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Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 28 – Dragon Beard Noodles


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Luo Xiu tried to use this skill several times, and discovered that … he had really mastered this skill. 


He was suspecting if he had imagined everything.

This made Luo Xiu question if he is one of the legendary rare talents in web novels that he had read on Earth – the type that could learn every skill very quickly.

Maybe because the heavens took pity on him for not having a sense of taste or smell, and therefore, gifted him with a super talent to learn Xiuzhen skills?

Right now, he is no longer a commoner. He had become a Xiuzhen practicer.

“This … is not difficult?”

Luo Xiu looked at his palm suspiciously. The light emitting stone that he had absorbed the spiritual energy from is a called a Metal Stone [1]. That is a metal attribute stone that is used by metal attribute Xiuzhen practisers.

“Forget it! It is not considered a bad thing to have mastered one skill.” 


“Although I am still far away from being a Kitchen Xiuzhen practicer, I am now a Xiuzhen practicer and am able to cultivate!”

Xiuzhen practicer is someone who can cultivate, use spiritual strength, and had mastered at least one elemental attribute.

And a Kitchen Xiuzhen practicer is someone who is able to manipulate spiritual energy. It is considered much harder than being a Xiuzhen practicer.

Spiritual energy and spiritual strength, there is one a word different between these two terms. But it means a huge difference in power, a difference of the distance between heaven and earth.

For example, a metal attribute spiritual strength art could only be used to cut softer stuff. But a metal attribute spiritual energy art could be used to cut down a rock hard stone.

This change is very acute. 



After bathing, Luo Xiu went down, and saw his sister Ye Weiling was lying on a table. She was sound asleep.

In just one day, too many things had happened. This made the young lady very exhausted and tired.

Luo Xiu checked the stove that was used to burn his clothes. The clothes had already been burned into ashes.

“Weiling, wake up! Time for bed!”


Luo Xiu gently tapped Ye Weiling on her shoulder. Weiling suddenly hugged Luo Xiu. She was trembling.

Maybe, she was frightened by the events that had happened today.

First, there is a chef battle. Then she was almost killed. Then her brother, her only remaining family member, killed someone. This is not something that a young girl like her should experience.

Supporting his sister that snuggling on his chest like a teddy bear, Luo Xiu slowly walked up the stairs.

After putting the exhausted Ye Weiling on her bed, Luo Xiu returned to his room. He took a deep breath, and let go of all the things that had been weighing on his mind. Finally, his over-stimulated brain felt a tinge of relief.

In a short while, the exhausted Luo Xiu fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning, Luo Xiu was up early and preparing the ingredients. Right now, the top priority for him is to earn more spiritual stones.

In this way, he can open the remaining gates of this restaurant.

He can also discover the secrets of his own body. 


Luo Xiu took out the flour that he had milled yesterday. Then he picked up a large [Ban Zi] egg. This egg is ten times as big as a chicken egg.

The egg yolk is very fine and smooth. Even the egg white is full of moisture and firm.

Using water and flour is the most common way to make noodles.

Luo Xiu did not use any water at all. Instead, he took out the flour and the [Ban Zi] egg make noodles.

The very finest noodles makers do not add any water to the flour when they knead the dough. This is to maintain the original flavour of the flour. As well, it can make the noodles tougher, richer in taste and more flexible.

Usually, they use eggs to replace the water. 


Because of the high moisture content of the egg white, there is no need for Luo Xiu to add any water.

“Yi, Chef Luo, what are you intending to cook today?”

Butcher Huang was passing by Nine Gates Restaurant, when he looked inside the wide opened door. He discovered that Luo Xiu was standing near the entrance and kneading a yellow colour stuff.


This loud noise instantly attracted the neighbours in the surrounding area.

Looking at Luo Xiu kneading the dough to make noodles, many of them were curious.

Yesterday, many of these neighbours were in the building and witnessed the chef battle between Li Yuan and Luo Xiu. After Luo Xiu had won the chef battle, almost all of these neighbours were in awe of Luo Xiu’s skills in cooking

They knew that Luo Xiu’s cooking skills could rival that of a [Great Chef].

