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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 026

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 26 – The Slaughter Master


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Luo Xiu did not know that Li Yuan had already passed away. But when he noticed that Li Yuan had stolen the nitrate salt, he had anticipated that Li Yuan would die from poisoning sooner or later.

What he did not anticipate is the extent that Li Yuan’s father would go to take his revenge. Li Yuan’s father had even sent his bodyguard, a top-level Kitchen Xiuzhen practicer to kidnap or assassinate him!

Right now, he was blissfully unaware of these issues. He is only focused on making the item that he would be selling in his restaurant tomorrow – Ramen [2]!

Right, the very same ramen that you love to eat on Earth.

Luo Xiu is making a rare type of ramen called the “Dragon Beard Noodles”!

This is a type of noodles that is increasingly getting rarer. It is also one of the few arts that Luo family specialised in.

This type of noodles could be said to be the ancestors of all ramen.

It originated from the palace and slowly made its way to the commoners.

Accordingly to the rumours, the ‘Dragon Beard’ title is given by the Emperor. It could be a result of its looks, as the noodles are fine in texture, like that of hair.

When placed in a bowl with soup, it resembles an intertwined dragon’s beard, and its taste is fragrant and delicious.

Of course, these rumours could not be proven. But the fact that Luo Xiu knows how to make these noodles is real.

One of the ancestors of Luo family was an imperial chef and knew how to make this type of noodles. It becomes popular among the commoners when he made it in the family restaurant after he retired as an imperial chef. As a result, the rumours that the dragon beard noodles originate from the imperial palace spread like wildfire.

Right now, Luo Xiu was intending on making the dragon bearded noodles.

And the bag of the yellow colour jade-like ingredients is none other than wheat! In the Country of Fine Cuisine, it is called, [Yellow Jade Winter Grain]!

It is called the grain of winter and is golden yellow in colour. [1]

“One of this grain of wheat is much better than 100 grains of wheat on Earth. As well, the sweetness and quality of the wheat are top-notched! This is simply amazing!”

When he broke apart an ear of wheat, Luo Xiu felt the amazing properties of the grains in his hands.

Each grain of wheat resembles a golden jade that shines with the light of an amber stone.

It is 100 times more nutritious than normal wheat…no, a thousand times!

This nutrition is very concentrated!

The grains of wheat were also unusually full and matured. Each grain of wheat exudes a golden hue. The bright glow is quite dazzling.

When placed on the dark colour stone that Luo Xiu is using to mill the grains and turn them into flour, the contrast of colours is even more striking.

Luo Xiu was temporarily distracted by the grains with the golden hue. Accordingly to Ye Weiling, the winter grain effused a pleasant aroma that could whet anyone’s appetite.

In just milling the flour, there is such an amazing effect! Then what happens when he used the flour to create noodles?

“This is just like natural wheat! When you look closer, it is much more dazzling. It makes you unable to open your eyes as you try to mill them.”

“Using these winter wheat to make noodles will result in a yellow colour texture?”

Luo Xiu put all his body weight into the milling process and ground the wheat into powder form. This is very hard work to do it manually.

“It is a pity that I do not have a sieve! If I have a sieve to filter out the fine particles, the end result would be a lot better!”

Luo Xiu felt that it is a pity. Well, he had to make to do whatever he had. The crushed flour were all poured from his makeshift drum onto the counter.

At this time, the counter seemed to glow with a golden hue.

Luo Xiu was surprised when he saw these. The flour is actually golden in colour and gleans in the light.

He had never seen such a fine quality flour before.

It was like the golden hue is a layer of smooth silk on the surface of the flour.

“This type of flour…. Is indeed worthy of being used to make dragon beard noodles!” Luo Xiu smiled, and begin to knead the flour [3].


Outside of the restaurant, the killer that Li Deyong had dispatched to kidnap Luo Xiu had already arrived at the gates of the restaurant.

He looked at the closed doors of the restaurant, and his eyes gleaned with killing intent. He did not even bother to sneak in and intend to attack from the entrance.

The man in black did not stop moving. When he reached the door of the restaurant, he gathered his chi into his hands and intended to knock down the door. From his palm, a very strong aura emerged and covered his hands.

The sound of his hands as he raised his hands to attack the door is bone chilling.

He is a gold attribute Xiuzhen practicer and is a master of the knife. His aura is like a powerful sword.


His palms struck the door of the Nine Gates Restaurant and created a loud boom sound. This sound alarmed Luo Xiu.

What is that sound?

