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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 044 Part 1

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 44 (Part 1) – Arrival of a Divine Chef


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All the customers in the restaurant was surprised by Luo Xiu’s reaction.

When they have regained their wits, Luo Xiu had already drunk the bowl of soya milk.

“The Golden Bean Juice is indeed poisonous. Especially for the uncooked Golden Bean juice. If it is drunk raw, it may cause nauseous, vomiting, diarrhoea, and in very serious cases, it could lead to death.

Luo Xiu looked at Ali and smiled, “Chef Ali, am I right?”


Ali was surprised at Luo Xiu’s actions. It is not what he had expected. But he immediately nodded his head, “That’s right! This is indeed the case!”

“Just because you drank it, does not mean that the soya bean juice does not contain poison!”

Ali insisted.

“En, frankly, you have a point!”

Luo Xiu took out one more bowl of soya bean milk and passed it to Ye Weiling, “Weiling, you have always wanted to try? Drink it!”


Ye Weiling trusted her brother.

She took the bowl of soya bean milk, and was about to drink it, when the thick aroma of the soya bean engulfed her.

“Oh, it smells really good! Such a sweet smelling dish could not possibility contains poison!”

Ye Weiling smiled. Her smile was very reassuring.


She drank a big mouthful, then her eyes widened in surprise, “Oh my god! This soya bean curd juice is really tasty!”

Just one mouthful and Ye Weiling feels that the cells in her body were trembling with excitement.

Her mouth was filled a sweet scent – the soya bean drink had a refreshing and tasted slightly sweet, even without adding any [Insect Nectar]. This most exciting thing is the refreshing aftertaste. It is much smoother than that of milk, and easily slide down her throat.

Just one mouthful and her body feel very warm and comfortable. Her mood improved a lot.

“This is too delicious, this is better than [Ni Mao Shou]’s milk  (this world’s cow’s milk)!”

“Golden Bean…. This is really made from Golden Bean Juice?”

Ye Weiling could not help but ask Luo Xiu. She had finished the entire bowl.

Luo Xiu smiled at his sister. She trusted him completely, and he like that, “If you add some [Insect Nectar], it will taste much better!”

“Oh? Then… then I drink one more bowl!”

Ye Weiling seemed to love the taste. The conversation between the two of them does not seem to be staged.

Many guests were tempted.

After all, this smell is really tempting.

The customer swallowed their saliva as they watched Ye Weiling drinking another bowl of the soya milk, this time with some [Insect Nectar] added to it. The taste is even better and sweeter.

She was intoxicated by the great taste.

“All right, I will not beat around the bush… It can be seen that the soya bean milk that I cooked have no poison!”

“Look, both my sister and I had drank it, and we are perfectly fine. She even drank 2 bowls.”

“Your sister is your family!”

Ali gritted his teeth, and immediately interrupted.

He did not expect that in order to do business, Luo Xiu would drink poison.

Ali had never considered that the [Golden Bean]’s juice does not contain poison.

“Everyone, please do not buy it! This golden bean juice is really poisonous. These two siblings have ganged up together to cheat you!” Ali attempted to get the crowd on his side again.

One of the customers could not stand this anymore, “Chef Ali, you said that the Golden Bean juice had poison, and we believed you. But why would Chef Luo want to poison everyone? Making poisonous Golden Bean Juice and selling it to us is the surest way to close down the restaurant!”

“That’s right! No one is that stupid!”

A few customers had already taken sides. Two of them immediately took out low-graded spiritual stones and walked towards Luo Xiu, “Chef Luo, give me a bowl. Even if it had poison, I will accept the risk!”

“That’s right! We believe you! There is no poison!”

“Such a tempting aroma, how could it contains poison?”

Many customers also joined in. Luo Xiu filled a few bowls and passed it to them.

The few customers immediately stand here and drink it. The soya bean milk entered the throat and goes into their stomach. At the same time, their eyes widened in surprise.

The thick aroma immediately enveloped their body, and they feel very comfortable. It was as if all their fatigue from working in the morning were being drained.

“It’s… it is tasty!”

“Really very delicious!”

The guest could not believe it. Just a bowl of the golden bean curd could have such an amazing effect.

Their body was feeling very comfortable.

This is not a feeling of drinking poison. It should be beneficial to the body!

“Spiritual Energy…. What kind of Golden Bean is this? It contains spiritual energy!”

One of the customers took out a low-grade spiritual stone and placed it on top of the soya bean milk. The spiritual lit up instantly, and judging from the brightness of the light, it is almost a [Delicious Food].

“Humph, what poison?”

“Are you crazy? Dishes that contain poison will not be filled with spiritual energy!”

The customer sneered at Ali, and patted his tummy, “I feel very good! No harmful effects! “

“Me too, Chef Luo, one more bowl!”

“I also want!”

Those that drank the soya bean immediately demanded to drink another bowl. In a short moment, all the customers in the restaurant immediately begin queuing up again.

Ali was stunned at this change in the customers’ behaviour. Just a moment ago, he had successfully convinced everyone. How did things become like this?

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