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Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 39 – Inkfusion Restaurant

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“Oh, that is nothing. I have an idea for a recipe that is quite fuzzy at the moment. This new dish may allow you to create a spiritual dish. But it is not confirmed yet. Once I have verified my idea, I will inform you about it!” Luo Xiu replied.

Wang Zhe and Manager Chen looked at each other in amazement.

Spiritual Dish?

This guy…. A commoner, oh, he is a basic Xiuzhen practicer with a hint of the metal attribute. It is impossible?

Spiritual food requires the infusion of spiritual energy into the dish.

Only spiritual chefs can do this. Even the kitchen Xiuzhen practicers do not have the power to do this.

This is the common sense in Country of Fine Cuisine. But considering that Luo Xiu had already achieved so many impossible feats, maybe… maybe he can shatter this myth.

“If you can really create a spiritual dish, no matter what you asked me to do, I will help you!”

Wang Zhe eyes were focused on Luo Xiu. He had just levelled up, but even he needs to conduct a countless number of experiments to create a spiritual dish.

This is because spiritual dishes have a very high rate of failure.

Once he was able to create a spiritual dish, Wang Zhe will be acknowledged as a divine chef.

Right now, he just has the qualifications to become a divine chef. But he is not a divine chef yet. At least not until he had created a spiritual dish.

A dish that could light up is a spiritual dish. If the dish can lit up, it means that the dish contains a very high concentration of spiritual energy, and does not need the spiritual stone to test it.

“Ok, if I need, I will inform you!”

Luo Xiu meant the words he had said. He had already discovered something about spiritual food.

If it is really as he thought, that even a commoner man can create spiritual food.

After chatting for a few more, Wang Zhe and Manager Chen left.

As for Luo Xiu, he busied himself in the kitchen.

The customers keep coming, and he did not have any time to rest at all.

But the entire morning, he earned less than what he made from serving Wang Zhe alone.

Before meeting Wang Zhe, Luo Xiu did not anticipate that Wang Zhe is easy to get along with.

At first, Luo Xiu wanted to attract Wang Zhe’s father, the only divine chef in Snow Moon city, to dine in his restaurant.

Luo Xiu was very clear that this Nine Gates Restaurant requires a massive amount of spiritual stones to unlock each gate.

One piece of high-grade spiritual stone may be a colossal amount of money to most commoners, but to Nines Gates restaurant, this is peanuts. It could not even unlock higher level gates. Also, his body is weird. It also absorbs spiritual energy from spiritual stones.

Therefore, in the eyes of Luo Xiu, he needs a large number of spiritual stones.

But in the entire Snow Moon city, there are only so many people. There are very few that could afford to spend a high-grade spiritual stone for one meal.

Therefore, to attract the high rollers, Luo Xiu intended to make use of Wang Zhe.

Because Wang Zhe can attract the ‘high-rollers’ to dine here. This is something similar to the Michelin starred restaurants on Earth. They seldom cater to the common folk and only cater to the rich. The price of their meals are extremely expensive, and most commoners could not afford to dine there regularly.

What Luo Xiu had in mind for Nine Gates Restaurant is to go this route.

For these high-rollers, spending high-grade spiritual stones are like billionaires spending $1,000. They will not feel the pinch.

“Wang Zhe…. Very interesting man!”

Luo Xiu stretched his body. At this time, lunch hour is over. He can finally take a break.

“Weiling, how much money did we earn in the morning?”

Luo Xiu rested on a bench and asked Ye Weiling. This girl loves money. As soon as the guests had left, she immediately begins counting the profits.

“Other than what Wang Zhe and Manager Chen ate, as well as the 10 bowls of free noodles, we sold 421 bowls of dragon bread noodles, 127 plates of Deeson Fruit threads, and 16 portions of french fries. We earned 5496 lower grade spiritual stones!”


When she counted that they had 5496 lower grade spiritual stones, Ye Weiling becomes elated.

“Brother… I am not dreaming?”

“So many spiritual stones! Rich…. We are rich!”

The girl was so excited that she jumps up and down in joy. She had never expected to have so much money in her lifetime.

“This is too little. I have 1 high-grade spiritual stone and 10 medium grade spiritual stones!”

This is what Wang Zhe gifted Luo Xiu. Just him alone spend more than all the other guests combined!

“All right, hand over the money to me!” Luo Xiu stretched out his palm.

Ye Weiling was surprised, and then she stubborn cling on to the money. “I … I refused!”

“There are no more ingredients in the store. I need to get more?”

Luo Xiu wanted to explain things to her, but she refused to listen, and immediately cried out, “You still have the money that Wang Zhe gave you. This money I earn with my blood and sweat.

“Blood and Sweat? I am the one who is bleeding and sweating ok?”

“From morning until now, you did not even offer me a glass of water, and you dare to mention blood and sweat money?”

“Do you know how much money a waitress makes in Snow Moon City?”

“You are so slow, I give you 1 lower grade spiritual stone each week!”

“As well, I need to cultivate, and this required spiritual stones. Otherwise, how am I going to cook?”


Luo Xiu continuously ranted, and Ye Weiling was almost in tears when she handed over the bag of spiritual stones, “I give it to you, but…. You should leave me with some money?”

Luo Xiu took out 100 lower grade spiritual stones, “1 spiritual stone is your wages. As for the remaining 99 stones, 9 of them are tips for you. Use the remaining 90 stones to purchase some more golden wheat and Ban Zi eggs. Oh, are the items that I asked you to order ready? Please check!”


Ye Weiling grabbed the money and made it a face at Luo Xiu, “You heartless brother, really miserly!”

Luo Xiu looked at the disappearing figure of Weiling and smiled bitterly, “Weiling, I hope you can remain as cheerful and naïve as ever. This world ….. is more heartless and cruel than your brother. “

“If I am not miserly, how could I protect your naivety and cheerfulness?”

Saying this, Luo Xiu shook his head and closed the door. He made his way towards the storeroom.

In this room, there is a gate waiting for him to activate. As well, there is a skill in the Beam Pavilion that would allow him to restore his sense of smell and taste. He wants this skill.

“I reckon that these spiritual stones are not enough…”

Luo Xiu sighed, and enter the spiritual storeroom.


At the same time, within the Inkfusion restaurant.

Li Deyong returned to his restaurant and made his way to the kitchen.

Inkfusion restaurant is much bigger than Nine Gates Restaurant. In Snow Moon city, it is the largest building at 3 storeys high.

In the front is the dining area, and the back area is the private chambers of the Li Family.

Yesterday, Li Yuan died in the back area, and the dining area is only open in the daytime.

“Is chef Zhao here?”

Li Deyong asked a kitchen helper. This kitchen helper is a chef, and is the disciple of Inkfusion restaurant’s head chef Zhao Tianzong.

This disciple noticed that it is Li Deyong but he did not show Manager Li any respect and coldly stopped him, “Shifu will be here in the afternoon. What are you looking for him for?”

“Urgent matter, my son is dead!”

Li Deyong’s eyes were filled with tears. That disciple was stunned, then he immediately said, “Come with me!”

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