Many of these curious onlookers intend to visit Nine Gates Restaurant and try the cuisine there. Therefore, when they noticed that Luo Xiu was making noodles, they crowded around and watch on.

“This is something that I have created yesterday! It is called noodles!”

Luo Xiu continued to knead the dough and replied to his neighbours at the same time.

Many of these neighbours were curious about this new dish. They went to the restaurant and find an empty seat, and watch Luo Xiu as he stretched the dough.

“Chef Luo, is this new dish for sale?” 


The moustached man asked.

Luo Xiu smiled, “Of course it is for sale! But the price is a bit more expensive than usual!”

“I am not afraid that it is a bit more expensive. Chef Zhao at Inkfusion restaurant charges 1 medium grade spiritual stone for a [Delicious Dish]. If the price of your food is less than this price, we are willing to give it a try.”

“That’s right! Manager Chen had said that your cooking skills are no inferior to that of the [Great Chef]!”

“That’s right! Manager Chen had said that your cooking skills are no inferior to that of the [Great Chef]!”

“I will be your first customer!” 


Butcher Huang has already taken out some low-grade spiritual stones.

At this time, Ye Weiling entered the dining area, and hanged some wooden boards on the wall. These wooden boards function as the menu for the restaurant.

Fried Deeson Fruit Fries: 1 low-grade spiritual stone.

Stir-fried Deeson Fruit threads Rosti: 10 low-grade spiritual stone.

Dragon beard noodles: 100 low-grade spiritual stone [2].


“The price of the food are all written on the menu. Please have a look!”

Ye Weiling cleared her throat. After sleeping soundly for the night, she is much better now and back to her cheerful, usual self. “The Stirred Fry Deeson Fruit threads Rosti is the same one that you have watched Manager Chen eat in the chef battle yesterday. Because we are using Deeson Fruit as ingredients, the price of this Dish is 10 times cheaper than what you would pay at Inkfusion Restaurant!”

“But today is our grand re-opening, and we have a grand re-opening special. As long as you bring someone here to eat, you get to save 1 low grade spiritual stone! And the first 10 customers need not pay to try the new dish that my brother had invented – Dragon Beard Noodles!”


Ye Weiling recited Luo Xiu’s instructions for the grand re-opening promotion. Hearing this, all the customers immediately rushed to queue up.

The neighbours living nearby even hollered at the top of their voices, “Wife, come and queue up!”

In a very short span of time, Nine Gates Restaurants were filled with customers. If you look around, there are at least 30 people in the restaurant. Most of them were the neighbours living in the nearby area.

“Is it really that good?” 


“Even better taste than Inkfusion Restaurant, and free?”

“This is not possible!”


“Everyone knows that Luo Xiu had lost his senses of smell and taste. How could he cook?”

“When old Ye was here, he was often worried about Luo Xiu!”

A few neighbours stood outside the restaurant and were gossiping. They did not observe the chef battle between Luo Xiu and Li Yuan yesterday. Therefore, they were sceptical that Luo Xiu can cook.

At this time, Luo Xiu did not care about the number of customers in the restaurant. The job of attracting more customers was left to his sister. Right now, he needs to focus on making the dragon beard noodles.



He smashed the dough containing the flour and egg onto the counter.

Everyone who heard this loud slam was shocked.

At this time, within the Nine Gates Restaurant, it was strangely quiet. Everyone was observing the source of the noise.



Luo Xiu’s hands begin to stretch and pull the dough.

And then, the guests were astounded by what they have seen, and cou.d not believe their eyes [3].

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[1] 金石- 金石- It reads “golden stone”. But in the context of this story, I translated it as metal stone 金属石 instead- The metal attributes follow the 5 elementals in Chinese and there is no gold attribute. Metal attribute Xiuzhen practicers. The confusion arises because 金 can mean gold as well as metal. See

[2] The raw says 1-100 low-grade spiritual stones. I thought that this is a typing error. I will read on and if I made a mistake, I will come back to change this at a later time.

[3] If you want to watch the Dragon Beard Noodles creation, please click on the recipe. There is a video there showing how Dragon Beard Noodles is made.




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