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Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 41 – We Can Have Another Field Day

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Luo Xiu stepped on the symbol and entered a secret room.


Luo Xiu looked around in curiosity and amazement. He is surrounded by a lot of ingredients that shine with light.

They are shining.

Almost all these ingredient shine with a weak hue, and attract the attention of Luo Xiu immediately.

For example, summer wheat that resembles rice, the wheat that are golden in colour. Also, there are [Ban Zi] egg, ‘Tomatoes’ etc. All these products are of a much higher quality than the ingredients in the first level.

“Don’t tell me that all these are spiritual ingredients?”

Luo Xiu squatted down and looked the bag of wheat. Each grain of the wheat was in perfect condition and sparkled like amber crystals. In addition, a mild light was continuously emitted from within the ear of wheat.

Luo Xiu had already known that all the food in this world were much more impressive than that of Earth’s.

But this is the first time that Luo Xiu had discovered an ingredient that glows as a result of the spiritual energy contained within.

Just looking at these ingredients, Luo Xiu was humbled.

“To create a spiritual dish, you need to have the appropriate spiritual ingredients to maximise the spiritual energy of these dishes. Without spiritual ingredients, it is impossible to create a dish that contains spiritual energy.”

This is why Luo Xiu was unable to create a true Spiritual Dish despite having good cooking skills.

The quality of ingredients was too low.

A spiritual dish must be created from spiritual ingredients. And right now, in the storeroom, all these are spiritual ingredients.

“Just having the spiritual ingredients is not enough to create a spiritual dish!”

Accordingly to this world’s cooking standards, just having the high-quality ingredients without the appropriate cooking skills and the cultivation level does not lead to the creation of spiritual dishes.

All three items, spiritual ingredients, cooking skills, and cultivation level, are required to create a spiritual dish.

“This storeroom is really amazing!”

Luo Xiu examined the room and walked around. There were not many ingredients here, but all of them are precious.

And there is another symbol in this room.

“This is the 2nd floor of the spiritual storeroom. This is used to place spiritual ingredients. Then this symbol must be used to open the 3rd floor of the spiritual storeroom….”


Luo Xiu calculated and estimated the size of this symbol. This symbol is 10 times bigger than the symbol on the 2nd floor. This means that to unlock the gate to the 3rd floor, it needs to have 10 times as many spiritual stones as the number of stones needed to open the 2nd-floor gate.


“I reckon that I need at least 10 pieces of higher-grade spiritual stones to open the 3rd floor of the storeroom.


Luo Xiu felt helpless. He did not have so many spiritual stones. He could only shake his head in resignation. He grabbed a bag of wheat and the [Ban Zi] egg and walked out.

He intends to experiment with using these ingredients to cook, and see how much these ingredients differ from the ‘normal’ quality ingredients.

Luo Xiu walked out the 2nd floor of the spiritual storeroom, and the symbol becomes normal again.


But since this symbol had been activated, in future, he could enter this place as needed to grab the ingredients here.


“What ingredients do the 3rd floor of the spiritual storeroom contains?”


Luo Xiu walked out of the spiritual storeroom and was very curious about this restaurant. Suddenly he heard the sound of Weiling crying.

“Oh? What happened….”

Luo Xiu looked at Ye Weiling who was sobbing on the floor and did not understand why she was crying.

When she saw Luo Xiu, Ye Weiling immediately grabbed the money bag and asked, “Where are the spiritual stones? How come there are only a few hundred left?


Luo Xiu felt a stab in his heart. To open the second floor of the spiritual storeroom, he had spent 5000 lower grade spiritual stones!

“This Nine Gates restaurant is a pig that eats spiritual stones as a snack! This is only the 2ndfloor, and it requires so many spiritual stones?”


Luo Xiu sighed in his heart, but his mouth immediately comes up with an excuse, “En, I spent it.”

“Spent it?”

Ye Weiling was shocked and could not believe her ears. She had just left for a short while and Luo Xiu had already spent 5000 lower grade spiritual stones?

“How did you spent the money?”

Ye Weiling looked at Luo Xiu with a sceptical look.

Luo Xiu just took out the bag of shining wheat, and the egg.

“Yi? Spiritual wheat and Fire spiritual egg?”

Ye Weiling’s eyes widen in surprise as she asked, “This…. where did you buy this?”

“Is it worth 5000 lower grade spiritual stones?” Luo Xiu asked.

Ye Weiling immediately nodded her head and was filled with excitement, “Of course it is worth it. It is definitely worth it. Just this fire spiritual egg is worth one high-grade spiritual stone!”

“Ha? So expensive?”

“Then Li Yuan …..”

Luo Xiu could not believe it. He looked at the egg in his hand, it looks like it is smaller than the egg that Li Yuan had taken out.

“Arh? That cannot compare with this egg! His egg is the egg of common Ban Zi chickens. Even though it is the best egg and was adorned with phoenix tail marking, it could not be compared to this egg. This is a fire spiritual egg. This is an egg from a fire Ban Zi. Fire Ban Zi is a very powerful spiritual beast, and could breathe fire…. “

“There is a legend that if a fire attribute Xiuzhen practicer eats this egg, they can level up and become a spiritual chef!”

Ye Weiling acts like a little know it all, but she giggled, “Of course, these are just rumours.”

“Oh, yes, brother, you still have not informed me where you purchase these ingredients from. These spiritual ingredients are not found in1 Snow Moon City. After all, all these ingredients are what a spiritual chef needs!”

After looking at the spiritual ingredients, Ye Weiling’s eyes sparkled. You could almost see an S with two strokes over them in her eyes. $$

All the anguish and despair at Luo Xiu spending 5000 spiritual stones were gone with the wind.

Luo Xiu knocked her on her head, “Now, you don’t blame me anymore?”

“But I will not tell you where I purchase these ingredients from!”

Luo Xiu burst into laughter, “Who ask you to be a such a money grubber? Serves you right!”


Ye Weiling so annoyed that she made a face at Luo Xiu.

Luo Xiu ignored her and took the wheat and the fire spiritual egg into the kitchen.

“Brother, you are not intending to cook using these spiritual ingredients?”

Ye Weiling goes into a know it all mode, “I am telling you, you need to use spiritual fire to cook this wheat! This fire spiritual egg, if you cook with without using spiritual energy, it tastes worse than a common [Ban Zi] egg. There was someone who tried cooking it, and it ended up as a massive failure. All his money went down the drain.”

“Only spiritual chefs can use these spiritual ingredients!”

Ye Weiling continued to show off her knowledge, as if she had learnt all these.

“Looks like, it is the problem of fire…. Just like I thought!”

Luo Xiu took a moment to consider.

“Forget it, we will not experiment using these ingredients right now. This is to prevent wastage. After all, there are very few ingredients in the 2nd floor of the spiritual storeroom.


“Oh, yes, Weiling, regarding the items I asked you to order and procure yesterday, are all of them ready?”

“You finally asked!”

Ye Weiling rolled her eyes at Luo Xiu, and pointed towards the kitchen. “All of them are there. Uncle Lim, and Blacksmith Shen worked throughout the night to make them for you. As well, you asked for a spatula?”

“Also, I have procured these Wild Seaweed and Wild Fungus. Did you know that I have to go around all over Snow Moon City to purchase this Seaweed? All these stuff…. No ones like them. They are very bitter and rough!”

Ye Weiling voiced out her frustration.

Luo Xiu entered the kitchen looked at the new items inside, and smiled.

“Excellent. With these, tomorrow we can have another field day!”

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