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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 043

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 43 – Ignorance is Really Scary


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While Luo Xiu was milling the soya beans, Inkfusion restaurant’s great chef Zhao Tiancong was standing at the street and watching Luo Xiu from outside the restaurant.

There are numerous customers watching the process as well.

Even the best restaurant, Inkfusion restaurant, does not have so many customers.

When Zhao Tiancong saw that Luo Xiu took out the Golden Beans, he suddenly laughed out loud. The fat on his face vibrated up and down as he laughed, “This is just a rookie. Li Deyong is such an idiot. He could not even handle a kid like this?”

Everyone knows that this Golden Bean could only be used to make soup or fried. As for the juice….?

“The juice is poisonous!”

Zhao Tiancong just sneered, “There is no need for me to take any action. This kid has just sealed his own doom!”

“He could use any other ingredients, why did he choose to make …. Golden Beans Juice?”

Zhao Tianzong’s eyes flashed with happiness, then informed his disciple, “Ali, go to the shop and informed the customers… let this kid understand where he failed.”

“Yes, Shifu!”

The disciple named Ali snickered, and immediately made a beeline towards the Nine Gates Restaurant.


Luo Xiu was cooking the soya bean juice.

The juice of the soya bean juice is a milky white in colour, and filled a large pail. The pail continuously whiffed out a very delectable smell.

“Brother, can we heat it up now?”

Ye Weiling is very curious and thinks the world of her brother. This milky white soya bean juice looked so good.

Many customers also do not want to wait. The mouth-watering smell is simply too tempting.

But Luo Xiu shook his head, “We cannot just place this soya bean juice in a pot and cook it. This will make the pot very sticky, black and unusable in future.”

Saying this, Luo Xiu placed a layer of clear water into the pot”

“Make the pot sticky, black and unusable?”

This is the first time that anyone had heard of a dish that would destroy a pot. This chef Luo, what is inside this brain of his?

How did he know so much?

Looking at the look of curiosity that everyone was giving me, Luo Xiu explained, “Before you heat up the soya bean juice, you must first add some water to the boil, because this will increase the … Sorry, I mean, if you add the water that is heavier than the soya bean juice, the soya bean juice will float on the water. In this way, the soya bean juice will not touch the bottom of the pot, and hence will not destroy the pot….”

Luo Xiu almost goes on a scientific explanation of the soya bean juice density, but stopped himself, and changed his words instead and gives a much simpler explanation.

But the customers still could not understand this. How come the water is heavier than the soya bean juice?

This does not make senses!

“Sigh, ignorance is really scary!”

Luo Xiu shook his head. It is so hard to communicate with this group of people who have no understanding of chemistry 101. He did not bother to explain. Instead, he turned on the fire in the stove and begins to boil the mixture.

In a short while, the aroma of the soya bean juice thicken in intensity, and the mouth-watering smell becomes acuter. All the guests in the restaurant gulped.

This is the first time they know that the Golden Bean juice was so nice smelling.

“It must be delicious!”

“Oh, it is so aromatic! Why is it that when we cooked the Golden Bean, it does not smell this good?”

“Oh yes! Chef Luo is a rare talent in cooking. Just a whiff of this tempting aroma and I am hooked.”

The customers continued to watch on and chat with one another at the same time.

Luo Xiu continuously stirred the pot. Within the pot, the soya bean juice bubbled.

“Oh, is it ready?”

Ye Weiling as intoxicated just from the smell.

“It is not ready!”

Luo Xiu does not want to explain anymore. It is very hard to explain food science to someone who does not comprehend it.

These bubbles are just a ‘fake’ show.

When the soya bean juice is heated to 80℃~90℃ (176-194 F), there will be a huge number of bubbles. A lot of people thought that the soya bean juice had reached boiling point. But this is a fake show. At this temperature, it is not possible to break down the saponins substance found in soybeans [1].

If it is eaten at this time, the taste will be the soya bean juice saponins.

Too much of these saponins are actually harmful to the body.

Therefore, it is essential that the soya bean juice is boiled several times so as to break down the saponins.

Luo Xiu turned down the fire. The soya bean juice mixture again returned to a milky white colour, and the bubbling died down. Then Luo Xiu increased the flames again, and the soya bean juice boiled again.

