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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 030

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 30 – Bet


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Luo Xiu could not help being surprised when he saw Wang Zhe.

In a short while, everyone recognised Wang Zhe.

“Great Chef Wang!”

“That is the son of the divine chef, young master Wang Che!”

“The future divine chef of Snow Moon City!”

Everyone was surprised, and their faces showed their respect and reverence for this figure.

Wang Zhe had already passed the examination to become a great chef last year when he was just 15 years old.

In that year, he also took the spiritual test and was discovered to possess the rare Light attribute. His future is bright.

Almost everyone in Snow Moon City had seen the baptism of Wang Zhe last year. The bright lights that enveloped Wang Zhe lasted for half a day and seemed to indicate that a new spiritual chef will arise.

Everyone knows Wang Zhe after that baptism of light.

“Hello, everyone!” 


Wang Zhe greeted everyone. Then he turned around and look at Luo Xiu, “The secret of making noodles…. Who taught you this?”

“Secret of making noodles?”

Luo Xiu looked at the long dough that he had stretched and replied, “Nobody taught me this. I discovered it by myself!”

“You discovered it by yourself?”

Wang Zhe was astounded. Then he shook his head and said, “Not possible!”

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Wang Zhe thought that there is a spiritual chef had guided Luo Xiu, and that spiritual chef did not allow Luo Xiu to diverge his identity.

After all, spiritual chefs are all weirdo and strange old men. They like to hide in the shadows and control things from the shadows.

Luo Xiu said, “There is no such thing as impossible. What you know about noodles is noodles that are formed from crushing the [Winter Wheat] into powder form, then use it to create stripes of batter?”

Luo Xiu hit the nail on the head, and Wang Zhe was shocked, “Are you telling me that you are not making this?”

“Of course not!”

Luo Xiu’s eyes flashed with pride, “The noodles that I made will turn this lump of dough into fine noodles that are no wider than a hair’s thickness.



“The width of hair?”

“He must be kidding!”

Everyone in the restaurant was surprised, and not one of them believed Luo Xiu.

How could you use this fluffy and lump dough and turn them into strands of hairs? Even the metal attribute chefs could not do that!

Although the knife skills of the metal attribute chefs are indeed amazing, it is very hard to cut them into hair width thickness. This is especially so if you want to make a lot of noodles.

“Are you sure you are not joking?”

Wang Zhe looked at the hair on Luo Xiu, and he grinned, “As far as I know, there are no noodles that have the same thickness of hair! Even the grand noodles master could not make noodles that are so thin!”

“Also, the thinner the noodles, the worse the taste. Only the wide noodles are tasty!”

As soon as he said this, Wang Zhe swallowed his saliva. He suddenly thought of the noodles that he had tried before. This is a dish that is truly unforgettable.

“The thinner noodles taste worse?”

Luo Xiu broke up in laughter, “Hahaha! Who told you this rubbish! This is really far from the truth!”

“How dare you!” 


Manager Chen was furious. How dare this man speak to Young master Wang in this way?

“Old Chen—“

Wang Zhe glanced at Manager Chen. With just one look, Manager Chen understood – he should let Wang Zhe handle this matter.

Wang Zhe said, “Then let me see your dish. If you could not make noodles the width of hairs, do not blame me for using my position to create difficulties for you!”

“What if I could make this type of noodles?”

Luo Xiu raised his head, and looked at Wang Zhe, “Let’s bet on the outcome, shall we?”

“Bet? What do you propose?”


Wang Zhe was surprised at Luo Xiu’s boldness and asked in a deep voice.

“If I can make these noodles, I need you to help me to complete a task!”


Manager Chen suspected that his ears are not working right. Does he want to bet with Wang Zhe?

And let Wang Zhe help him to complete a task?

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Why is he reading this chapter at aggregator sites? Read from prosperousfood com

Wang Zhe smiled, “Within the Snow Moon City, you are the only one who dares to say this in my face!”

“What task? Speak up!”

Wang Zhe wanted to bet with Luo Xiu. He was confident that Luo Xiu could not make the type of thin noodles that he had claimed. At the same time, he was curious, for he saw in Luo Xiu’s eyes a look of calmness. These two factors made Wang Zhe desire to find out if Luo Xiu can achieve what he deemed as impossible.

