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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 023

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 23 – Earning More Spiritual Stones


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“Is this a secret book?”

Luo Xiu thought that in a world of cultivation where strength is respected, this book must be quite extraordinary to be placed in such an incredible location, and preserved with hidden mechanisms.

This book is quite ancient, and is made of thin strips of bamboo.

Shua La La! 


Luo Xiu could not wait and immediately opened the book.

His eyes were immediately attracted to the words in this bamboo-book, “General Matters.”

Under this heading, there is a phase that confirmed Luo Xiu’s suspicions.

Nine Gates restaurant, there are 9 floors. There is one gate on each floor.

In addition to the freezing room, and the training room, there are also other rooms such as the fortune room, immortal cave etc. All these strange and familiar names made Luo Xiu scratch his head in amazement and wonder.

“I did not expect that this Nine Gates restaurant had so many secrets!”

Luo Xiu then realised that the ancient book in his hand is not a method of cultivation, but rather, it is a book that explains what is going on in this place.

It explains all the Nine Gates in this restaurant.

The spiritual gate in the kitchen on the first floor of the restaurant is called the Spiritual Store Room, and is a place where Luo Xiu can place his ingredients.

And the symbol on the room is the key to unlocking more exotic ingredients.

The secret room that he is current is called Beam Pavilion. It is used to place some Xiuzhen skills, Cultivation methods, as well as some recipes.

As for the 3rd floor that was still locked, it is called Hidden Pavilion. This place could be used to grow plants such as spiritual vegetables, spiritual grains or other crops.


And there is a Heaven Pavilion….. 

“As I suspected, this Nine Gates restaurant is not as simple as a normal restaurant!”

Luo Xiu suddenly felt very curious about his foster father, Ye Zhong’s, identity. He had such a unique and amazing place, and still, he kept a low profile as a chef?

What happened to him and why did he do that is a huge mystery.

“But now that he is dead, it is impossible to find out…”

Luo Xiu shook his head, and let these thoughts go. He began to look at the book in more detail.

In this world, although Chefs are highly respected and ingredients and fine food are important, at the end of the day, having the strength is the most important.

After all, each Xiuzhen practiser looks up to spiritual chefs to increase their own cultivation.

And strength is gained from learning spiritual skills as well as cultivation method.

“[Ling Yan], [Kai Qiao] , [Lian Ti], [Yun Dan]… to become a Kitchen Xiuzhen practicer is not as simple as I thought!”

The guide had written the four steps that all Kitchen Xiuzhen practicers must go through.

Only chefs that had learned these four steps can become a Kitchen Xiuzhen practicer.

Otherwise, they are just normal Xiuzhen practicers.

The first step, [Ying Yan] is to gather and condense all the spiritual energy in the body and grow a spiritual seed infused with their spiritual attribute from within. Only then will the body be filled with spiritual energy.

The yearly spiritual test will allow one to determine their spiritual attributes.

All living things have spiritual energy, and it is because they have spiritual energy that they are alive.

This includes the ingredients as well as the food that we eat using these ingredients.

Human beings also have spiritual energy. Therefore they are able to embark on the path to become a Xiuzhen practicer. They have the ability to control the spiritual energy and empower themselves, and hence strengthen their body.

The Country of Fine Cuisine had explored a set of cultivation method.

But only those who have a large amount of spiritual energy can use this cultivation method to become an immortal, and escape the cycle of reincarnation [1].

The spiritual energy is used for everything.

Spiritual energy is a natural occurrence in this world. It is also the key to attaining power.

“Everything had spiritual energy… this should be correct. All the ingredients in this world naturally have spiritual energy. Even humans also have spiritual energy contained within their bodies.”

Luo Xiu felt that this world is not much different from that of Earth. Both of them seek to improve the lifespan of the human race.

The difference between these two worlds is that on Earth, they focused more on using external methods to extend lifespan, such as technology, medicine, etc.

As for the Country of Fine Cuisine, they focus more on internal methods, such as cultivating the spiritual energy within the body and becoming an immortal.