In this way, he boiled and let it cooled down for 3-4 times. Then he turned off the stove.

A bowl of soya bean milk is ready for consumption!

“Oh, it is ready! This… soya bean milk is finally ready!”

Many customers begin to rush towards the counter.

“Get a bowl!”

Luo Xiu just said this, and all the guests immediately picked up a bowl and queue up, while watching the pot of hot soya milk.

It was as if the heavenly scent had captured their soul.

“This is [Insect Nectar]. Please add a bit of this to your soya bean milk. This will make your soya bean milk taste sweeter!”

[Insect Nectar] is this world’s name for honey. But it is much richer in nutrients and much sweeter than the honey on Earth.

The first customer in the queue impatiently said, “Chef Luo, quick, give me a bowl. I am already drooling!”

uo Xiu used the new spatula with a large spoon at the edge and scoop out a large spoonful of soya milk and placed it into his bowl.

The guest immediately smelled it, and delightfully remarked, “Oh, it really smells heavenly!”

He was about to drink the bowl of soya milk when someone suddenly rushed up, “Brother, do not drink it, this Golden Bean juice has poison!”


The guest as stunned and the bowl of soya milk spilled onto the floor. Everyone was also stunned by this unexpected occurrence.



“Not possible?”

A lot of the customers were frightened by these words.

“Gold Bean juice is known to be poisonous. Even though it is cooked, the poison is still there. If you do not believe me, you can try feeding your Ban Zi chicken!”

This man who stopped the guests from eating is none other than Ali.

All the customers who heard Ali’s words suddenly reacted.

“Er… It seemed like that Golden Bean juice is poisonous!”

“I have heard about this before!”

“Me too!”

The customers suddenly felt a chill down their spine. If not for Ali’s reminder, would they had drunk the bowl of poison?

Everyone looked at Luo Xiu and was able to demand an explanation from him. But Luo Xiu ignored the suspicious look that everyone was giving him and just stared at Ali, “You… you are from Inkfusion restaurant?”


Ali was surprised, but he tried to deflect, “You need not care who I am. Just clarify if this Golden Bean Juice have poison?”

“Your hands have a lot of scars, and your fingers have a lot of corns. You usually need to use the knife a lot. In Snow Moon City, the best business for a restaurant is from Inkfusion restaurant!”

Luo Xiu pointed at Ali’s hands.

Ali’s face turned pale. How could this guy be so observant?

Just one look is enough to guess who I am?

“Chef Ali?”

“Oh, I recognised him! He is a chef at Inkfusion restaurant, and his real name is Jiang Li!”

“The disciple of Inkfusion Restaurant’s Chef Zhao!”

All the customers managed to identify Ali from the clues that Luo Xiu had given them.

Ali did not bother to deny it, and immediately declared, “That’s right, I am Jiang Li from Inkfusion restaurant! So everyone believes me, right?”

“Looks like… there is poison!”

“Jiang Li is also a chef!”

“Chef Luo, is what Chef Jiang Li said true?”

Everyone looked at Luo Xiu. If Luo Xiu could not give them a satisfactory explanation, they will create trouble.

“En, there is indeed a poison in the Golden Bean Juice!”

Everyone face turned white at this declaration.

“Haha, I did not lie to you?”

Ali sneered. He was prepared to lead the crowd and beat up Luo Xiu.

Just before the guest could get rowdy, Luo Xiu picked up a bowl of beancurd, and declared, “But, the Golden Bean Juice that I made had no poison in it!”

Then he finished the bowl in one sitting, “All right, do you still have any doubts or questions?”

Luo Xiu was calm. As if this row had not even fade him.


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[1] For more information regarding saponins, see this site. 

Extra facts from Gumihou:

Soybeans are poisonous eaten raw, this is true. As for the ‘taste like saponin’ remark, saponin actually tasted bitter in unprocessed soybeans

Side effects of eating raw soybean: acute nausea, gas abdominal pain, diarrhea or vomitting, in large amounts could lead to weight loss, failure to thrive or death.

Still, I wouldn’t say it’s poisonous, especially since it’s been cooked.

The Inkfusion chef himself said it’s poisonous unless it’s made into soups. Well, he’d seen Luo Xiu cook the thing before his eyes, just what kind of idiot is this?



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