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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 020

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 20 – The 2nd Floor is Different!


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“Young master …. Do we let them off the hook so easily?”

Within a small alleyway in Snow Moon City, a voice sounded out.

The group of men in the small alleyway is none other than Li Yuan and his aides.

“Let them off? How could we let them off?”

Li Yuan clutched his fist, and his eyes looked very cold, “This debt, and all the previous debts, I will settle all the debts with him one day!”

“But right now, he had the backing of a high-level chef, and we must not make any moves!”

Li Yuan shook his head in resignation.

“High-level chef?”

“Right, how else could you explain that a man who could not cook for his life suddenly improve so much in the span of one night?”

Li Yuan sneered as he continued, “Luckily, I did not walk away empty handed!”


His aides all looked at Li Yuan in surprise, and Li Yuan open the palm of this hand. The white colour crystal power appeared in his hand.


Everyone was stunned.

The object in Li Yuan’s hand is none other than the ingredient that Luo Xiu had just used to win the chef battle.

“En, this is salt! That kid is was too green. He was still struck in the joy of winning the chef battle and did not notice that he had left a packet of salt on the table, and I managed to steal the salt from him!”

Li Yuan gloated, “I approached him nicely and asked him to sell it to me, but he refused. So I have no choice but to steal it!”

“This thing can allow the [Fine Food] you make to become a [Delicious food]?”

Li Yuan looked at the sparkling crystalise ‘salt’ in his hands, and his eyes revealed his ambitions, “This should be something that is extraordinary. Maybe it could even allow me to become a [Great Chef]!”

“Hahaha! That dumbass is still celebrating his win over you and have no clue that his trump card had been stolen!”

The aides were happy for Li Yuan. After all, they have seen the power of salt for themselves. It is indeed something that could be considered a miracle ingredient.

In their eyes, if Luo Xiu, a rookie chef could use this ingredient to create a dish that could almost be counted as [Delicious Food], then their master would definitely be able to use this ingredient to create a higher level [Delicious Food].

“Let’s go. We talk about it when we returned back. Sigh. This time I did not succeed in getting the Nine Gates Restaurant. Looks like the plans of my father had just gone up in smoke!”

Li Yuan’s eyes shown how bitter he was at losing this chef battle. He looked at the Nine Gates Restaurant. He had made and prepared a plan for the hostile takeover of this restaurant. But right now, all his plans had come to naught. Li Yuan was very unhappy about this.

“Losing the spot for taking the spiritual test is a small issue. Initially, we are intending to use Nine Gates Restaurant as a base to lurch the second store for Inkfusion restaurant. Right now, we could find another way.”

“Luo Xiu, mark my words! I will definitely have my revenge on you!”

Li Yuan gritted his teeth, and quickly made his way back to Inkfusion Restaurant.

Luo Xiu have no clue to Li Yuan’s identity, and did not know that this man is actually the young master of the Inkfusion restaurant.


At this time, within the Nine Gates Restaurant, Ye Weiling could not help dancing in joy and shouting excitedly.

“Brother, this is a spiritual stone. A medium grade spiritual stone! We can use this to purchase a lot of ingredients!”

“This is the first time I ever seen such a big spiritual stone!”

Ye Weiling was extremely happy, and in her hands, she waved the medium grade spiritual stone around.

Luo Xiu just looked at the table where he placed a packet of salt, and coldly sneered, “The fish had bitten the bait!”

“Arh? What are you talking about? What fish?”

Ye Weiling kept the medium grade stone carefully, and looked at Luo Xiu in puzzlement.

“Who else? I am talking about Li Yuan!”

“This guy is dead meat!”

Luo Xiu could not help grinning. The packet of salt that he left on the table is a bait specially prepare for Li Yuan. That packet of salt is nitrate.

3g of this stuff is enough to kill!

The big packet contains at least 50g of nitrate.

“I purposely made salt sounded as it is incredible, and that is to attract Li Yuan’s attention. He had fallen for the ruse, line, hook and sinker!”

Never in his wildest dream would Li Yuan imagined that there is a product that is similar to salt but is actually deadly poison.

Luo Xiu carefully kept the contents of the bowls, and he looked very happy, as if he had finally taken his revenge.

“Now…. You can rest in peace?”

Luo Xiu sighed. The Luo Xiu, whose body he had inherited, desired revenge.

That Luo Xiu was killed by Li Yuan, and today he had poisoned Li Yuan. A life for a life! Right now he is not the Luo Xiu that had died, but a totally different person living in Luo Xiu’s body.

“Since you have killed, you should be prepared to be killed. This is the law of the land!”

Luo Xiu closed his eyes. When he next reopened his eyes, he had returned to his emotionless self.

“The next step is to reopen Nine Gates Restaurant, and also to take the examination to be certified as a chef.”

When he thought of the examination, he immediately thought of his spoils for this battle – the right to take a spiritual test.

“Weiling, keep this token carefully. In one month’s time, you will take the spiritual test with me!”


Ye Weiling was surprised. She looked at the token in her hand, and asked, “What about you?”

“Me? Once I become a chef, I will qualify to take the test. This spiritual test token is actually for you!” Luo Xiu stroked Ye Weiling on her head.

Ye Weiling was touched, and she almost cried, “Brother, thank you…”

“There is nothing to thank me for! You are my sister. If I do not take care of you, who will take care of you?”

Luo Xiu tease her and pinched Ye Weiling’s nose.

Ye Weiling suddenly looked very firm and determined, “Brother, I will definitely become a chef. Since you have no sense of smell or taste, I will replace you and become your senses.”

“All right, then from now on, you are my aide, and will follow me for life?”  Luo Xiu teased her.

Ye Weiling’s face flushed red, and her voice was barely audible, “En!”

“You are not willing?” Luo Xiu pretended that he did not hear her.

Ye Weiling rolled her eyes.


After laughing, Luo Xiu discovered that he was hungry. After cooking the Deeson Fruit so many times, he did not even had the chance to eat the food that he had cooked.

“But now that I do not have a sense of taste, all food taste the same – they taste like wax.” Luo Xiu shook his head.

Suddenly, Ye Weiling cry out in alarm. The medium grade spiritual stone that Li Yuan had given them was rapidly turning black in colour!


Luo Xiu’s eyes become much sharper. Just now, during the chef battle, the same situation had occurred.

Just now he was focused on the chef battle and did not take the matter to heart.

But right now, looking at the medium grade spiritual stone rapidly turning black, Luo Xiu become suspicious of something.

“Weiling, you stay here and look after the shop! I will go up and take a look!”

Although the name of this restaurant is called Nine Gates Restaurant, in reality, it only comprise of two floors. The upper storey is where the siblings sleep and live, as well as some empty rooms and store rooms.

“Deng! Deng! Deng!”

Luo Xiu rushed up the stairs. His powers of deduction told him that there is something strange in the second storey of this building.

There is nothing in the dining area or the kitchen. Therefore, the only possibility must be upstairs. Luo Xiu immediately deduced this and rushed upstairs.

As Luo Xiu entered the 2nd floor, a flash of light was emitted from his father’s room.




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