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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 024

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 24 – The Death of Li Yuan


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Within the Spiritual Store Room, Luo Xiu was evaluating each of the ingredients.

There is crystal-clear rice that is contained within a wooden barrel. In this world, this type of rice is called [Xia Ge]!

There are soybeans the size of ping-pong balls [1]. And tomatoes as big as Deeson fruits, there are cabbages that are as tall as 0.75 meters!

Looking at these astounding ingredients, Luo Xiu was stunned.

He could tell that this world’s ingredients are highly similar to that of Earth.

But because the vegetable ingredients in this world can absorb spiritual energy from the air, they are much bigger than that of Earth’s.

As a result, the animals eating the vegetables also grow bigger because of the high spiritual energy content of these vegetables. And the predators eating the herbivores also gain more spiritual energy and so on.

Spiritual energy is everywhere in this world.

This is why the ingredients could be used to create spiritual food.

The cultivation methods and the spiritual content of these ingredients are indeed impressive.

He looked at the meat in this world – the snow like marble texture of the beef, the quality of the mutton…

With just one look, he could tell that these are fine quality ingredients despite looking very rough.

“Because of the spiritual energy, I reckoned that this cow should be bigger than 10 humans?”

Luo Xiu tried to look for an image of the beast called a [Maoshou] in this world. It is one of the most common animals raised as a livestock in this world, and is considered the lowest grade of beasts.

“As I expected, this [Maoshou] resembles a cow, and is gentle in temperament. Unless you agonise it, of course!”

“And this tomato, the water content is really high. The taste of this ingredient will be incredible!”

After looking around the Spiritual Store Room and evaluating all the ingredients there, he did not discover anything that he could not identify or match to an ingredient on Earth.

“In that case, this would be simple. As long as I use the recipes that I am familiar with, I can guarantee the taste of each dish I cooked!”

“Sigh! I really wanted to taste the food in this world! I am sure that the food I made using these ingredients will be much tastier than the food I made on Earth.”

Luo Xiu swallowed his saliva. For a man like him, not having a sense of taste and smell is really difficult.

There are so many wonderful ingredients in front of him, but he could not try all the tastes of the various ingredients. This is akin to torture.

“So many ingredients! If each day I only cook 10 different dishes, I reckon that I could have enough different varieties of dish for 1 month!”

Luo Xiu stood there, and glanced at all the various ingredients in the storeroom. He was thinking that when they reopen the Nine Gates Restaurant tomorrow, what dishes he should cook to attract customers.

For each restaurant, the reactions of the guests mean the difference between a restaurant that has a roaring business and one that has no business.

For instance, if, on the first day of reopening, he could attract a long queue of customers, then in future, it is much easier for him to do business.

Therefore, the dishes on the first day is especially important.

That the dish tasted good is of secondary importance. The most important thing is to attract the customers’  attention.

“What should I cook?”

Luo Xiu looked around and considered how he would cook each dish with that ingredient. When he finally saw an ingredient that was yellow like the yellow jade, his eyes lit up.

“Ok, this will be the main ingredient!”

Luo Xiu picked the sack filled with yellow jade and placed it in the kitchen.

Of course, he did not forget to get some meat, and the large onions named [Green Jade Seedlings]!

Looking at Luo Xiu ferrying bags to and fro the kitchen, Ye Weiling asked, “Brother, what are you doing?”

“Tomorrow morning we will open for business. Our business will be depending on these ingredients!” Luo Xiu smiled.

Ye Weiling was shocked, “Using these?”

“Right, this thing is better than salt!”

“Are you sure?”

Ye Weiling eyes widen with scepticism. She felt that the salt he had created is already very incredible. That is something that could evaluate a [Fine Dish] into a [Delicious Dish].

“You do not believe your brother?”

Luo Xiu smiled, and slapped his tight, “Oh, I almost forgot about these!”

“Seaweed, wild fungus….”

Luo Xiu listed out some ingredients and said, “Tomorrow please buy these ingredients from the market. Just a bit of each ingredient is enough!”

“As well, go and find Grandpa Lin, and order a custom made product from him. I will draw the design for you.”

“Also, find blacksmith Shen, and request to buy a kitchen cleaver!”

“In addition…..”

Luo Xiu picked up a brush, and wrote down all the items he needs on a bamboo stripe.

