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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 032

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 32 – Why the Noodles Did Not Dissolve


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“Just to achieve this standard, I have spent 15 years!”

Luo Xiu placed the strands of noodles in front of Wang Zhe.

All the customers in the restaurant immediately took a deep breath.

15 years?

Just to practice a single skill.

Everyone looked at Luo Xiu with respect. Even Wang Zhe was impressed.

“Therefore, when you asked me how I do it, I am unable to tell you. This is because …. I practice until I know!”

Ye Weiling’s eyes immediately widen.

15 years?

How come Brother is shameless when he lies? He can lie without being red in the face?

Since when did he learn this skill for 15 years?

To be frank, Luo Xiu really took 15 years to learn this skill. It took him 3 years before he graduated from his teacher class. 3 years to find his own style of kneading the dough and folding the noodles. Then the rest of the time to increase the number of times he could fold the dough.

The first couple of folds were easy. But as he increased the number of folds, it get progressively harder and more and more time consuming.

To increase from 9 fold to 10 fold, he used 2 years just to achieve this feat.

“All right, I am going to cook the soup now!”

“Please step back!”

Luo Xiu informed Wang Zhe, and Wang Zhe retreated a few steps.

This is the first time that Manager Chen seen Wang Zhe so absorbed in the task. Luo Xiu’s skills in forming noodles had indeed surprised everyone.

“Young master Wang, this is just an extra step in the process. Chef Luo’s basics skills in cooking are very strong, and his knife skills are also superb. I do not know how these noodles will taste?”

Wang Zhe immediately nodded his head, “It should not be too bad!!”

“He had spent 15 years perfecting his craft. For this reason alone, this is very impressive!”

Wang Zhe continued, “Even I could not do the same as him. I really hope to bring my father here to see it for himself. This Snow Moon City had produced a rare talent. Just for his skills in creating the noodles alone is enough for him to take the spiritual test!”


Manager Chen did not expect Wang Zhe to think of Luo Xiu this highly.

“All right, let’s watch him cook. I want to see what level of dish could he make!”

Wang Zhe’s eyes gleamed as he observed Luo Xiu cutting the bones!

All the bones were effortlessly removed from the meat.

Large bones of every types were quickly stripped of its meat.

From [Tu] bones, [Ban Zi] bones, [Mao Shou] bones, [Feng Yi] bones*… there were at least 10 or so different beast bones. All these beasts bone belong to the common low level beasts.

(* referring to that world’s pork, chicken, beef, mutton etc. )

“What a great knife skills!”

Looking at the speed in which Luo Xiu strip the flesh off each bone, Wang Zhe immediately praised.

Many people in the restaurant also nodded. They were impressed as well by Luo Xiu’s knife skills.

As soon as he showed off his skills, this man who could neither smell nor taste anything impressed all the neighbours in the restaurant. They have never seen him cook before yesterday. Never did they expect that this man have been practicing his skills in secret.

‘Hu La!’

Luo Xiu placed the bones into a large pot of boiling water.

The size of the animals in this world is very big, therefore there are countless number of pots and pans of all size. Next to Luo Xiu is a large pot that is nearly one meter in height.

On Earth, this would be the highest pot ever.

Within the pot is just normal water. When the bones are placed into the pot of boiling water, a mouth-watering aroma continuously effused out.

Looking at this scene, Wang Zhe immediately offered.

“Let me help!”

He immediately informed Luo Xiu.

Before Luo Xiu could reject his offer of help, a loud ‘Dong’ sound rang out.

A white colour ray of light was emitting from Luo Xiu forehead. Then his whole body was covered in a rolling wave of heat as the white light spread all over his body.

Wang Zhe’s hands were also covered with white colour spiritual energy.

This white colour light is like a fierce fire. The temperature inside the pot quickly rose. The waters, which were boiling merrily, seemed to be explode in intensity as the bubbles within the pot become larger and fiercer.

“This is?”

Luo Xiu asked in curiousity.

“Holy Fire!”

