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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 044 Part 2

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 44 (Part 2) – Arrival of a Divine Chef


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Secondly, he could not believe it – how could the [Golden Bean Juice] be without poison?

“Clap! Clap! Clap!”

At this moment, from the other side of the alley, the sounds of claps rang out.

“Last night, my son told me about Chef Luo from the Nine Gates Restaurant, and how amazing his cooking skills were. I did not believe him. But now, I believe!”

A sophisticated, full-bodied middle-age man wearing a long robe smiled as he made his way towards Nine Gates Restaurant.

Suddenly, the restaurant’s guests go wide with amazement and enthusiasm.

“Divine chef!”

“Oh, the divine chef is here!”

“Divine chef Wang, good morning!”

Everyone made way for this man, and looked at this middle age man with a mixture of awe and respect. Ali was astounded at this sudden change and just stood at one side of the restaurant as he looks on in amazement.

What is happening here?

How come divine chef Wang comes to Nine Gates Restaurant so early in the morning?

He looked out of the restaurant into the street, and saw his Shifu, Zhao Tianzong.

Even Zhao Tianzong was alarmed by the arrival of this super VIP.

Wang Xi, the only divine chef within Snow Moon City

Within Snow Moon City, he is the undisputed most powerful man. This is because he controls the life and death of commoners. The food that he cooks can heal.

He possesses a rare light attribute spiritual energy that could be used to heal.

“Oh? Divine Chef?”

Luo Xiu could not help lifting his head as he glanced at the man in curiosity.

Wang Xi looks very young, and his face is a bit red. His eyes are clear and sharp, indicating a high level of intelligence. It is as if he could see through all intrigues and schemes with his hawk-like eyes.

“May I …. have a bowl?”

Wang Xi pointed at the freshly cooked soya milk. Luo Xiu did not seem to have heard him. Instead, he immediately asked, “Where is Wang Zhe?”


Wang Xi was surprised. He had not expected that Luo Xiu would question him instead.

The customers in the restaurant also widened their eyes in surprise. How dare Luo Xiu speak in such a causal manner to the divine chef?

“He is cultivating at home. Yesterday, after eating the dragon beard noodles you cooked, he had broken through to the spiritual level. Today, I am here to thank you.”

Wang Xi took out a jade that was shinning with light.

“Spiritual Light Leaf!”

Those who saw the jade immediately grasped in surprise.

“What ?”

As soon as Ali heard this news, his mind goes blank?

Wang Zhe broke through to the spiritual level after eating this kid’s dish?

How could this be? It is impossible! There is no dish that could create such an amazing effect!

Ali’s gaze was transfixed on Luo Xiu. And the guests in the restaurant were all astonished by this news.

To be able to have the divine chef come over to dine in the restaurant…. Only Luo Xiu could do this?

As well, he even gifted Luo Xiu a Spiritual Light Leaf?

A [Spiritual Light Leaf] is one of the most valuable symbols in this world. It can be used to exchange for a dish that a [Spiritual Chef] or [Divine Chef] cook.

Luo Xiu did not accept it. Instead, he shrugged his shoulders, “Breakthrough, I am afraid that that is not because of me!”

“There are so many customers that had dined here and eaten my dragon beard noodles. How come they did not break through as well?”

“If my dragon beard noodles were as good as you said, everyone should also break through their current levels.”

“You are wrong!”

Wang Xi explained to the customers, “Spiritual energy could only be absorbed by those with spiritual energy. If they do not have spiritual energy, the energy will be used to strengthen the body, but most of the energy will be dissipated and lost!”

“Oh, it is like this!”

Luo Xiu finally understood, and immediately add some [Insect Nectar] to the bowl of Soya Milk, and handed it over to Wang Xi, “Although you are the divine chef, a bowl of soya milk is 1 low-grade spiritual stone!”


All the customers reeled in shock. This guy… Does he want to charge for the soya bean?

From the divine chef?


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