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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 031

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 31 – How Do You Do This?


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For most ordinary noodles, all you need to do to is to hand-pull the dough and switch the hand and repeat the process for a few more times, and they are ready to be cooked.

This method of hand-pulling the dough, switch the hand, and re-pull the dough is called “fold”!

And the dragon beard noodles is to make the noodles as thin as the width of a hair. Therefore, there must be at least 10 folds for this to happen.

That means he needs to stretch the noodles, switch ends, and pull it again for at least 10 times.

Only in this way could the noodles be considered, “Dragon Beard”.

That is why most of the noodle masters could not make this type of noodles. 


Luo Xiu may not be able to break the Guinness’s book of world records for world’s thinnest noodles, but he should be able to achieve a fold of 10 times. That is his personal best.

The Guinness’s book of world records for highest number of ‘folds’ is 23 folds. [2]

The more you pull and stretch the dough, the harder it becomes to create the next fold.

Any chef that could fold the noodles for 10 or more times could consider the elite chefs or master noodles making.

This is because the dough is not very malleable and it is very difficult to fold them. As well, the dough is quite fragile. It is easy to break. The more folds you have, the easier it is for the dough to break apart. That is why no chefs have successfully broken the record for the most folds of noodle dough yet.

“Using these superior ingredients, and considering the flexibility and toughness of this dough, it may be possible to break the record for 23 folds. It could also be used to create amazing dragon beard noodles…..”

While Luo Xiu was thinking about these, his hands’ movements become faster and faster. He would stretch the noodles, switch the ends and re-stretched them. This is so fast as if a caterpillar is spinning a large cocoon.

The dough seems to be alive in his hands, and continues stretched. You could see the fine threads as it was pulled.

1 fold, 2 fold, fold… the more Luo Xiu folds, the smoother his movements become.

With each fold, it seemed to fall into a rhythm pattern.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of the noodles slamming onto the counter continuously rang out. With each fold, Luo Xiu would slam the dough onto the counter.

This is a technique unique to the Luo family – Thundering Noodles technique. This technique is named after the thunderous sound it produce when the flour is slammed on the countertop.

By using the Thundering Noodles technique, it will make the noodles tougher. The collision between the dough and the surface of the counter top, will increase the ductility and elasticity of the noodles. This helps to prevent the noodles from suddenly breaking when stretched and hand pulled.

Just when you are eating the ramen, you can see the ramen chef slamming the dough onto the counter to increase the elasticity of the noodles. This technique is similar to that of Thundering noodles technique.

In a short while, Luo Xiu had achieved 7 folds.

The Nine Gates Restaurant, which was very noisy and gossiping about the bet between Luo Xiu and Wang Zhe, suddenly turned quiet. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin dropping onto the fall.

Wang Zhe stared dumbly at the way in which Luo Xiu folded the noodles. He tried hard to think and could not think of a single spiritual chef that would use this method to cook noodles.

Even the spiritual chef that ‘invented’ noodles could not use this technique?

Don’t tell me that it is really as what he had said – that he was self taught?

When he thought of this, Wang Zhe’s heart nearly skipped a beat…. How could a commoner come up with such an incredible technique? This totally turns the world he knew upside down!

“The 8th fold!”

Luo Xiu took a deep breath. Before the 8th flow, he was very relaxed.

The noodle strands are very strong and highly elastic, and are almost like the wire cables. It is not like the flour noodles that could easily break if he is not careful.

Today, he did not feel any pressure or any difficulties. The thing that he used to find challenging is so easily achieved!

This is due to the quality of the ingredients in this world. That and his Thundering noodles technique.


After the 8th fold, the strands of noodles in his hand is very thin


There are exactly 256 strands of noodles.

The long pole shape had transformed into 256 strands of noodles. Although this sounds very difficult, Luo Xiu had managed to achieve this. This is not the upper limits of his skills yet.

