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Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 19 – The Winner



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“A gravy that could increase the strength of the body?”

All the men in the restaurant were surprised. Although they could tell that the dish that was created by Luo Xiu is not simple, they could not tell the effect of this dish.

But watching Li Yuan had only tasted the gravy and his body’s reaction, they could guess the effect of this dish.

If they could try the complete dish…. Everyone dared not imagine what would happen.

This dish is definitely very powerful.


After a while, Li Yuan finally regained his wits. He immediately looked at Manager Chen.

Manager Chen did not even try the food that he had created. He just sat there, trembling. His face was red in colour, and his clothes shown some parts of it were ripped. It is obvious from this that his body was getting stronger.

This is an effect that is only possible with [Delicious Dish] grade category of food – strengthening the body.

The dish that Luo Xiu had cooked had an extremely strong strengthening effect on the body.

The dish that Luo Xiu had created is just a [Fine Food], but it is not inferior to a [Delicious Food]. This is the first time that Li Yuan had seen such a dish.

“This kid, he had lost his sense of smell and taste, how could he create such a dish?”

Li Yuan eyes blinked as he stared at Luo Xiu, and he could not fathom what is happening.

The skills of Luo Xiu as he cooked the dish suddenly drifted into his mind.

Refining salt, the superb knife skills, submerging Deeson Fruit in water, the method of stir-frying, Li Yuan had never even heard all these strange stuff before today.

“Don’t tell me this guy has suddenly become so good overnight?”

But at the next moment, he saw something in Luo Xiu’s eyes. Luo Xiu was just playing with him! He was shocked to the core.

“Could he had met a spiritual chef and become the spiritual chef disciple? Otherwise, how could he change so much in such a short span of time?

“Right! Just now my spiritual stone suddenly lost all its spiritual power. Manager Chen’s spiritual stone also met the same fate.

“Gu Deng!”

He suddenly thought of something that he could not shake off.

“That spiritual chef, Luo Xiu’s Shifu, is right now on the second floor of this building. Just now all the spiritual energy in the spiritual stone were sucked by him!”

As soon as he thought about this, beads of perspirations immediately appeared on his back and head.

He could feel the hairs on his back rising in fear.

A spiritual chef is not someone that Li Yuan dared to offend.

This is a being that stood at the apex of the Country of Fine Cuisine.

“Damn it! This kid, how did he manage to meet and build a relationship with someone as high and mighty as a spiritual chef?”

Li Yuan gritted his teeth, and suspiciously looked towards the stairs leading to the second story of the building. At this time, his face became more determined.

Luo Xiu noted the changes in expressions on Li Yuan’s face.

He could guess why Li Yuan’s face looks shocked and that his hyperactive imagination had gone into overdrive.

“I bet you have thought of all kinds of reasons for the huge change in me. But you have not in your wildest dream suspect that the source of my powers in cooking is because I have crossed over into this world!”

Luo Xiu grinned. He suddenly heard the excited voice of Manager Chen.

“The spiritual energy contained within this dish may not have reached the standard of [Delicious Food], but regardless of the smell, taste, or the effects of this dish, it is already as good as the [Delicious Food] standard!”

“In contrast, Li Yuan’s phoenix tail [Ban Zi] egg custard, regardless of its taste, spiritual energy or otherwise, is inferior to this dish.”

Manager Chen was red in his face as he just stood there and declare the result.

At this time, he had just gathered his wits and pulled himself back from the euphoria of having tasted such a delicious dish. He noticed that the pores of his body were effusing a white colour cloud of gas [1], and that the muscles in his body had strengthened by a lot.

Just one [Fine Food] dish from Luo Xiu could create this effect on his body. This dish is definitely the apex of the [Fine Food] category.

“Therefore, the winner of this chef battle is Luo Xiu!”

Manager Chen looked at Li Yuan, who seemed unable to accept that he had lost the chef battle. When he spoke out the words, he could not help but respect Luo Xiu.

The young man standing in front of him had lost his senses of tastes and smell, but it did not stop him from creating such a wonderful dish. Considering his young age, this is all the more impressive.