He picked up a large, sharp knife from the kitchen and made his way to the door. As soon as he arrives, he saw the figure of the man in black.

At the same time, his ears also picked up a soft cry of ‘Yi?’

“Who is it?”

Luo Xiu shouted out. His eyes were cold.

Luo Xiu was not worried about himself. This Nine Gates Restaurant is not an ordinary restaurant. Without his permission, no one could force their way into the restaurant. They could not even enter through the door, or use brute force to open the door.

If he can open the gates to the restaurant, he would have done so long ago.

What Luo Xiu was worried about is that his sister is currently out. If she happened to return home at this time, then it would be a disaster.


Luo Xiu had not even thought of a method to deal the intruder when he saw the intruder vomiting blood.

Then with a ‘bu long’ sound, that masked man collapsed outside the door.

“He infected an injury on himself to trick me into opening the door?” Luo Xiu thought.

The killer outside the door of the restaurant was staring at the door in disbelieve. He could not believe that his powerful golden aura could not even break the door apart.

Not only did he failed to open the door of the restaurant- the door was not even scratched. Under the might of his full strength, there was not even a dent in the door, and it did not so much as a shake!

Instead, the huge force of his killing blow was reflected back on him, and hit him with full power!


In just one second in which he was stupefied by this strange occurrence, he was heavily injured by this force.

He did not even have the time to react.

“How …. How could this be?”

The killer stared at the door, dumbfounded. His feelings of dismay only made his wounds worse.


Again, he vomited some blood. He was gasping for air.

At this moment, Ye Weiling was whistling as she made her way home. Looking at the dark clothes of that man, she was startled.

Why is this man vomiting so much blood?

“Weiling, come in! Hurry!”

Luo Xiu opened a gap in the door and urgently beckoned his sister.

But Ye Weiling did not move at all, and just stood there rooted to the spot.


Under the light of the lambs, the red colour blood on the doorway is very obvious. All these blood were vomited by the man in black.


At this time, the killer who was lying on the floor gathered up all his remaining energy and made one final lunge towards Ye Weiling.

If he could capture Ye Weiling, he could force Luo Xiu to step out of the restaurant and kill Luo Xiu!

His movements were quite fast, but Luo Xiu was even faster!


The large, sharp kitchen knife in Luo Xiu directly stabbed into the heart of the assassin without any hesitation.

Normally, the heart was hard to stab. The ribcages would protect the heart from being stabbed. An instant kill with a kitchen blade was very rare. But this knife was positioned in such a way that it easily stab passed the bones of the ribcages and punctured his heart.

As if Luo Xiu was versed in using the knife to kill.


The killer turned around and his face showed his despair, “How… how did you do this?”

He could believe that he, a powerful Xiuzhen practicer, would die at the hands of a normal human.


Luo Xiu did not hesitate and pulled out the knife.

The blood spurted out from the wound and splashed onto Luo Xiu’s face. It covered his body in the blood.

The killer just looked at his wound, and then he collapsed.


The sound of the body dropping onto the street was quite acute in the darkness and silence of the night.

“’The Dread Slaughter Master’, you probably have never heard of this title before!”

“And I, am the best slaughter master in the Luo family, having slaughtered thousands of animals to cook their meat!”

Luo Xiu smiled. His face was calm. This, combined with the blood stains on his face and clothes, made him look like a devil from hell.

“Slaughter Master”, is a title given to the those who kill the animals for their meat, and kill them in a fast, efficient and humane manner. Unlike the butchers that trade in meat, Slaughter master specialised in killing animals and drain their blood in a slaughterhouse, and sell these meats to the butchers.


[1] Winter wheat is grown in spring and requires cold weather to help it to grow. This is the closest I can find to a reference of Winter wheat.

Secondly, the Chinese description is very ambiguous. 冬天之谷 can refer to a host of things, including winter valley, kinds of wheat in winter etc. I honestly could not understand what the author is intending to write by this phase…

[2] 拉面is ‘Ramen’ or what you would normally associate with Japanese noodles. But the Ramen of Japan used Chinese style noodles. In the context of this chapter, I think he is loosely saying that he wants to create a Chinese style ramen. Or Chinese style noodles.

[3] If you want to watch the noodles making process, please click on the recipe for the dragon beard noodles below. There is a video showing how the flour was stretched to make the dragon beard noodles.

[4] When you read content that was stolen from translators’ site using bots like the aggregate sites, what happens is that you are forcing translators to charge for each chapter they translate. Keep content free. Read originals at prosperous food dot com.




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