Wang Zhe smiled, “But my holy fire is quite unique. It is a spiritual fire that is ranked 13th in the [People] category, Holy Nova Flame.


“Holy Nova Flame….”

Luo Xiu was surprised by this strange skill. This is something that he had not expected. He is an ordinary chef and has no clue about the use of spiritual powers in cooking. This is the first time that he had watched a chef used their spiritual power for cooking.

He heard Wang Zhe continue, “After you have taken the spiritual test, you will understand this…. The reason why Kitchen Xiuzhen practicers are strong is because they could use their abilities to assist them in cooking!”

“Oh, it smells wonderful.”

Wang Zhe caught a whiff of something, and he was intoxicated by the smell.

‘Gu lu lu!’

Within the pot, the bubbles turned to a milky white colour. But the soup base remains quite clear. At the bottom the pot were several animal’s bones.

As the pot continues to bubble, the fragrant of the soup base becomes acuter. At this time, even Wang Zhe licked his lips in anticipation.

This is a scent that immediately whets one’s appetite.

Wang Zhe was zoned out as he muttered, “The soup base is simple to make, but it is so fragrant that I also want to drink a bowl of the broth. I am sure that the soup must taste heavenly.”

Meanwhile, it is Luo Xiu’s turn to be dumbfounded at Wang Zhe’s skills. This soup is completed just by using holy fire to heat it up?

How hot is the holy fire? This is really too fast.

Luo Xiu looked into the pot, and confirmed that the soup base is ready.

The broth had been infused with the taste and the nutrients contained within the bones of each beast. On Earth, this would take a chef to continuously boil the soup base for one night to achieve the same effect. But now, it is ready in an instant!

“This is because of the light attribute. Because I have the light attribute, therefore the dishes that I cook have the ability to heal and strengthen the body!” Wang Zhe explained.

Luo Xiu was surprised by this. So you can use your spiritual power in this way?

“Oh, the aroma is really tempting! It made my mouth watered just from smelling this scent!”

“This is really unbearable! It smells even better than the Deeson Fruit strips that he cooked yesterday.

“I am powerless to resist!”

The guests’ eyes were closed as they sniffed the aroma of the soup. From time to time, some would swallow their saliva, some would lick their lips, and some drooled…

Outside of the restaurant, more and more people arrived and begun to queue up. They were attracted here by the mouth-watering aroma.

“All right, let me handle the rest!”

Wang Zhe looked at Luo Xiu suspiciously, “Don’t tell me you want to place the noodles into this soup and cook it?”


As he replied, Luo Xiu’s hands had already lift up the strands of noodles that he had just fold.

Wang Zhe immediately turned pale, “The heat of the soup will melt the noodles. Once the flour is placed inside the soup, all the noodles will be dissolved.

“It will not!” Luo Xiu confidentially replied.

The noodles in his hands were placed on the chopping block. Sudden he left the counter and his hands were a blur as it moved very quickly.

Luo Xiu did not forget what he had set out to achieve.

The most important thing is to cook the noodles.


Luo Xiu lift his right hand, and lift up the strands of noodles. With his left hand, he pulled the middle part of the dough and continued to pull the noodles.

Normally, if the noodles are too thin, it should not be cooked with boiling water. Because the flour will dissolve in the boiling water.

Luo Xiu’s dragon beard noodle requires the chef know how to handle the noodles so that it will not dissolve. This skill is very hard and is one of the key reasons why very few chefs in China today are able to cook Dragon beard noodles.

Because they did not know the correct way of handling the noodles.

Luo Xiu was born into the Bai Luo family on Earth, and learned the techniques to ensure that noodles he made will not dissolve in boiling water. The Bai Luo family secret skill had arrived into this world!


He gently tossed the noodles, very lightly and softy into the boiling soup.

“Look carefully, this is the reason why the flour did not dissolve!”

Luo Xiu looked at Wang Zhe, who was staring at the noodles in the pot of soup.

Luo Xiu’s hands suddenly moved as fast as the hurricane…..

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