Ye Weiling who was listening to Manager Chen, immediately cheered after the declaration of victory.

Her brother had managed to keep Nine Gates Restaurant!

In addition, he had also created a dish that was not inferior in standard to a [Delicious Food]. To her, this is something that she dared not imagine.

“Brother, you are amazing!”

The young lady was so excited that she kept harping on and could not keep still.

“Manager Luo, congratulations!”

Manager Chen smiled. Now he had changed the way he addressed Luo Xiu, and no longer refer to him as ‘Young man’ or ‘Luo Xiu’.

Everyone could see that Luo Xiu’s future is bright.

To be able to create a dish that could almost be considered [Delicious Food] means that there is a high probability that he could become a [Great Chef].

A 16 or 17 years old [Great Chef] is quite rare in the Country of Fine Cuisine.

“Congratulations, Boss Luo!”

“In future, you must cook this dish for us to try!”

“Haha, in future, we can enjoy the food that he cooks!”

The neighbours in the restaurant immediately walked towards Luo Xiu and congratulate him on his victory. But you could tell from their words that their mind was full of Luo Xiu cooking for them in future.

In the restaurant, the only one who did not move a muscle is Li Yuan, who seem to be rooted to the spot.

In this battle, he had lost, and had lost badly.

As a qualified chef, he had lost to a commoner. If this was revealed to others, the reputation that he had painstaking built will surely fall.

“Luo Xiu -“

At this time Li Yuan suddenly raised his head. Although his face was still white, he had regained his wits. This man is really not simple.

Although Li Yuan managed to remain calm, it could not change the fact that he had lost.

“I admit defeat!”

“In future, I will not try to take over Nine Gates Restaurant. And this token that will enable you to take the spiritual test, is now yours!”

Li Yuan pointed at the jade piece on the table that Manager Chen was sitting in.

“As well, I was wrong in the past. I hope you will forgive me.”

“This piece of medium spiritual stone, take it as compensation for my past transgressions!”

Saying this, Li Yuan took out another piece of medium grade spiritual stone and handed it to Luo Xiu. He looked very earnest, and his face looked very innocent and harmless.


All the men who knew Li Yuan looked at him in surprise and astonishment.

This behaviour is definitely out of his character!

They had never seen Li Yuan willing to admit defeat before, or let off his rivals. After all, he is a qualified chef.

“This man, he can withstand pressure…”

Luo Xiu’s eyes turn into slits. This Li Yuan was quick to adapt, and his behaviour only reinforces what Luo Xiu believes, ‘That Li Yuan is a cunning and dangerous man! That he had something up his sleeves!’

Luo Xiu smiled, and he did not relax in his vigilance against Li Yuan.

After all, he was almost killed by Li Yuan.

He had every intention of seeking revenge.


Luo Xiu had not accepted the medium grade spiritual stone, so Li Yuan place it next to the piece of jade on the table. He then asked, “Luo Xiu, could you tell me, why could the lowly Deeson Fruit …. Be used to make a dish that is the standard of perfect [Fine Food]?”

Li Yuan looked like he could not understand the reason for his defeat, and wanted to find out why he had lost.

Deeson Fruit… an inferior ingredient, could be used to create a dish that was slightly inferior to [Delicious Food] grade. This is simply astounding.

Everyone heard Li Yuan words, and immediately turned around to look at Luo Xiu. Everyone also wanted to know the reason.

All the gazes were focused on Luo Xiu. They were all ears, eagerly awaiting his explanation.

“This is the reason!”

Luo Xiu did not hide anything. He just smiled, and from his pockets, he pulled out a packet of crystallized powder -salt.



[1] 身冒出了一抹白色的气浪 translated directly into ‘his body was effusing a white colour cloud of gas’. When I first read this sentence in Chinese, I thought he had farted.

To avoid any confusion, I added the words “The pores of” as “The pores of his body were effusing….” This is something common to martial arts and no, he did not fart. It is just that sometimes, when you translate, it does come up funny.




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