This world’s bamboo is much bigger in size than that of Earth. Therefore, each household prepared a lot of bamboos, and use them to write down whatever they need so that they will not forget.

Nine Gates Restaurant requires a lot of ingredients, and therefore they have a quite a lot of bamboo strips.

“What are all these?”

Ye Weiling looked at the drawing on the bamboo. These two big pieces of stone looked very strange.

And that kitchen blade, why is it so wide?

The spoons need to made using iron [2]?

Ye Weiling’s brain was swimming with these weird stuff that her brother wanted.

Her brother had just escaped death, but his brains have been turned into mush…..

“Do not ask so many questions. Just do as I said, and I will teach you how to use these kinds of stuff!”

Lou Xiu waved his hand at Ye Weiling. He was thinking what else does he need.

He was preparing to move a lot of the items used on Earth into Nine Gates Restaurant. In this way, he could achieve his dream of using his skills to spread the love of Chinese cuisine all over the Country of Fine Cuisine.

“For now, this should be enough!”

Luo Xiu thought about it and felt at these should be enough at the moment.

After Ye Weiling unwillingly stepped out of the restaurant, Luo Xiu then looked towards the bag of “Yellow Jade”.

“Whether our restaurant can make a fortune is dependent on you!”


At this time, in the biggest restaurant in Snow Moon City, in the backyard of Inkfusion Restaurant….

“Master, this is bad……”

A sharp cry immediately rang out from the backyard.

“Young Master…. Young Master is dying!”

An employee anxiously knocked on the door of the room where the owner of Inkfusion Restaurant, Li Deyong, is residing in.

The frantic sound of knocking on the door was very loud compared to the silent of the night.

Zhi Ya!

The door was opened very quickly, and revealed a calm face that has been through the vicissitudes of life.

This face belongs to Li Deyong, the richest man in Snow Moon City.

“What happened to little Yuan?”

Li Deyong frowned and wore his outer clothes, and looked at the employee that was assigned to watch over his son.

“Master, you better go to the kitchen and see for yourself…. Young master—”

The employee was very anxious and flustered, and cried, “After eating a dish he had cooked, his face immediately turned black, and he collapsed onto the floor!”

[Fake Fact Alert!!]


Li Deyong’s face immediately shown his anxiety. He pushed the employee aside and rushed toward the kitchen.

This kitchen is specially made so that his son, Li Yuan, may practice his cooking skills.


Li Deyong slammed opened the door to this kitchen, and heard the groans of his son, “Urghh….”

Li Yuan’s hands were holding on his throat. His face was turning black rapidly, and his eyes were bloodshot. He looked as if he might pass away at any moment.

“Yuan Er!”

Li Deyong heart was broken at seeing this scene, and he immediately rushed towards his son.

Li Yuan saw that his father had arrived, and his eyes seem to gleam.

In the next second, his eyes width, and his hands and legs involuntary sketched. His head collapsed into Li Deyong’s chest.

He passed away just like that!

Li Deyong was confounded. He could not bring himself to believe that his son…. is dead.

“Divine Chef…. Quick, call for the Divine Chef in the church!”

Li Deyong roared. His roar echoed throughout the entire restaurant.




[1] 一颗颗眼珠子那么大的黄豆 – The author actually said ‘And there are soybeans the size of eyeballs.’ The human eyeballs are the same size as ping pong balls. So I translated it as ‘size of ping pong balls’ instead. The reason is when I read ‘size of eyeballs’, I want to vomit and could not continue translating – my imagination is too active.

For those with a strong stomach, see for the size of the human eye. Warning, graphic content.

Anyway, I translate the meaning and not the words. So no problems here! J Apologies to those who like to eat soybean the size of eyeballs.

[2] 玄金 the author says the spoon is made from Xuan Jin. I did some research and discovered Xuan Jin is actually a very old name for Iron (铁). This term for calling iron is obsolete. See (in Chinese). Grrr…

Fake Fact – Nitrate Poisoning – Face turns black after you ate a dish containing nitrate and you die


At most, nitrate would make the person sick first, and die from cancer later. The first indication water source being poisoned by nitrate are animals or babies dying, weeks later.


Bonus fact, you can find nitrate in garlic, celery, rocket, watermelon…



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