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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 025

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 25 – Plot to Kill Luo Xiu


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“Master, at this time of the night, Divine Chef Wang should have retired for the night.”

The servant replied.

Li Deyong seemed as all the energy in his body had suddenly been evaporated, and he stepped back several steps.

That’s right, at this time, Divine Chef Wang should be sleeping.

He listlessly looked at the corpse of his son, and could not help but despair.

“How could this be? How did things become like this?!”

Li Deyong looked at the corpse of his son with a dumbfounded expression on his face. He was muttering to himself, and two streams of tears were freely falling from his eyes.

He could believe it. The son of his that was still alive and in good health a short while ago, and now he is dead.

“Yuan Er—”

At this time, Li Deyong’s wife had arrived. When she saw the corpse of her son, she was stunned and immediately wailed.

This loud sobbing alarmed all the people nearby.

The aides of Li Yuan who followed him to the Nine Gate restaurant in the daytime arrived at the kitchen. Looking at the corpse of Li Yuan, all of them were stunned.

“Young Master…. he has died?

One of two aides immediately kneeled down on the floor.

At this time Li Deyong took a deep breath, and controlled himself. He looked at the dish on the stove.

This dish had already been eaten. There were no traces of the soup left.

“Yi? Deeson Fruit?”

When Li Deyong saw the half of Deeson Fruit lying on the floor, he was suspicious.

As a chef, his son did not like to use common ingredients. So how come he used Deeson Fruit to cook today?


One of the aides mustered his courage and spoke, “This… this must be the work of Luo Xiu!”


Li Deyong bloodshot eyes flashed with coldness. He looked at that aide, and grabbed hold of his arm as he interrogated that aide, “What happened? You better speak!”


That aide was wincing in pain, and Li Deyong just coldly watched him. After a short while, Li Deyong released him, and looked him in the eye. “Why do you think that it is Luo Xiu?”

“It is like this….”

That aide reported to Li Deyong what happened during the day.

Including the chef battle between Li Yuan and Luo Xiu.

“What! How could not tell about this! This is very important, and you hide it from me until now?”


Li Deyong slapped the aide hard.

But his fury was still unsatiated.


In a fit of rage, he kicked the aide multiple times, while roaring, “Did you still respect me? Har?”

“Where is that box of salt!”

“Where is that salt!”

Li Deyong continued to plummet that poor man as he asked questions, “Luo Xiu! How could that kid be better than that of my son?”

“I don’t know!”

That aide was shivering in fear and cried, “Young master took the salt and hide it. He said he wants to conduct an experiment and find out how come an ordinary dish like Deeson Fruit could make a [Delicious Food].”

When Li Deyong heard this, he immediately made a beeline towards the corpse of Li Yuan.

Right now, his wife was holding the lifeless body of his son, and wailing. But Li Deyong just ignored her and reached out to feel his son’s pockets.

As expected, in his pockets, there is a packet of ingredients.

When he opened that packet and revealed its contents it on the table, he saw that it contains white colour powder.

“It must be this! This salt must contain poison!”

That aide took one look at the white colour powder on the table, and he looked more and more horrified.

The more he learns, the angrier he becomes. Li Deyong slammed his fist on the table as tears freely flowed from his eyes. “Luo Xiu, I swear I will get my revenge on you!”

“You, come over here!”

Li Deyong roared at the aides who were still in one piece.

The two aides walked over. Li Deyong suddenly glared at them and questioned, “What else are you hiding from me?”

“Arh? Master….”


Li Deyong’s eyes were red and bloodshot. His angry was terrifying to behold. His eyes were cold.

An aide felt that Li Deyong would take his life he still continue to hide anything, and immediately kneeled down, “We… we do not know how Luo Xiu managed to survive!”


Li Deyong felt as his world was spinning. Today’s issue is really out of his expectations.

“You …. You are really too much!”

“You dare to kill someone?”

Li Deyong breathed deeply to calm down. “Young master wants to kill someone, why didn’t you stop him.”

The aide replied, “We could not stop him. He said that he is a qualified chef. The one that he wanted to kill is just a commoner. The Templars would not make things difficult for him.”

“Therefore, he made us lured Luo Xiu to the seaside, and kidnapped him. Then tied Luo Xiu up and tossed him into the sea!”

“We saw Luo Xiu sinking into the depths of the sea with our own eyes!”

“Shut up!”

Li Deyong does not wish to listen anymore. The situation is clear. Luo Xiu resented Li Yuan for trying to kill him, therefore he poisoned his son.

This young lad is so venomous at such a young age to use such poison! But there is one thing that Li Deyong could not understand. How come the templar Manager Chen is all right?

“All of you leave this place first!”

Li Deyong waved his hand, and the aides of Li Yuan heaved a sigh of relief and immediately scrambled out.

Suddenly a black shadow appeared beside Li Deyong, “Master, do you want me to have Luo Xiu….”

He moved his hand like a knife over his throat.


“No need. First, kill these men who were supposed to look after Li Yuan, and then that three aides!”

Li Deyong eyes were cold and heartless. The black shadow nodded, and a few objects flew out from his hands.

Sha! Sha! Sha!

The few servants that were supposed to attend Li Yuan were suddenly killed without a sound.

That shadow turned out to be a man dressed in black clothes like a ninja. He picked up the corpses of these servants and disappeared from the kitchen.

A few moments later, the cries of three men rang out within the grounds of Inkfusion Restaurant.

Li Deyong slowly sat down. His heart was broken.

His son was dead!

Killed by someone else with poison!

“Hubby, you … you must definitely take revenge for Yuan Er!”

His wife sobbed as she cried out.

Li Deyong nodded his head. His eyes were filled with killing intent, “I will definitely have my revenge!”


The man in black quickly returned, “All done!”

“En! Now, go to Nine Gate Restaurant and kidnap Luo Xiu! I want to see him kneeling in front of the corpse of my son first thing when I wake up tomorrow morning.”

“I will use his head and blood to pacify the soul of my son!”

Li Deyong gritted his teeth as he said this.


The ninja in black bowed and immediately left the kitchen. He is on his way to complete the mission.

“Luo Xiu, I will definitely not let you off so easily!”

In the darkness of the night, the whole restaurant suddenly shook with the roar of Li Deyong. You could hear the heartbreak in his voice.

Notes from Gumihou, who likes to fact check:


Fake Fact – Nitrate Poisoning – Face turns black after you ate a dish containing nitrate and you die. Pffft!


At most, nitrate would make the person sick first, and die from cancer later. The first indication water source being poisoned by nitrate are animals or babies dying, weeks later.


Bonus fact, you can find nitrate in garlic, celery, rocket, watermelon…



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