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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 035

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 35 – Killing Intent

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I have just been informed that the author of this novel had stopped this novel half-way and went missing in action (MIA). i.e. it is an incomplete novel. I will continue to translate until the latest chapter. For your information, please.

I have just been informed that the author of this novel had stopped this novel half-way and went missing in action (MIA). i.e. it is an incomplete novel. I will continue to translate until the latest chapter. For your information, please.

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The bowls of noodles were placed on the table.

The customers enjoyed their meal with relish, and their body begins to change…. Many people had just taken one sip of the soup, and immediately they feel a warm energy arising from within their body. Their fatigue from working early in the morning was immediately cured, and they were filled with boundless energy.

“This … this soup is simply amazing!”

“This is really irresistible…. I, Li Laosi, have never tasted such delicious food in my life before!”

” Even Inkfusion Restaurant’s Chef Zhao could not make a dish as tasty as this!”

“The food here and Inkfusion are on a completely different level. This bowl of noodles is simply too delicious!”

“There is also a slightly salty taste that made me crave for it!”

As they eat, they could not help praising the food. Then they discovered that they had finished the bowl of noodles.

“Arh? No more?…..”

“I … I still have not eaten enough!”

“Chef Luo, one more bowl!”

The guest all looked at Luo Xiu. Luo Xiu was fully focused on making more noodles as he folded the dough, and did not even looked at these guests. There were more and more customers queuing up, and all of these customers were attracted by the wonderful scent.

“If you want to eat more, you can queue up again. But if you eat one more bowl, you must pay 10 pieces of low-grade spiritual stone. After today, the price will increase!

Ye Weiling shouted. The customers who managed to get a free bowl of noodles immediately started queuing up.

10 pieces of low-grade spiritual stone is a bit expensive. But …. The best restaurant in Snow Moon City, Inkfusion Restaurant, costs at least 100 low-grade spiritual stone per dish. This bowl of dragon bread noodles is much tastier than the food there by 10 times. Yet it only cost 10 pieces of low-grade spiritual stones. This price is really cheap if you consider the quality of the food.

The customers immediately queued up, and while they were queuing, they were boasting to the customers who have never eaten the free noodles before about how tasty the noodles were.

Some of the customers who were queuing were already excited just by listening to their descriptions.

At this moment, the business within the Nine Gates Restaurant is very lively.

“Hehe, brother is right. These people may have they eaten the dragon beard noodles for free, but they have become our ‘word of mouth advertisement’……”

Ye Weiling looked at the customers who were eagerly chatting and sharing their experience. Suddenly she felt that this promotion of offering 10 bowls of free noodles by her brother is a very smart move.

This promotion is successful as it is one of the advertising gimmicks employed by restaurants on Earth.

To attract customers by offering free food/ samples, and then have these customers spread a positive word of mouth.

And a promotion on the first day is also a means to attract more customers to try the food here. One bite and they are hooked.

As long as the first day of business is good, these customers will surely return. Subsequent days of business will also be good as well. After all, the food is tasty and the price is fair.

Luo Xiu’s experience in opening restaurants was almost as good as his cooking skills.

“Chef Luo, can you please cook one bowl of noodles for me? I offer 1 high-grade spiritual stone….”

Wang Zhe was very impatient.

Wang Zhe had seen much of the world. This is because his father is a divine chef, and could make spiritual food. He had also tasted some of the finest food in this world. But he was stunned to discover that compared to Luo Xiu’s cooking, the food that he had used to love is not as tasty.

Although Spiritual food has a lot of spiritual energy and could increase one’s cultivation, Luo Xiu’s dishes are different. His dishes combined deliciousness with spiritual energy. The combination of taste plus spiritual energy made the food that Luo Xiu prepared appeared to be more satisfying.

Once you think about the food, you will start craving it.

As soon as Wang Zhe thought about it, he craved for it.

The dragon beard noodles in the clear broth, a dish that scored highly in looks, smell, taste, shape and meaning [1].

The broth was clear and the noodles were sparkling, giving a pleasant appearance.

The aroma of the dish was mouth-watering and just one sniff is enough to make you crave for it.

The taste is heavenly, and the noodles are shaped in a way that are springy, chewy and easy to eat.

And dragon beard – the meaning could not be clearer.

