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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 045

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 45 – MSG and Sugar


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“How dare you!”

Someone suddenly appeared in front of Luo Xiu. The raw naked power of his spiritual energy made all the customers turned pale.

When they finally saw the person who was, everyone gasped in fear,

For this is none other than Nie Ji, one of the 5 aides of Wang Xi, and a Metal attribute spiritual chef.

“Do you know how much this Spiritual Light Leaf is worth?”

Nie Ji hawkish eyes were transfixed on Luo Xiu, and the spiritual energy he unleashed was overwhelming as he shouted in anger, “It is enough to purchase the entire Nine Gates Restaurant!”

“Spirit Light Leaf is not just about exchanging for a spiritual dish. It is because most ordinary people never had the chance to eat a spiritual dish in their lifetime!”

Another man clad in green robes flew towards Wang Xi. In the span of an eye, he appeared beside Wang Xi.

This is another aide of Wang Xi, Ma Fei. Ma Fei is a kitchen Xiuzhen practicer with a Wind attribute.

Those with a wind attribute are experts in controlling fire. This is because fire needs air to burn. By controlling the amount of air, they could make the flames hotter or cooler.

In this way, they could help to decrease the amount of time needed to cook, and are essential aides for most Spiritual Chefs.

There was a stunned silence as the appearances of the two men cowed the crowd with their cultivation auras.

But Luo Xiu just looked at the two men and laughed, “What does this have to do with my requesting 1 low-grade spiritual stone?”

“The 1 low-grade spiritual stone is for the soya milk. Everyone had paid. Don’t tell me that the divine chef will not pay for his meal?”

Luo Xiu’s words stunned Nie Ji and Ma Fei.

Wang Xi smiled and shook his head, “You are right. It is normal for people to pay when they eat.”


Ma Fei and Nie Ji could not believe their ears when they heard divine chef Wang Xi.

Since when did divine chef Wang Xi become so polite to a commoner?

This is too polite! For a man of his status, he need not do this!

The guests were in awe of Luo Xiu. This is one man who could converse normally in front of Divine Chef Wang Xi and the two Xiuzhen practicers aides of his, despite their overbearing cultivation auras.

“I apologise, I was in a hurry when I go out, and did not bring any low-grade spiritual stones. How about this, I will use this high-grade spiritual stone to purchase this bowl of soya milk, and 3 more dishes!”

Wang Xi smiled, “I heard that you had a bet with Wang Zhe?”

“He asked me to replace him!”

Saying this, Wang Xi waved his hand, and a high-grade spiritual stone appears. It is unknown how he conjured this spiritual stone from thin air.

The high-grade spiritual stone was gleaming with light.

Wang Xi placed it in front of Luo Xiu, “I want to see what dish you could create today. I have heard about the dragon beard noodles and stir-fry potato rosti!”

“As well, I have eaten the take home French fries!”

Wang Xi looks at Luo Xiu and he looked very pleased.

Ye Weiling’s gaze was transfixed on the higher-grade spiritual stone, and she gasped.

“Money really makes the world goes round!”

Luo Xiu may have thought like this, but he did not reveal his thoughts and nodded his head, “No problems. Please wait a moment. If you are hungry, please drink some soya milk to warm your stomach!”


Wang Xi was puzzled.

Luo Xiu immediately discovered that he had made a mistake.

This world may speak the same language as earth, but the locals had a different vocabulary and a lot of things that he takes for granted are not common knowledge in this world. For example, if he says ‘Chicken’ the locals will be puzzled. They call it [Ban Zi] over here. This is the same with the word [Stomach]. They probably had another term for it.

Also, there are a lot of things that the local deem as common knowledge, but he does not know.

He pointed at his tummy and rubbed it, “This thing.”

Wang Xi said,  “All right….. if you could make me happy with the dishes you made, then tomorrow, I will bring 10 spiritual chefs over.”

Luo Xiu stopped moving.

10 spiritual chefs?

Everybody sucked in a deep breathe. Even the Zhao Tianzong was stunned when he heard these words.

10 Spiritual Chefs?

Would spiritual chefs come to a restaurant to eat? Didn’t they just eat the spiritual food?

“This couldn’t be?”

Zhao Tianzong could not believe his ears! He thought that he must have heard wrongly.

“Then… I have to thank you in advance!”

Saying this, Luo Xiu immediately entered the dining area.

“What a confident kid!”

Wang Xi narrowed his eyes, and he could hear the hidden meaning in Luo Xiu’s words. This means that Luo Xiu is very confident that he could make Wang Xi happy with the food that he cooked.

Zhao Tianzong finally comes to his senses – he did not hear wrongly. Wang Xi will bring 10 spiritual chefs to dine here.

