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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 036

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 36 – What Kind of Logic is This?

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“Oh? Inkfusion Restaurant?”

Luo Xiu looked up and saw Li Deyong. To his surprise, this man’s eyes were bloodshot and were glaring at him, as if they have a blood grudge.

His eyes were also filled with grieve.

Luo Xiu asked, “Weiling, just now you said that his surname is Li?”

Ye Weiling immediately glared at him, “You don’t know that his surname is Li?”

“I know, that is why I confirm it with you.”


” Silly!”

This girl may have chided him as silly, but she was smiling, and whistling a tune.

Luo Xiu was not as naïve as this lady. He was pretty sure that Li Yuan and this Li Deyong are related in some way. And the very close relationship type.

Otherwise…. Why would he come here so early in the morning with a large group of men? His eyes were also filled with grievance….

Luo Xiu immediately deduced that the killer yesterday is highly likely to be sent by this man.

Luo Xiu had never anticipated that Li Yuan had Inkfusion restaurant behind him.

Today, it is a good chance to settle all grudges.

“That kid had such a big restaurant, why does he still wants to take over Nine Gates Restaurant?”

Luo Xiu could not think of a reason for this.

Just as he was thinking, he heard a loud shout, “Luo Xiu, come out!”

Li Deyong was surrounded by a group of hostile men, and they stood in front of the restaurant and roared.

This roar startled all the customers who were dining in the restaurant.

“What happened?”

“Isn’t this Manager Li? The one from Inkfusion Restaurant?”

“Why is he here?”

Everyone turned around in surprise.

Wang Zhe also looked out of the door. Just now, he was closing his eyes and enjoying the feeling of the noodles as it strengthened his body. But the shout from Li Deyong ruined everything.


Wang Zhe frowned. Manager Chen looked out of the door, and was surprised, “It is manager Li from Inkfusion Restaurant!”

“What is he here for? To create trouble?”

Wang Zhe finished the last of the noodles. He burped in satisfaction and saw Li Deyong lead a ground of man as they angrily stomped into the restaurant towards Luo Xiu.

“Manager Li, a good morning to you! To what did I own the pleasure of this visit?” Luo Xiu smiled and greeted Li Deyong.

“You don’t know why I am here?”

Seeing the smug expression on Luo Xiu’s face as he shamelessly asked this question only made Li Deyong angrier. He gritted his teeth and shouted, “My son, Li Yuan, is dead!”

“Oh? Li Yuan had died…. That is such a stroke of bad luck. Manager Li, you have my condolences!” Luo Xiu pretended to be sad as well.

“But your son had died. Why didn’t you make arrangement for his funeral? What are you doing here instead?”

“Do not pretend! Yuan Er was killed by you!”

Li Deyong’s eyes were red as he picked up a packet of salt from his pocket, “He eats this thing from you, and then he was poisoned to death!”


Everyone’s face turned pale. Even Wang Zhe was shocked.

The salt had poison?

“Manager Li, you can eat whatever you want, but you cannot say whatever you want!” Luo Xiu coldly sneered.

Li Deyong retorted, “My son is already dead! What do you mean? Are you saying that I lied?”


Luo Xiu did not waste time talking. He picked up some salt and placed them in a bowl of water. After stirring it, he drank the bowl of water.

“All right, this is the salt that you claim is poisonous!”

“I have also eaten it. If there is poison, then I should die shortly?”

Luo Xiu’s words immediately woke everyone up.

That’s right!”

If there is any poison, Luo Xiu should be poisoned as well!

Only fools will eat something they know is poisonous!

“If this is poisonous, I have sold hundreds of bowls of broth containing the salt. If it is poisonous, they would have died a long time ago!”

Luo Xiu words immediately resonated with everyone.

Wang Zhe was slightly suspicious, he used his spiritual energy and checked. There is nothing wrong with his body.

“You have some methods to remove the poison. But the salt that you give Yuan Er contains poison!”

Li Deyong continued to roar, “This morning I have fed some Ban Zi chickens the salt, and they all died. What do you have to say about this?”

A few aides brought out some Ban Zi chickens that had died. Each of the chickens looked as if they were killed in a painful way.


Everyone looked at Luo Xiu.

Wang Zhe stood aside as he watched this scene unfolds. Manager Chen was not too sure. After all, he did preside over the chef battle between Li Yuan and Luo Xiu yesterday.

How did this matter become so …. Complicated?

Just when everyone was suspicious of Luo Xiu, Luo Xiu immediately retorted, “Manager Li, if I did not have any witness, your plot to frame me will definitely succeed!”

Then Luo Xiu pointed at Manager Chen: “Yesterday, when I had a chef battle with Li Yuan, Manager Chen was the referee. “

“Oh, butcher Huang and a few neighbours were there as well!”

“All of them can testify for me!”

Luo Xiu immediately said, “I did not give your son, Li Yuan, any salt. This is something that I invented. Why should I give it to him?”


Li Deyong turned around and saw Manager Chen.

This familiar sight shocked him.

His furious demeanour immediately retreated. It was as if the fires of his anger, rage and frustrations had some cold water dumped over them.

“Young master Wang?”

Li Deyong did not anticipate that he would meet Wang Zhe in Nine Gates Restaurant. Of course, he recognised Wang Zhe. This is the son of the only Divine Chef in Snow Moon City.

Li Deyong did not anticipate that he would meet Wang Zhe in Nine Gates Restaurant. Of course, he recognised Wang Zhe. This is the son of the only Divine Chef in Snow Moon City.

What is such a prestigious man doing here in Nine Gates Restaurant?

“Manager Chen, please vouch for me!”

Luo Xiu looked at Manager Chen. Manager Chen knew that he could not keep silent, and immediately said, “That’s right! Yesterday I was the one who presided over the chef battle between Li Yuan and Luo Xiu. Luo Xiu did not give Li Yuan any salt!”

“He stole it!”

Luo Xiu suddenly said, “He stole my salt! He wanted to experiment with it. But everyone knows that the seawater contains poison!”

“I used a very secret method to remove all the poison from the salt and turned it into a delicious ingredient!”

“But your son is not so lucky. He conducted experiments on it and poisoned himself to death. I have only discovered that my salt was stolen much later!”

“Are you trying to tell me that after he stole my stuff, he conducted some experiments with it. Then he killed himself with his careless handling of it. And now you are holding me responsible for his death?”

Luo Xiu looked around and ask, “What kind of logic is this?”

“That’s right, how could you blame Luo Xiu?”

Everyone finally understood what was going on. They looked at Li Deyong in pity.

Now that the truth had come to light, the fault is with Li Yuan. If you must blame someone, Li Yuan was at fault for being greedy and stealing the salt without knowing how to extract the poison from it.

“You … you lair! You purposely create this thing and used it to get Yuan Er’s attention!”

“All this is your plot!”

Li Deyong continued to rant.

Manager Chen shook his head, “Manager Li, you are wrong. Yesterday I was the witness of the chef battle. I did not see Luo Xiu doing anything shabby.”

“But Li Yuan, he was hell-bent on getting Nine Gates Restaurant!”

Manager Chen said. This is something that everyone knows. It is an open secret. All the neighbours nodded their head in agreement.

Li Deyong immediately knelt down before Wang Zhe and cried, “May young master Wang be the judge. I can tell you with certainty that Luo Xiu is the culprit!”

Will Wang Zhe believe Manager Li? He is quite suspicous of Luo Xiu and is not as dumb as Manager Chen. Find out more as Wang Zhe gives his verdict tomorrow at prosperous food com.




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