After all, this type of calmness is quite rare. Most people will feel respect or be intimidated by his status.

Luo Xiu smiled, “It is not too difficult. For a man that is born with a golden soup in your mouth, this matter is too simple!”

Everyone thought Luo Xiu had gone crazy.

How dare he discuss the terms and conditions with the son of the sole divine chef in Snow Moon City?

“Young …. Young boss Luo, you……”

Butcher Huang could not find words to express his dismay. Even the neighbours of the Nine Gates restaurant looked very worried.

If Luo Xiu could not make noodles that are as thin as hairs, the entire Nine Gates Restaurant and Luo Xiu will be finished.

“All right, if you could make these noodles, I will agree to your terms!”

Wang Zhe smiled, “If I can do it, I will assist you!”

This is the first time that he had met such an interesting character.

This Luo Xiu is really brave!

From the time he was young until now, this is the first and only time that anyone dared to stand up to him in his face. As the son of the divine chef, countless people only have respect or fear of him. Only Luo Xiu dared to look at him in the eyes and bet with him. This feeling is very fresh and interesting.

“Then…. step back further a bit!”

Luo Xiu shooed Wang Zhe away, and manager Chen was rendered speechless yet again.

This kid, he really does not fear anything! 


But he dared not to say anything. Manager Chen had noticed that Wang Zhe was interested in Luo Xiu like he had found an amusing toy.

Wang Zhe stepped back and stood there.

He saw that Luo Xiu had re-knead the stretched dough and put it back again into a round, fluffy shape.

“Why do you need to redo it?”

Wang Zhe asked.

“Just now the dough is too dry. We need to pull it again. The dry dough can also be used to pull dragon beard, but the taste … is very bad!”

“Dragon beard?”

Wang Zhe was enchanted by this name.

“All right, I will begin now!”

Shu La!

In the hands of Luo Xiu, the round dough was stretched into a long pole shape. He looked very experienced in doing this.

This should not be the first time that he had done this.

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Wang Zhe’s eyes gleaned. Luo Xiu suddenly reminded him, “Do not blink, or you will miss a lot of the action!”


Wang Zhe’s eyes widen.


Luo Xiu’s slammed his hands together and was very fast in his actions.

At the next moment, Wang Zhe’s eyes were glued to the actions of Luo Xiu.

Hand-pulling the dough is a major step in making noodles. It is also the task that could tell the skills of the noodle maker.

From the way the chef pulled the dough, you could tell how good the noodles chef was.

On Earth, Luo Xiu was born into a family of noodles makers, and his skills in hand-pulling the dough could be described as ‘the apex of stretching noodles.”


Luo Xiu grabbed the dough, hand pull them until the noodles are thin, long and cylinder in shape.

In his brain, the method of hand pulling the noodles were already memorised by heart, and he could recite it easily.

“Sha! Sha! Sha!”

Luo Xiu lift up the dough with one hand on each hand. His expression was deadly serious, and his eyes did not even seem to move at all. At this moment, it was as if the noodles are part of his body.

It has begun! The stoppage of new chapters on 1st Apr 2018. No traffic at translator website – no motivation to translate. 

The stoppage of new chapters on 1st Apr 2018. No traffic at translator website – no motivation to translate. 

Luo Xiu’s movements were very slow, and he tore off the edges of the noodle dough, and retain only the cylinder-shaped middle portion.

Then he used his hand to flip the noodles dough. The dough extended and looked a lot longer, and slammed onto the counter with great force.

Wang Zhe, who was watching Luo Xiu, was surprised by this action.

All the guests in Nine Gates restaurant were also frightened by from the loud sound.

The sound of the dough striking the counter is really loud. Nobody thought that the soft and malleable dough could hit the table with so much force!”

“This is getting more interesting!”

Wang Zhe was even more curious about Luo Xiu.

At the same time when the dough rebounded from the table, Luo Xiu grabbed the opportunity to pass the dough in his left hand to his right hand. In the same moment, his left hand moved down the long dough and continued to stretch it. This is when the dough changed hands, and called, “1 fold.”

These movements were very well-rehearsed and the speed of these movements was extremely fast.

And this is but the beginning.

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