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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 042

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 42 – Make Hot?


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In the next morning, the customers in Nine Gates restaurant discovered something very strange.

Chef Luo was not making noodles.

Instead, near the door of Nine Gates restaurant is a huge block of stone. This block of stone immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

“Chef Luo, you are not going to cook the dragon beard noodles today?”

“We still want to eat the dragon beard noodles!”

“I did not have enough of it yesterday….”

A countless number of customers immediately informed Luo Xiu, and Luo Xiu just smiled and replied, “Today, we will not be making noodles. We are making some breakfast…. If you want to eat it, you can wait for a while in the restaurant.

“Arh? Breakfast? Dragon Beard noodles is not breakfast?”

Everyone was puzzled. At the same time, they were curious about what Luo Xiu is going to make today.

All of them knew that chef Luo of the Nine Gates Restaurant is a very skilled chef. In the span of just one day, many guests felt that the food in Nine Gates restaurant is much better and cheaper than the food in the Inkfusion restaurant.

“Chef Luo, what are you making with this block of stone?”Butcher Huang could not resist asking.

Today, there seemed to be more customers than yesterday.

Everyone was looking at the huge circular stone with a mixture of puzzlement and curiosity.

It is a huge and heavy machine.

“This is something that I have invented. It is called a milling machine!”

Luo Xiu replied.

“Milling machine?”

“What is this?”

“Chef Luo, why did you invent the milling machine?”

Nobody had heard of a milling machine before, but Luo Xiu knows the value of this thing.

This is one of the treasures of the past era.

Luo Xiu walked in front of the milling machine and touched the mouth of the grinder. He felt a familiar feeling.

This familiar feeling is like seeing a device that exists only on Earth, and made him feel warm and excited.

“Milling machine?What is this?” Last night, Ye Weiling asked her brother this question.

She could tell that her brother seemed to be weird in the head, and have a lot of strange ideas.

Like the specially created Chinese cleaver and the spoon spatula. Nobody in this world use a broad knife like a cleaver and she had to specially ordered one to be made for him. And the spatula that ended in a shape like a curved large spoon.

Very strange! Her brother had become a weirdo!

“This is a good thing!”

Luo Xiu praised. The traditional stone-milling machine is one of the finest things that was invented for the culinary world.

It is a device that can crush rice, wheat, beans and other ingredients into fine powder.

In the beginnings, the milling machines are powered by humans or beasts.

In the ancient times, water mills become popular in China [2] and countries with a lot of rivers. In some other countries, they use wind mills.

This milling machine is a simple device that uses two massive circular stones, one on top of each other.

The mill resembles a two-story building. The joints between the two levels have complex textures. The grains flow down to the middle of the two layers from an upper hole and moves outward along the grain. When it is rolled over and crushed by the grinders hidden under the middle of the two stones, it is grounded to form a powder.

Because the two stones are very heavy, therefore the ingredients are crushed into very fine powder form.

And this custom-made milling machine is quite large and impressive.

This device had survived the challenges from advances in technology and is still used to mill flour, rice and other products today [1].

The traditional milling machine is able to filter out the unwanted residues, something that the new technology milling machines are unable to do [3].

In the past, he used a similar traditional milling machine to grind the wheat into flour.

Ever since he came into the country of Fine Cuisine, Luo Xiu had always wanted a grinding machine of his own.


“Soya bean juice, Tofu, soya bean products, and flour!”

As soon as he thought of all the things that a milling machine could do, he was very excited.

“Let’s try making Soya bean juice!”

Luo Xiu washed his heads, and took out the yellow coloured beans that he washed and soaked in water for 8 hours yesterday. In this world, soya beans are called ‘Golden Bean’ and are much larger than soya beans. Each bean is full in shape and seemed to contain high water content.

The Golden Beans must be soaked in water for at least 8 hours. It should not be soaked for too long, or too short time.

“These beans are so beautiful. They even glean with a golden hue!”

After the [Golden Beans] were soak, under the ray of the morning sun, it seemed to sparkle.

“The protein content in soy beans is estimated to be 10 times higher than that of pork. It is 15 times that of the protein contained in an egg. Soy beans proteins are of excellent quality. The amino acid composition of this protein is similar to that of animal protein. As a result these proteins are easily digested and absorbed by the human body! [4]”

Luo Xiu recap the basic knowledge of proteins in soy beans and pressed a gold bean hard. The white colour juice flowed out of the bean.

This is something that the soy beans on earth could not compare to.

The protein in the general soybean tissue is a colloid. After soaking, the protein colloid absorbs moisture and swells, which is beneficial to the extraction of the protein.

In addition, after soaking the soybeans, the tissue softens and it is also easy to grind.

However, the amount of this protein is absolutely incredible.