“Oh my god! Li Deyong that idiot! Who had he offended?”

Zhao Tianzong was dumbfounded. He intends to wash his hands of this matter.

Spiritual Chefs are people that he dared not offend. If they were intending to dine here and he ruined their plans…. Zhao Tianzong shivered at the thought.

“Luckily I had not done anything to him yet!”

Zhao Tianzong could not help feeling happy. At least, he and Chef Luo are not enemies. He does not want to be involved in this revenge for Li Deyong. At least, not personally.

“Weiling, help out!”

Luo Xiu walked out from the hidden food store. He hollered for Ye Weiling to help out. In his hand is “Golden wheat”. And a lump of someone white.

In cooking, seasonings are essential.

The [Insect Nectar] that tastes like honey and could be used to replace sugar. The salt that he had created. And the seasoning that he had taken out. 3 of the most basic seasonings had been completed.

The seasoning that Luo Xiu took out is something that he had created using seaweed and bacteria.

It took Luo Xiu a longer time to create this seasoning than the time he took to create salt.

On earth, this seasoning was invented by accident.

In 1907, Professor Kikunae Ikeda of the Tokyo Imperial University in Japan discovered that when the seaweed soup evaporates, it will leave behind a brown crystal, which is glutamic acid [1]. It is more often known as MSG, or monosodium glutamate.

It is tasteless on its own, but enhances the flavour of the food it is added to.

The main ingredient of MSG is the crystallization of sodium glutamate.

This original monosodium glutamate, in fact, is the purest fresh food. It has no side effects to the body. It is naturally extracted from seaweed and other sea plants.

Luo Xiu had asked Ye Weiling to purchase seaweed and wild fungus to create this MSG.

These two ingredients are very rich in MSG.

Perhaps it is because of the special nature of the food from the Country of Fine Cuisine, but the extraction of monosodium glutamate has become quite simple. The sodium glutamate of the seaweed and wild fungus is richer than that what Luo Xiu had imagined. The MSG is much more quickly and easily extracted than he had anticipated.

“Oh? Is this the legendary salt?”

Wang Xi saw the big bowl of the white crystals and asked.

Luo Xiu shook his head. “These are the crystals that I have extracted from the [Insect Nectar]. I named it sugar. And this is something I invented as well, I call it MSG. This is the salt that you have heard about.”

Luo Xiu grinned, “Chef Wang, do you want to taste them? These kinds of stuff are beneficial for you, especially when you cook.”


Wang Xi could not help being surprised. “These… you invented all these?”

“Try it!”

Luo Xiu took a bit of each ingredient and place it in front of Wang Xi.

Wang Xi’s two aides Nie Ji and Ma Fei looked at the bowl of 3 different ingredients with suspicion. These 3 dishes look alike – but when you look very closely, you could see that the size of the crystals in each bowl is different. These are indeed 3 different products.

“Lord, I heard that Li Yuan from Inkfusion Restaurant passed away after eating the salt!”

Wang Xi replied, “It is all right, I believe what Chef Luo had said. Li Yuan was asking for it when he tried refining the salt without having any knowledge of how to remove the poison. Cooking is an art and requires talent!”

“Even if you have the world’s best ingredients, it may sometimes result in an inferior product!”

Wang Xi did not think much of this matter. After all, Manager Chen had eaten the salt, his son had eaten the salt and he had also eaten the salt (in the French fries) yesterday. There is no adverse effect.

He walked towards Luo Xiu, and used his finger to get a pinch of MSG. Then his face immediately froze, “This…..”

The taste of extreme freshness shook him to the core.

“Just now, what did you call this product?”

Wang Xi suddenly seemed to explode with spiritual energy as his overbearing spiritual aura locked on to Luo Xiu. His spiritual energy and aura is much stronger than his two aides.


[1] Quite true. Although Glutamic Acid was discovered and identified in 1866 by the German chemist Karl Heinrich Ritthausen, Professor Ikeda is the one who managed to extract and use it for cooking purpose in 1907-1908.  See

Karl Heinrich Ritthausen

Notes from Gumihou:

While it’s true that a Japanese professor isolated MSG from seaweed broth, and that MSG naturally occurs within mushroom and cheese. MSG is usually made from cane sugar, also crystallized ajimoto goes through fermentation and a lot of filtration. Even if seaweed could really be made into MSG, which would probably yield very little crystal powder and made no sense for a chef to make it (he mentioned making it in his previous world) he would have lacked the tools to make it.

Below is a youtube video of how MSG is made, which made this chapter hilarious.

[2] Thank you for choosing to read this chapter at prosperous food translations.


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