As a Kitchen Xiuzhen practicer, you can extend your life indefinitely. And spiritual food may be used to extend the lifespan of Xiuzhen practicers.

Luo Xiu continued to read on, and he was attracted to one method of cultivation that was mentioned in this book.

This guide also listed all the Xiuzhen skills and Cultivation skills available in this room.

The second step of cultivation [Kai Qiao] is not to open the mind of the practicers, but to open all the meridians in the human body. It is rumoured that there are more than 1000 acupoints in the human body that is affected by the meridians [2].

In particular, he was focused on one line in this text, “[Kai Qiao] – can open the 5 senses and increase the power of the eye, nose, tongue, ears, and hands.”

Nose and tongue!


“This is talking about the sense of smell and taste?”

Luo Xiu was highly excited! Although he had lost his sense of smell and taste, he does not really feel bad about it.

But if these senses could be restored, it will definitely increase his cooking skills by leaps and bounds.

This is why Luo Xiu wanted to become a Kitchen Xiuzhen Practicer. As he thought, once he becomes a kitchen practicer, he could refine his body, and restore his lost senses.

“This skill is located in the wall on the left, the ninth row and the tenth column.”

Luo Xiu immediately walked over, and saw the figure of a human word on that case. It was written [Kai Qiao].

“Looks like the skill I want is stored in this case!”

Luo Xiu wanted to take a sledgehammer to break down the case. But his instinct told him that in this world where Xiuzhen practicers are common, it is unlikely his plan will work.

The book he read had already informed him that if he wants to open any of the cases here, he needs to have the approval of the Nine Gates restaurant. 

And the only way to get approvable from the Nine Gates restaurant is to use spiritual stones.

“Earn money! I must earn more money. Each of the symbols here must be opened with sufficient spiritual stones!”

“Maybe this Nine Gates restaurant had lost too much spiritual power and need to steal the power from the spiritual stones to restore its splendour and glory!”

Luo Xiu’s eyes shine with a ray of hope. Looking at the four walls of this room, this is indeed a treasure trove!

“As long as I have mastered the [Ling Yan] step, I can finally cultivate. Most of the other Kitchen Xiuzhen practicers lament the lack of recipes, skills and cultivation methods. For me, all these are not a problem!”

“My only problem is to gather enough spiritual stone! Therefore, I need to earn more spiritual stones!”

Having made up his mind, Luo Xiu decided to exit this place and go back to the restaurant.

When he returned to Ye Zhong’s room, he was surprised and dismayed to find that the symbol had dimmed and become less and less visible.


He stepped on it again, and there was no reaction.

“Damn it! There is no more spiritual energy?”

“Such a letdown!”

“Looks like I need more spiritual stones to open this Beam Pavilion.”

“Darn it, why do I have the feeling that I am being ripped off by this restaurant?” Luo Xiu frown and made his way downstairs.

Luo Xiu had no intention of informing Ye Weiling about what he had discovered on the 2nd floor. At least, he could not tell her right now.


“Has the secret door in the kitchen disappeared?” Luo Xiu asked.

Ye Weiling was wiping the table when Luo Xiu came down.

Ye Weiling glanced into the kitchen and replied, “No, it is still opened. Hehehe! Brother, does it means that we need not buy ingredients and can reopen the Nine Gates Restaurant? “

“That’s the plan. But first, we need to examine all the ingredients before we can decide on the menu!”

Luo Xiu said this and immediately made his way to the Spiritual Storage Room.

If he wants to earn more spiritual stones, then his only way out is to reopen the Nine Gates Restaurant.

As for cooking and the kitchen work, Luo Xiu is well versed in this. In his previous life, he had built a restaurant empire on Earth


Therefore, he did not feel pressurised by the need to gather so many spiritual stones.

All he needs to do is to open the shop and earn more monies. It is that simple.

“Oh yes, Weiling, please help me to refine the salt. In the next few days, we will need a lot of it!”

Luo Xiu reminded Weiling as he made his way into the Spiritual Store Room.




[1] For Buddhists, they believe that when a person died, they will be reincarnated. See

[2] If you are interested in learning more about these acupoints, see




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