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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 033

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 33 – This is Really Too Delicious


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Watch carefully, this is the reason why my noodles do not dissolve in water.


Luo Xiu’s hand suddenly moved.

This pot is extremely large, and is over 1 meter tall. Luo Xiu picked up a  pair of specially made chopsticks that are as long as an arm. Then he dumped the noodles into the side of the pot.

The pair of chopsticks were separated it two long sticks. Luo Xiu did not use these sticks to move the noodles. Rather, he used the sticks to stir the bubbles in the middle of the pot.

At this time, his hands suddenly become milky white in colour. In the steaming hot stream, his hands seem to glean like a pearl. When the steam condensed into water droplets in his hands, some of the guests thought they saw an illusion: That the deep sea pearl is crying.

Xuan Yu hands.

This is the Xuan Yu hands skill. It is also the top-secret skill in cooking dragon beard noodles. Xuan Yu Stir.

Under the steaming white foam, his hands seemed to turn white.

‘Sha La La —’

Luo Xiu’s hands moved faster and faster, like that of a hurricane.

The entire pot of soup was stirred in a clockwise direction under the speed of the chopsticks movement. The strands of noodles also move around the broth in a clockwise direction. The soup, which was foaming, had stop foaming due to high-speed movement of the stirring.

“I understand! The movement of the waters protect the noodles. This is really a brilliant way of cooking the noodles!”

Wang Zhe’s eyes gleamed and he stared at the soup intensely.

On the surface of the water, because of the swirling waters, the pot of broth may have reach boiling point, but will not boil.

In this way, when you use it to cook, you can make sure that the food is heated, but will not be affected by the bubbles of the boiling soup. It is not easy to use a pair of chopsticks to stir until it creates such an effect. It requires good precision, endurance and control.

The hardest thing is the hands. The hands must not touch the boiling soup in the pot or you will get scalded. This made more complicated by the fact the boiling soup is bubbling and very volatile.

Also, the steam is very hot. Despite the heat, the chef must not allow his movements to be affected by the heat of steam.

The third most important factor is not to touch the noodles at the edge of the broth. The noodles will break apart dissolve if they are stirred rapidly. It is imperative that the noodles remain on the outer edges of the swirling broth.

Taking all these factors into consideration, the Xuan Yu swirling method becomes a lot harder.

Using this method of stirring actually helps to preserve the noodles and preventing it from dissolving in high heat. At the same time, it allows the noodles to soak in the flavour of the soup base, and make the noodles warm. The process transforms the thick slab of noodles into gleaming crystal-like strands of dragon beard.

‘bo bo bo—’

A thick aroma continuously effused out to the surrounding area.

“Oh, it smells wonderful….”

Wang Zhe was staring at the soup. The edge of his mouth was drooling. The clear broth’s aroma is so tempting and overwhelmed his other senses. In front of him, everything else had disappeared. All he could see is the mouth-watering pot of soup in front of him. He could smell the various animals’ bone infused into it. And his body and soul craved for a bowl of the soup.

If the previous smell of the broth had made countless people unable to resist the temptation to try the food, the thicker aroma now made them lost all their senses.

The only thing they could think of is to…. Eat the noodles.

Wang Zhe has never felt as hungry as he is feeling now. His body shook with the effort it takes to control himself and takes patiently.

This dragon beard noodles are not yet ready for consumption, but already it provokes a sense of hunger in all who smell the incredible scent.

When it is finally ready for consumption, how tasty would that be? Wang Zhe was counting down impatiently to the time when the food would be finally ready.

Suddenly he saw the gleaming strands of noodles flying out of the pot. Luo Xiu had expertly used the chopsticks to pick them up.

The noodlesthat sparkle like crystals are the end product of the dragon beard noodles.

“It is ready!”

Luo Xiu quickly grabbed a large bowl. The entire process took less than 5 minutes, but seem like an eternity to Wang Zhe.

Within the pot, the broth continued to swirl.


The broth was first placed in the big bowl. Then the chopsticks deftly picked up the noodles and placed them into the bowl.

The piping hot noodles filled the bowl to half-full. Luo Xiu used the large chopsticks to twirl the noodles in the bowl in a clockwise direction. Then he repeated the process in an anti-clockwise direction. The noodles sat at the bottom of the bowl, and continued to glean with a golden hue.

The bowl of dragon beard noodles is finally ready, and appeared in front of everyone.

To the onlookers, they saw the mirage of a white colour dragon sleeping at the bottom of the bowl of piping hot soup.

The noodles continued to shine and spark, and sit still within the broth. The crystal clear broth did not affect the shine of the noodles. Seeing this is enough to whet one’s appetite.

This bowl of noodles may looks ordinary, but contains a mouth-watering aroma that makes all of them crave for it with their body and soul.

Wang Zhe was drooling uncontrollably by now.

This is really fragrant…..

“Is it ready?”

Wang Zhe used his sleeves to wipe his drool. Behind him are a bunch of onlookers. Their eyes were fixated on the noodles, and they have forgotten about Wang Zhe and his status.

Even Manager Chen, who was standing beside Wang Zhe, drooled. Wang Zhe did not even discover this fact.

“En, it is ready… Who wants to try it first?”

Luo Xiu placed some spring onions, and tender leaves onto the bowl.

The dragon beard noodles made its first appearance in the Country of Fine Cuisine.


“Me first…..”

“No, that’s me!”

Everyone shouted. Suddenly Wang Zhe turned around and glared at the onlookers angrily. He unleashed his Xiuzhen aura, and in his hands were the white colour holy fire, “Anyone else wants to snatch it from me?”


At this moment, they suddenly recovered their wits and recalled Wang Zhe’s status.

“All right, everyone had agreed. They have no objections that I should try it first. Let me eat it!”

Wang Zhe smiled as he looked at Luo Xiu. The divine light in his hands disappeared as fast as it had come.

Luo Xiu just shook his head. This world is really about power. He pushed the bowl of noodles towards Wang Zhe, “Enjoy. If it is not tasty, you need not pay for it.”


Wang Zhe did not even hear his words. He was so fixated on the bowl of noodles that he immediately grabbed a pair of chopsticks, picked up the bowl, found himself a seat and tried the noodles.

Although Wang Zhe was very hungry, he continued to resist the urge to eat it immediately. As expected a man of his status.

‘Gu tu…”

But his throat was very honest, as he swallowed his saliva in anticipation.

The thing is, the aroma constantly made him lost himself, and he finds it hard to resist. How many times had he drooled in anticipation? And in a public place to boot!

Wang Zhe’s face turned red.

It is so embarrassing!

“Cough, cough!”

He coughed and looked at the bowl of noodles. The noodles continue to gleam and sparkle. He picked up a spoon and want to take a sip of the broth that had captivated him.

“Hold it!”

Manager Chen sudden raised his hand, “Young master Wang, you have forgotten to evaluate the spiritual value of this dish!”


Wang Zhe was furious!

When did this old man become such a busybody?

Wang Zhe glared at Manager Chen. Just one look and Manager Chen stiffen.

When did Wang Zhe ever looked at him with such cold eyes before?

“That is not urgent!”

Wang Zhe said and continued to scoop up a spoonful of the soup. The crystal clear soup contains no traces of the foam or any floating meat particles. It was as clear as a bowl of water.

Wang Zhe drank the spoonful of broth.

One mouthful later, Wang Zhe felt that his veins and pores in his body scream with delight. His body had become much stronger with just one sip of the soup.

This.. this is really too delicious!

I do not have dragon beard noodles at prosperous food com. But how come the instant noodles does not taste that good when I eat it while translating? Frustrated.






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