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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 022

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 22 – The Strange Room


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Seeing the same pattern in the small loft, Luo Xiu was surprised.

“Nine Gates Restaurant, it turns out… There is a mystery in Nine Gates Restaurant!”

Luo Xiu is almost certain that the reason why this restaurant is called Nine Gates Restaurant is because there are nine floors in this restaurant!

In other words, the remaining seven floors are closed.

Only through this symbol can a person be teleported to the remaining seven floors of the pavilion.

“The door to the foodstuffs on the first floor should have absorbed the spiritual energy from the spiritual stone. That was why the hidden door was revealed!”

“And on the second floor, the absorption of all the spiritual energy in a medium Grade Spiritual Stone opened the Teleportation Gate Symbol!”

“In other words, the key to opening all the nine floors of the Nine Gates Restaurant is Spiritual Stones!”

At this moment, he is almost certain that his speculation is correct… Spiritual Stone is used by Kitchen Xiuzhen Practicers for cultivation, but Nine Gates Restaurant can actually absorb Spiritual Stone to restore the teleportation symbol?

“This means that the entire Nine Gates Restaurant is a treasure trove!”

“Right now, only spiritual stones can reopen all the upper floors of this restaurant!”

Luo Xiu looked at the teleportation symbol and knew that if he wanted to open all the secrets of Nine Gates Restaurant, he would have to prepare enough spiritual stones.


No matter where you are, you will always need more money!

Luo Xiu sighed. There were some doubts in his mind.

“If this small loft is the key to opening the third floor, then what is the secret room that was inside Dad’s room?”

“There is nothing there. Could it be a room for Dad to practice martial arts?” Luo Xiu wondered.

He looked around but did not find any other symbols here.

Right now, within the entire Nine Gates Restaurant, there are three symbols… One is a food warehouse, one is a practice room, and the last one is the key to open the third floor of Nine Gates Restaurant.

“If we look at the layout of the food store, it is possible that the teleportation symbol on the first floor will lead to a second floor where spiritual ingredients are stored!”

Luo felt as if he was playing an RPG game where he was discovering secret rooms. This Nine Gates Restaurant had teleportation gates hidden all over the place, but it needs Spiritual Stone to find and open these teleportation gates.

“First, let’s examine the secret room in Dad’s room!”

Luo Xiu returned to Ye Zhong’s room, and stepped on the symbol. Immediately he was engulfed by bright lights. He closed his eyes

After he reopened his eyes, he discovered that he had arrived at the secret room.

This room seems to be empty. Luo Xiu did not examine this room in dept when he first came here. He thought this is a locked, dark room that is used to practice martial arts. But today, when he examined the room in dept, he was surprised by what he found.

The four walls of this room were covered with strange symbols!

And under each symbol, there is a dark case.

“All these cases empty?”

Luo Xiu walked to the nearest case. On the top of this case was a drawing of a man.

“Knock, knock, knock!”

Luo Xiu knocked on the case. From the sound it returned, it seemed that there are empty spaces inside it.

Luo Xiu had guessed correctly. All the cases in the room were empty. Someone had taken all the items contained inside.

That means that there were some treasures inside each case.

“Why didn’t my old man [1] tell me about this?”

“He has hidden this secret well. Even his own daughter and son were not informed about this.”

Luo Xiu was puzzled at Ye Zhong’s methods. But he guessed that maybe his father had his own reasons for not telling them.

“How do I open the cases here?”

“Don’t tell me that I need more spiritual stones?”

“Don’t tell me that I need more spiritual stones?”

Luo Xiu pushed at the case with all his might. The dark case did not move an inch. It was as if it was a part of the wall.

After trying several different ways to open the case, Luo Xiu was still empty-handed. Suddenly he looked at the picture on the box.

In examining the pictures, he discovered some clues.

“This humanoid pattern should be the corresponding human body…”

As soon as he just finished saying these, Luo Xiu suddenly had a flash of inspiration.


Aren’t these the words in this word?

Luo Xiu was so used to the words on Earth, that he had forgotten the words here are written differently!

These are words! They use the figure of a human to convey words.

Under the picture, there are two small words, “Strengthen Body”.

“Strengthen Body?”

Luo Xiu was thinking what these words could mean. Suddenly he understood! “This is a martial arts skill! This is a skill that allows the practiser to strengthen their body!”


He immediately made a beeline for the next case. That cover also has a human figure on it, and below it wrote, ‘Opening meridians points [2]’.

Strengthening Body, Opening Meridians points, Refining Spiritual Energy!

Ice attribute, Thunder attribute, Fire attribute….

On each of the case, there were words on them.

Luo Xiu was stunned by what he had discovered.

All these cases contained Xiuzhen practicer skills.

Contained within the case with the Thunder words on should be a skill for Thunder attribute Xiuzhen practicers.

Contained within the case with the Ice words on should be a skill for Ice attribute Xiuzhen practicers. And so on….

As for the basics skills like ‘Strengthen Body’, ‘Opening the Meridians’, these should basic skills for Xiuzhen practisers.

“This Nine Gates Restaurant is really not simple!”

Luo Xiu felt that the restaurant that his adoptive father had left him and Weiling is becoming more and more mysterious.

“If I did not cross over into this world, this restaurant may belong to Li Yuan!”

Luo Xiu was lost in his thoughts. Suddenly he thought he saw something strange. The design on one of the cases is very special.

That case does not have a single word. In this room filled with thousands of cases and words on them, this case really stands out from the crowd.

There is only one such case. And this case was located in the middle of a wall. As if all these cases are here just to make it stand out.

“This is very strange. As well… it is strategically located in the centre of this wall. There is a high probability that there is a secret in this case!”

Luo Xiu walked over to that case.

When he touched the case and was about to examine it further, a strong suction force almost sucked him into that case.

“What is this?”

Luo Xiu frowned and steady himself. In the next second, this suction force suddenly disappeared.

“Pai La”!

A soft sound rang out from that case.

Luo Xiu pulled out his hand. To his surprise, that secret case had transformed into a wall.


This situation is too weird! Luo Xiu looked at the case. It is only a few centimetres thick. Yet, his entire arm into it.

“Then…. Let’s try again!”

Luo Xiu gritted his teeth, and placed his palm on the wall where the case used to be.

There is a strong suction force that pulled him into it again, and gave him a fright. This time, he is ready for the suction force.

But his arm had entered into the case. Looking at the case, he discovered ripples on the surface of the case, as if the case was made of water.

His arm was immersed in the case.

This case is definitely very weird.

It is not a wall.

Luo Xiu did not have time to think much about it, because his hand, which was submerged into the case, seemed to caught hold of something.

Normally if a person is faced with this situation, they will be overcome with fear [3].

After all, nobody could predict what is behind this wall. What if he had caught something that is alive or is ‘unclean’ stuff [4].

But Luo Xiu is a man of great courage. How else does he dare to go fishing for king salmon in the Bermudas?

Sha! Sha! Sha!

He felt around the space, and discovered that the space within the case is not very big.

If he reached out with his entire arm, he could felt the edge of the space. He felt up and down, and confirmed that there is nothing else in that space. He could only find the item that he had felt earlier.

Luo Xiu pulled that item out of the case.

When he looked down, he discovered that this is a book.

This is the item that was placed in that case.


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[1] My old man = father.

[2] The Chinese martial arts used to believe that if you open all the meridians points in the body, you will be able to accumulate ‘chi’ and have inner energy for kung fu. See

[3] See what happens when girls tried to feel something that they could not see. This is super funny, and will make you laugh until you cry.

[4] Unclean stuff refers to the dead. E.g. undead, zombie, skeletons etc.




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