Sha La La!

Luo Xiu quickly cleans the huge disc with water, and the new disc is bright and shiny with a deep dark lustre.

“Good stuff… I have some expectations for using it to make Soya bean juice. I wonder what kind of quality will the final product be…”

Luo Xiu’s eyes were shining.

By using the traditional milling machine process, it can ensure that the original juice is rich in condiment and no loss of nutrients in 100%.

The wheels of the milling machine grunted as it turns.

The milling machine made a heavy grinding noise, and the water flowed down and began to deep clean the grinding surface to ensure that there was no trace of impurities.

“This… This Milling machine seems to be alive?” Ye Weiling looked at Luo Xiu using the machine and suddenly yelled.

All the diners were attracted by Luo Xiu’s action… This milling machine can move!

“This… is it ready to grind something?”

“Is it going to grind the Golden Bean?”

“No, I do not think so, the Golden Bean’s juice is very bitter!”

Countless diners whispered and gossiped among themselves.

Luo Xiu was pushing hard at the handle of the machine .

Maybe it is because Luo Xiu had mastered a metal attribute skill or that he had become more powerful, but the milling machine is not very heavy and hard to move.

“But, it would be ideal if I could purchase a [Feng Yu] beast to help me grind anything I want.”

[Feng Yu] is a beast in this world that is similar to that of a horse, except that it is much bigger and stockier than a horse. It is also faster and is one of the few domesticated animals in this world.

Using an animal to grind anything would require less effort on his part.

“Weiling, pour the golden beans into the hole at the top of the milling machine!”

Luo Xiu directed.

Everyone immediately understood, “As expected, he wanted to extract the liquid from the golden beans?”

But, is it drinkable?

Question marks seemed to appear above their head.

Ye Weiling put the soaked Golden Bean from the hole in the Milling machine and stuff it in. At the same time, there was an equal amount of water.

With the grinding of Luo Xiu, the white soya bean juice with a tangy and fragrant fragrance was continuously flowed out of the grinding wheel and taken into a pail at the exit.

The milky coloured soya bean juice exudes a unique smooth texture that is silky and even without any trace of impurities.

This is definitely the perfect soya bean juice!

“Using the milling machine is really the key to producing the perfect Soya bean juice!”

Because the milling machine does not produce high temperatures during the low-speed grinding operation, it retains the original protein of soybeans, so that calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1 and other nutrients are not destroyed. This is especially true for vitamin E – the soybean can have as much as 18 times the vitamin E content as that of flour. As a result, the soya bean juice will be naturally sweet [4].

If modern milling machines are used, no matter how high-tech the machine is, the Soya bean juice that is squeeze out will damage the texture of the soya bean juice.

The soya bean juice seemed to effuse a very sweet smelling aroma that all could smell [6].

“Wow, it smells good… it’s like the fragrance of nature…”

“Golden Bean…can still grind out such a thick white juice?”

“It looks quite exciting?!”

Ye Weiling was just about to take a sip of the juice when Luo Xiu stopped her: “Don’t drink it, it’s not ready yet… It’s just a semi-finished product!”

“If you want to drink it, you must first warm it up!”

Luo Xiu continued to push and grind the golden beans. In a short while, the bucket was filled with soya bean juice.

“What? Warm it up?”

Everyone was surprised at Luo Xiu’s words.

Why must you warm up the juice of the golden bean?



[1] This is Half-true. Today’s milling machines are mostly electrical powered and not human powered. There are also many different varieties of milling machines as well e.g. used to mill coffee beans into coffee powder. Finally, the mills today are smaller and much more compact. It is possible to buy a small, efficient machine that will mill wheat into flour in your home today.

But we still use the mills to grind products into powder form, and we are grinding more products than ever, so in a sense, milling machines had survived from ancient times until now. But they have changed a lot and is affected by technology changes and become a lot more efficient.

[2] The author claimed that watermill was invented in China and was popular among the Chinese. Again this is false, as a quick google search will find out It originates from Greece as early 230 BC. The first use of watermill in China was in 30 AD. I just left out the invented in China part. in Chinainvented in China

[3] False. I guess I was hoping this is a work of fiction that was grounded in reality. But for those of you who have a custom coffee maker, you know that the machine can separate the powder and the husk.

[4] True – There are some facts I did not know until I researched them and many of the facts in this article is accurate. Soybeans are listed as the world’s healthiest food- 

[5] Thank you for choosing to read this chapter at prosperous food translations. We love having you here.

[6] Frankly, I don’t want to spoil the reading experience, but if you grind soybeans – it really stinks and smell sour. Like expired milk. I know because I have done it before. Maybe I did it wrongly – that time when I tried it, it really stinks and smell bad for hours. I swear that it smells like anything but good.




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