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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 021

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 21 – The Secret of the Nine Gates Restaurant


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Luo Xiu was surprised. He looked towards the room where the light was emitting from. In his mind, he immediately thought of a middle-aged man with a face covered by with beard.

Luo Xiu’s adoptive father is Ye Zhong, a qualified chef.

Based on what Luo Xiu could recall, he was carried here by Ye Zhong.

Ye Zhong is a heavy drinker. He often sits in the backyard of the Nine Gates Restaurant, looked into the night sky and frequently said some words that are incomprehensible.

But today, these weird habits of his father mean that his father is a man with a story behind his weird habits.

He had wine, but had never ever revealed his story to Luo Xiu.

“Right now, it is time for this story to be reveal? Maybe… that death is faked?”

Base on his memories of his late adoptive father, he thinks that Ye Weiling’s father is not a simple man.

The Luo Xiu of the past is too young and trusting, Ye Weiling is too naïve and innocent. Therefore, the two siblings did not suspect anything. But Luo Xiu is different. He is a man who had lived in two different worlds, and had met all kinds of people while he is a chef on Earth.

His experience, honed from years of observing people, have told him that things are not what they seemed.

“That type of man that loves to drink wine. That type of man that stood with their back straight and tall even when things are going downhill. How did that type of man become a chef in this small town?”

Luo Xiu shook his head, and made his way to Ye Zhong’s room.

“Just as I suspected….”

Luo Xiu’s eyes suddenly appeared a lot sharper.

The scene in front of him was really out of his expectations.

The room that is usually ‘normal’ was glowing with bright lights.

The room that is usually ‘normal’ was glowing with bright lights.

This light comes from a strange symbol on the floor of the room. When Luo Xiu crept closer to that symbol, it becomes much clearer.

Luo Xiu stared at that symbol. That symbol seemed to be alive.


Luo Xiu was filled with curiosity and touched the symbol on the floor. Suddenly the whole room was filled with bright light.

And Luo Xiu, who was supposed to be in the room, also disappeared.

“Where… where am I?”

Luo Xiu looked around the place. He had just touched the symbol, and in the next moment, he was magically transported to this room.

He looked around and discovered that under his feet, there is the same symbol as the one in his father’s room.

“Is this is a teleportation gate?” Luo Xiu guessed.

To confirm his conjecture, he stepped on the symbol. The flash of light appeared again.

Instantly, Luo Xiu returned to Ye Zhong’s room in Nine Gates restaurant.

“As I suspected…. This is a teleportation device!”

“This is really strange and amazing!”

Luo Xiu discovered that Nine Gates Restaurant is not what it appears to be. He also wondered what his foster father real identity is. He was very sure that Ye Zhong is not just an ordinary chef.

“Brother, Brother… Quick, come and see!”

“Damn it! Something bad had happened!”

Hearing the shouts of Ye Weiling, Luo Xiu immediately ignored the symbol and rushed down.

“Brother, in the kitchen…..”

Ye Weiling saw Luo Xiu and pointed towards the kitchen. Her face was full of surprise and shocked.

Luo Xiu had already discovered the teleportation gate. He knew that this Nine Gates Restaurant is definitely weird. Therefore he did not doubt his sister’s words and rushed into kitchen. As soon as he step into the kitchen, he was surprised by what he saw.


There is a door in a section of the kitchen that was supposed to be a white colour wall.

“I have been living here since I was young, and I did not even know that there is such a door in the kitchen. Just now, I discovered a noise, and came in to take a look. Then I discovered the door.”

Ye Weiling hid before Luo Xiu. The sudden appearance of this door had frightened her.

“You scaredy cat!”

Luo Xiu laughed in relief. At least his sister, Ye Weiling is safe.

He made his way to the new door, and Ye Weiling followed behind him.


Luo Xiu placed his hands on the door. Suddenly he felt a chilling cold sensation on his hand. He could help but to shout in alarm, “It is very cold!”

Luo Xiu used all his strength and attempt to open the door. But the door would not yield. However hard he tried, all his efforts were fruitless.

“Yi? This is strange. The door is so heavy?”

Luo Xiu gritted his teeth and used all his strength as well as his body weight to pull at the handle of the door. Suddenly, the door seemed to groan with a loud noise.

“Hu la!” The door was finally opened – just a small gap.

A gust of cold air immediately rushed out from tiny gap of the door. Luo Xiu and Ye Weiling were unprepared for the gust of cold air. The sudden change in temperature made them sneeze.

“Oh, it is very cold…..”

Ye Weiling hugged her hands over her body to warm herself, and Luo Xiu also shivered in cold.

“Don’t tell me this is a cold storage room?”

Luo Xiu ignore the freezing air, and used all his strength and body weight to try opening the door wider.

“Hong Long!”

The door was finally wide open. By this time, Luo Xiu was dead tired. He had exerted all the strength in every fibre of his body just to open this door.

This type of door is almost as secured as the huge steel safes that were used in banks on Earth.

Gusts of chilly winds continuously escaped from the door. After some time, the chilly cloud of gas finally dispersed.

In front of Luo Xiu, there is a teleportation symbol.

But this symbol, unlike the symbol in his father’s room, is black in colour and not emitting any light.

Behind this symbol is actually a cold room, just like the freezer on Earth. Inside this cold room are multiple ingredients.

“Oh…. What are these?”

Ye Weiling is well versed with many ingredients in this world. But even she could not recognise most of these ingredients.

“This should be the seed of [Chun Gu]. Oh, this I recognise! [Ban Zi] meat! And these are Deeson Fruits! So many Deeson Fruits!”

“These must be hidden by our late father!”

“I am so angry at him! He did not even inform us with his dying breathe that Nine Gates Restaurant still have a storage room!”

Ye Weiling continued to chattered, and her face was full of excitement.

Anyone who discovered so many ingredients would also be as excited as she was.

Luo Xiu was looking at the symbol with interest. Luo Xiu had just glance over all these ingredients, and had determined that all these should be this world’s most common and basic ingredients.

The strangest thing in this room must be this symbol.

This is a symbol that can teleport him to another location.

“Weiling, is the spiritual stone that Li Yuan gave us still there?” Luo Xiu looked back and asked.

Ye Weiling pouted, “Yes, but there are not much spiritual energy left.”

After she said that, she walked out of the door. When she returned, there is a black colour spiritual stone in her hand. There are hardly any spiritual energy remaining on the stone.


But when this spiritual stone enters the secret room, the symbol on the floor suddenly lighted up!

“As I suspected!” Luo Xiu was thinking.

The symbol suddenly dimmed again.

“I guess this is because it lack spiritual energy. That is why it dimmed down. This means that if there are sufficient spiritual energy, this teleportation gate can be opened.”

“Weiling, is there any more abnormalities in the first floor?” Luo Xiu asked his sister.

Ye Weiling shook her head. “No. Why? Brother, did you discovered something?”

“I think so. I will go upstairs to take a look.” Having said that, Luo Xiu ran up the flight of stairs.

This time he did not enter Ye Zhong’s room. Rather he entered a small  loft in the 2nd floor.


This loft is currently not used.

Nine Gates Restaurant is a 2 storey restaurant. But if you look at this loft, it could lead to a hidden 3rd storey in the restaurant.

The strangest thing about this loft is that there is a similar symbol as the symbol in Ye Zhong’s room on the wall of this loft!




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