Luo Xiu’s eyes gleamed. He did not stop folding the noodles, but his speed is a lot slower. His hands were shaky, as if he could not hold on to the dough.

The way he shook the strands of noodles were very controlled. 256 strands of noodles trembled slightly, and knocked against one another. The onlookers gasped at Luo Xiu’s actions, and were worried that the strands of noodles may break.

But Luo Xiu did not hesitate and continued to fold the noodles.

Nine folds, Ten folds….

“Bang, Bang…..”

He slammed the noodles on the counter top, and then stretched the noodles again. The 10 fold dough was pull and folded over.

11 fold, 2048 strands of noodles. Each strand was thinner than the hair’s width. In his hands, you could see each fine strand of noodles.


The entire restaurant was very quiet. They were stupefied and could not say a word.

Manager Chen opened his mouth, and ….. no words came out.

This is too exaggerated.

The dough of fluffy and thick flour, and have transformed into fine strands of noodles that were no thicker than hair.

“This…. This….”

He could not find the right words to describe his amazement.

Because never in his wildest dreams did he ever imagined….

At this time, Luo Xiu was sweating furiously.

But he was smiling in glee. He did it! To fold the dough 11 times! He did not know if he could continue to fold the dough, but right now he had already achieved his personal best record.

1 roll of dough could be divided into 2048 strands of noodles.

Within the Nine Gates Restaurants, you could only hear the sound of people taking a deep breath.

Wang Zhe was observing Luo Xiu’s methods, and wanted to steal the technique from Luo Xiu. But he did not succeed.

Luo Xiu’s hands movement is too quick for him to follow.

With each fold, the noodles become thinner and thinner. In the time it took to brew half a pot of tea (5 mins), the noodles were completed.

“How … how did you do this?”

He could not help but ask.

Luo Xiu smiled, and waved the threads of noodles, “Now, do you believe me?”

“En. I, Wang Zhe, am a man of his word! I will definitely keep my promise. But you need to tell me what you want me to do first?”

Wang Zhe asked.

If this technique is shared with the Xiuzhen World, it will be sure to create ripples across the Country of Fine Cuisine?

Wang Zhe’s breathing become much quicker and unsteady.

Luo Xiu just grabbed another piece of dough, and placed it in front of Wang Zhe. Then he said, “Try stretching the noodles!”

“Oh, I do it?”

Wang Zhe was surprised, but he accept that dough.

After looking at it, he also slammed it on the counter.

“Young Master Wang, you ….”

Manager Chen was feeling awkward. This is the son of the Divine Chef. How could he do this in front of everyone… In the next moment, Wang Zhe pulled the dough, and created a long strand.


Manager Chen was ecstatic, “He is indeed a rare talent! To learn the skill immediately after watching it once…”


When Wang Zhe tried to achieve the 2nd fold, the dough broke.


Looking at this, Manager Chen was stunned. How could this be! How he wished he could eat the words that he had just said and swallow them into his stomach.

His face become a shade of red and blue.

“Ha ha ha…..”

The guests in the restaurant broke up in laughter.

Luo Xiu also smiled, and looked at Wang Zhe, “How is it, could you do it?”

“No!” Please do not read this chapter on other sites. Support your translators at pro spe rou sfo od. com

Please do not read this chapter on other sites. Support your translators at pro spe rou sfo od. com

Wang Zhe is an honest man and immediately said what he thinks. He placed the dough on the table, “It seemed to be more difficult than I thought!”

Wang Zhe is an honest man and immediately said what he thinks. He placed the dough on the table, “It seemed to be more difficult than I thought!”

“That is why it is very hard to achieve this, and you need to take a long time to learn if you want to master this skill!”

Luo Xiu placed the 11 fold dough in front of Wang Zhe, “Just to achieve this standard, I practised every day for 15 years!

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[1] I am sorry, I could not verify this. The Guinness site is down when I tried to search it. This record may be real, but I could not verify it as of press time.




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