Wang Zhe secretly used the high-grade spiritual stone to test the spiritual power of this bowl of noodles, and discovered that the spiritual stone constantly emits bright rays of light, and have high spiritual energy.

“Even though it did not make the spiritual stone emit the highest amount of light, but the spiritual content of this bowl of noodles is much higher than [Delicious Food] category, and is on par with low-level [Spiritual food]!

“This is really insane! Who would have imagined this?”

“Who could imagine that this dish has as much spiritual energy as a [Spiritual Food] category? After all, it is made using the most basic ingredients!”

Wang Zhe could not help admiring Luo Xiu. This teenager is about the same age as him, but his talent in cooking … is really incredible.

“Right now he is but a commoner. If he becomes a spiritual chef, what will happen to the food he cooks? I dare not imagine…..” Wang Zhe sighed.

Luo Xiu suddenly placed a bowl of noodles in front of him, “Enjoy your meal. One high-grade spiritual stone please!”


Wang Zhe looked around and discovered that the queue is no more. All the customers that were queuing up a moment ago had taken a seat in the restaurant and were devouring their meal hungrily.

One table even had 10 people sharing the table.

“You served them already? So quick?”

Wang Zhe could not believe his eyes. This speed is …. Too quick?

How long was he lost in his thoughts? While he was thinking a few things, Luo Xiu had finished serving 100 customers?

“I am quite fast in cooking the noodles…. Also, these noodles do not need to be heated for a long time!”

Luo Xiu happily kept the high-grade spiritual stone. With more spiritual stones, Luo Xiu can unlock the secrets of this Nine Gates restaurant. Without spiritual stones, everything within Nine Gates restaurant remained locked.

” Impressive!”

Wang Zhe smiled. He did not place much importance on the high-grade spiritual stone. Rather, his mind and eyes were attracted by the bowl of noodles in front of him.

Without his bowl of dragon beard noodles, he could not break through that quickly.

All his attention was captured by the bowl of in front of him.

Some of the customers within Nine Gates Restaurant lift up the bowl and drank all the soup after finishing the noodles. Then they smacked their lips.

“Boss, one more bowl!”

“I also want one more bowl!”

“This is simply too delicious for words! I can finish 10 bowls!”

The orders keep coming, fast and furious, but this only made Ye Weiling grinned in happiness.

In just one morning, they have made much more than what their father made in a few years! One high-level spiritual stone and so many low-grade spiritual stones!

At first, she thought that Luo Xiu’s dishes are too expensive, and worried that no one will be willing to purchase it at this price. But now that she thinks about it, the opposite rang true – Luo Xiu’s price must be very cheap if these customers continuously demanded more!

The demand for the dragon beard noodles was incredible.

“All right, will be ready soon!”

Luo Xiu returned to the counter and busied himself as he stretched more dough.


At this moment, outside of the restaurant, there were several unwelcomed guests.

Li Yuan’s father, Li Deyong, finds it hard to believe that his personal bodyguard, whom he had send to capture Luo Xiu, did not return.

He had waited for one whole night. The longer he waited, the less at ease he becomes, and the uneasiness in his heart grows.

This bodyguard had followed him for many years, and is very loyal. He had never made a mistake, until now. It is likely that this bodyguard is likely to be dead.

Therefore, early in the morning, he had prepared a large number of men and horses, and intent to raid Nine Gates Restaurant and confront Luo Xiu.

He will have his revenge on Luo Xiu for killing his son!

Li Deyong brought all the guards of Inkfusion Restaurant, and with killing intent, they made their way into Nine Gates Restaurant. But once they entered, Li Deyong was puzzled. Something seemed to be off.


Looking at the busy restaurant, Li Deyong thought that he had entered the wrong shop.

Even his Inkfusion restaurant, the finest restaurant in Snow Moon City, did not have so many customers early in the morning.

One glance around, and he estimated at least 100 customers. The entire restaurant was full to the beam.


“Something is wrong!”

Li Deyong immediately got out of the place and looked up at the signboard. There is no mistake. This is Nine Gates Restaurant.

“How come…. How come there are so many customers?”

Li Deyong was stunned. He could not believe his eyes.

Ye Weiling had a pair of sharp eyes, and immediately spotted Li Deyong. “Why did the boss of Inkfusion restaurant come here?”

She did not know that Li Yuan is the son of Li Deyong.

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