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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 038

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 38 – Captivated by Food

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After he had mastered the metal attribute sabre aura skill, his knife skills have improved by leaps and bounds. That skill complemented his knife perfectly, and made it easier and quicker for him to slice the Deeson Fruit.

This is like a knife master that have suddenly achieve a breakthrough in his skills.

The speed of the knife movements become faster and faster, and in the end, even the hands and blade have disappeared. Even Luo Xiu could only see the flash of light, and hear the noise of blade hitting the chopping board again and again.

“This is a metal attribute kitchen Xiuzhen practicer?”

Luo Xiu could not help being amazed. But he also knows that he is still miles apart from a true kitchen Xiuzhen practicer.

“If I can become a Kitchen Xiuzhen practicer or a spiritual chef, with my skills in cooking, I could increase the level of the dishes I made?”

While Luo Xiu was thinking about it, the massive Deeson fruit had already become a countless number of threads.

In front of the counter, it is no longer empty. Ta here were a large number of onlookers and passersby who were attracted by the scene of Luo Xiu displaying his knife skills.

“Boss, what are you cooking?”

“Can you use Deeson Fruit to cook?”

“Using such superior knife skills to cut the Deeson Fruit is a such a waste of the knife skills.”

Many of the customers continued to chatter and gossip among themselves. Luo Xiu paid them no heed, and proceeded to roast the Deeson Fruit threads. In a short while, the mouth-watering aroma of the Deeson fruit effused out.

At this moment, all the onlookers find it very hard to resist this scent.

“This…. this is made from Deeson Fruit?”

“Why is it so fragrant?”

“1 plate for me!”

“Me too!”

The new customers immediately proceed to order.

The business at the Nine Gates Restaurant recovered after the Li Deyong’s accusations have driven off the customers.


At this moment, everyone’s gazes were transfixed by the golden colour Deeson Fruit threads as they were tossed into the air.


When Luo Xiu used the wok to toss the Deeson Fruits into the air, the surprised customers were silent as they watch this spectacular display of cooking skills by Luo Xiu.

“What… What is this?”

Wang Zhe had never seen anyone cooking in this way. This is more like an acrobat performance than cooking.

It attracts everyone attention instantly.

The spatula and the wok worked in harmony and turned the Deeson fruit threads over and over again each time it lurched into the air in a circular motion.

“Oh, his mastery of the basics skills is so good that that is scary. As well, he had mastered the basic ingredients to bring out the maximum extent of its taste.”

“This man is a genius in cooking!

Wang Zhe muttered to himself. Just then, he caught a whiff of a seductive aroma, the type that could tug at his heartstrings in a beat. He was captivated by the dish.

“It is ready. Stir-fried Deeson Fruit rosti, please try!”

Luo Xiu smiled and placed the plate of golden colour, piping hot Deeson Fruit threads in front of Wang Zhe.

Everyone swallowed their saliva.

This smell, it is so thick and mouth-watering! It filled the entire building. This is nothing short of a cheat like smell! All who smelled it desired it.

“Boss, is mine ready?”

“Is there any main ingredients?”

“Just eating that alone?”

Everyone had questions to ask. Wang Zhe ignored them and picked up the pair of chopsticks, grabbed some Deeson Fruit threads and placed it into his mouth.

At this moment, the detectable taste immediately captured his heart.

“It is just a …. Fine Food category or a Delicious Food category dish. How come the taste…. Is even better than that of spiritual food?”

“How did he do this?”

Wang Zhe could not believe it. He had eaten countless numbers of spiritual dishes. But …. the dishes that impressed him the most are the two dishes that he had just eaten – Dragon Beard Noodles, and Deeson Fruit Threads!

All of them are cooked using the most basic and common ingredients. Yet they feel like they are totally out of this world.

As if this two dishes do not belong to the Country of Fine Cuisine.

These two dishes go against the logic of what he was taught about this world – that the higher grade and rarer food are the ones that taste good.

“One more plate!”

Wang Zhe finished the plate of Deeson Fruit threads very quickly and immediately roared for more.

His instincts to eat the finest food have been completely awakened.

Luo Xiu finds Wang Zhe’s behaviour amusing and grinned.

Just one Deeson Fruit is enough to feed 20+ people. That is how big it is. He had already cooked more 20 portions of the Deeson Fruit thread, and this should be enough to satisfy the cravings of the smaller crowd.

“Those who want to order one portion, come and take it!”

Luo Xiu personality is just like that. He would just shout out whatever comes to his mind. After all, there are a large number of curious onlookers outside the restaurant that was lured here by the smell of the food.

Under the guidance of Ye Weiling, all the guests queued up to purchase the dish in an orderly manner.

Even the haughty and proud customers, under the lure of the fine food before them, suddenly become very obedient.

At this moment, within the Nine Gates Restaurant, it is filled with the sound of frantic eating.

Everyone was enjoying their food with relish.


“Oh, yes. The French fries you have ordered. Be careful, it is hot!”

Luo Xiu placed a small paper bag filled with freshly cooked Deeson Fruit in front of Wang Zhe. This guy …. Is just another customer and does not behave like the son of the divine chef Wang Zhe anymore.

“Chef Luo, I will come back … everyday!”

“Do you still have…. New dishes?” Wang Zhe asked. He wants to try anything else that Luo Xiu cooked.

Instead, he was stunned when Luo Xiu replied, “En, we have new dishes. Every day we have 3 different dishes. We should be able to provide new dishes every day for 100 days.


Wang Zhe and Manager Chen almost choked on the fries, and they were stupefied.

100 days?

3 Different dishes every day?

“I … I do not believe it!”

Wang Zhe could not believe it.

If not the fact that Luo Xiu’s dishes were very tasty, he would have thought that Luo Xiu was kidding him.

Within the Country of Fine cuisine, each recipe for a dish is a treasure of the chef. It is worth thousands of spiritual stones and even if you have the money, you could not buy the recipe.

Therefore, each chef, even the spiritual chefs, have a limited number of recipes. Even the highest ranked chefs focus on a few recipes.

As a result, each of the dishes that the highest ranked chef created is their signature specialities.

To be frank, a lot of experiments end up in failure. Many spiritual chefs wanted to create a spiritual dish, but it ends up to be a commoner dish or Fine food instead.

This situation is very common.

But now, Luo Xiu dared to say that he will offer different dishes every day for 100 days?

1 day 3 dishes, this works out to be 300 dishes!

300 dishes!

This is a colossal number. How could Luo Xiu knows how to cook so many dishes.

This is something that goes against the common senses of this world. Where can you find a chef within the Country of Fine cuisine that could make 300 different dishes?

“I know that you do not believe me. Why not do it this way? Come here to dine every day, and if you ate the same food twice within a period of 100 days, it means that I have lost. What do you think?”

Wang Zhe immediately asked, “You want to gamble again?”

“Right! Will you bet with me?”

Wang Zhe eyes lit up, “What if I lose?”

“Each day I create 3 new dishes, you need to invite 10 guests to come here to eat!”

“It is a bet!”

For a person like Wang Zhe, inviting 10 guests to dine with him is very simple.

“Wait a moment, didn’t I lost the previous bet to Luo Xiu?” Wang Zhe thought.

“Oh yes, regarding that Dragon Beard noodles bet, what do you want me to do?”

Wang Zhe looked at Luo Xiu in curiosity.

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