling machine?”

Wang Xi was very curious about the stone mill.

Luo Xiu continuous to grind the yellow jade wheat, and pushed the mill. The mill continued to churn out the pleasant smelling flour. The flour was golden iin colour and dropped from the milling machine into a clean bucket.

“Nie Ji, help Chef Luo!” Wang Xi suddenly commanded.

Nie Ji was surprised. His lord wants him to help to push that … thing?

Luo Xiu shook his head,  “No, he cannot do it!”

Nie Ji thought Luo Xiu was looking down on him and flared up again, “What did you say? Just one finger of mine is enough to move it!”

Saying this, he was about to go forward to push it.

“This is not about you being able to push it. It is about you lacking the knowledge about how to push it. For example, you cannot push too fast, neither can you push too slowly. If you had pushed too fast, the flour will have impurities. If you are too slow, the flour is uneven…..”

As soon as he said this, Nie Ji stopped in his tracks: “This thing so complicated?”


Ma Fei laughed out loud, “Nie Ji, you are a metal attribute spiritual chef, and you were taught a lesson by a teenager!”

“Oh, you want to try?” Nie Ji stretched out his hand, as if inviting Ma Fei to have a go.

Ma Fei was stunned, “No, thanks. I also do not know anything about this strange device.”

Actually, Luo Xiu did not lie.

The stone milling machine requires the user to pay attention to low-speed grinding and adopts low-temperature processing so as not to destroy the nutrients in the wheat. Therefore, the stone-milled flour is also known as the most expensive and purest flour.

Unlike other machine milled flour, the flour that was stone-milled retains all kinds of nutrients such as protein, gluten, carotene and so on. This is especially true for the carotene and vitamin E, which is 18 times that of other flours…  By using its low-speed grinding characteristics, the molecular structure of the flour is maintained without any additives.

When cooking noodles, the soup of stone-washed flour will appear pale yellow, while other flours containing additives will be white.

It is the authentic taste of this kind of stone-milled flour that makes the taste of pasta become extremely flexible, and the nutritional value is higher……

Plus, because the stone grinding teeth run at a uniform and slow speed, it can also let the flour have contact with the surrounding air. Under certain chemical reactions with the air, flour looks smoother and shinier.

Suddenly, at this moment, Luo Xiu picked up his pace.

The flour that he had milled using a slow speed was set aside, and another bucket was used to hold the flour that is milled at a faster speed.

“This…. why did you increase the speed?”

Nie Ji was curious. So were a large number of customers in the shop.

“To create a different type of flour.

Flour can be divided into low-gluten flour, medium-gluten flour and high-gluten flour.

The low-gluten flour has low protein content and is used to make cakes that require a delicate taste;

The medium-gluten flour can make noodles, steamed buns and buns.

The high-gluten flour had high protein content. Therefore, it feels rough to the touch. But it is the best material for making Western food such as bread, biscuits, etc.

Right now, Luo Xiu is making medium-gluten flour. The stone mill may be faster than before, but is still quite slow, so as not to break the nutrients contained within.

After a while, Luo Xiu kept the medium-gluten flour, and added another bucket, then he turned around and told Nie Ji, “All right, for the last type of flour, I will leave it to you. Just mill it at your highest possible speed.

Nie Ji was surprised, but still, he pushed the stone mill. Everyone was astonished.

How could Luo Xiu ask a Xiuzhen Practicer to help to mill the flour?

This Chef Luo is insane!

The flour that Nie Ji milled is the high-gluten type of flour.

“Today I will make 3 kinds of dishes, using these 3 kinds of flour!”

Luo Xiu informed Wang Xi.

Wang Xi glanced at the flour in the 3 buckets, and examined them, “Even the flours in the buckets are different?”

Wang Xi had seen flour before. This is created by the Noodles Spiritual Chef.

Today, he is the leader of the Noodles sect. The Noodles sect specialised in making noodles. And this Noodles Spiritual Chef is the face of the Noodles sect.

“Of course, didn’t I promised you that I would make 3 different types of dishes?”

Luo Xiu smiled, and lifted up his sleeves, “All right, I will be making the noodles now!”

“Hold it!”

“Yesterday you have said that you will create 3 different types of dishes?”

Wang Xi pointed at the sign [Dragon Beard Noodles] on the menu from yesterday. “If it is just noodles, it is nothing new.”

“Of course not!”

Luo Xiu smiled with pride, “Who tells you that flour could only be used to make noodles?”

Luo Xiu could think of at least 100 recipes that use flour to cook.

But this time, the 3 dishes that he had chosen is a bit special!


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