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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 018

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 18 – How Did You Make It?



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This restaurant is weird!

Luo Xiu sneers: “Don’t look at me! I don’t know what had happened. You know, this is the first time in my life that I have ever seen a spiritual stone!”

In his heart, he was laughing happily at Li Yuan’s misfortune.

“You don’t know? This restaurant is yours! How could you not know what is happening?” Li Yuan roared.

Luo Xiu held his head up high and straightened his body: “Li Yuan, you have lost. Now hand over the invitation for the spiritual test. Unless you want to renegade on your deal for this chef battle?”


Li Yuan looked awkward. He looked back at the Deeson Fruit thread that Luo Xiu made. He bit his teeth and said, “I don’t know if it is delicious yet?”

“You have not admitted defeat yet?”

Luo Xiu shook his head: “Manager Chen, please taste it!”

Manager Chen did not notice the quarrel between the two men. His attention and sights were focused on the dish. The Deeson Fruit thread was lustrous, and gleamed with light, and was slightly golden in colour.

And concealed under that golden colour is an extremely strong taste.

Just one bite, and endless flavour will burst out.

Just one look, and Manager Chen was captivated by this dish.

So captivated was he that, regarding for the bickering between Li Yuan and Luo Xiu, he did not hear anything at all.

The dish in front of him was arranged like a golden colour phoenix. To be frank, this is the first time that Manager Chen had seen such a beautiful dish [1].

It is so beautiful that Manager Chen could not bear to eat it.

“Oh…. This smell! It is seemly too tempting, and directly captivate a person’s soul.

Manager Chen sniffed at it. The aroma of the food was like a horde of invaders, and immediately charged into his nostrils. He could not stop them.

“I …. I can’t stand it anymore!”

Manager Chen’s face changed colour. He held out his trembling hand, and picked up a spoon. After scooping some threads of the Deeson Fruit, he placed it in his mouth.

Instantly, a pleasant fragrance with a slightly salty flavour filled his mouth.

“What … what taste is this?”

“Salty? Why does salty flavour taste this good?”

“It was if my body was totally recharged!”

Manager Chen could not describe the taste of the food, and his eyes widen. Then he immediately grabbed more of the Deeson Fruit threads.

“It is superb! When you took the first bite, it feels crispy. But inside the crispy taste is a lot of moisture and tender taste! This salty but fragrant taste, is really a good combination!”

“Is this really Deeson Fruit? It is so crispy… Also, there’s a lot of juice within each thread. It is delicious!”

“It is even better than the Inkfusion restaurant [Delicious Food] in terms of taste!”

Manager Chen continued to mumble incoherently as he wolfed down the food. In no time at all, he finished the whole plate of Deeson Fruit threads. Then he licked the plate and finished all the gravy.


Luo Xiu suspected that Manager Chen was a cat in his past life. Which human beings licked the plate after finishing their meal?

This world…. Isn’t it filled with great tasting food?

So why this old man looks like a starving ghost when he eats? It was as if he had never tasted good food before!

Everybody was aghast at Manager Chen’s behaviour. The highly respected and esteemed manager of the church, Manager Chen, actually eats in this crude manner?

This is the first time that they have seen anyone eating so disgustingly in this way.

“Oh…. This is the best tasting dish that I had ever eaten in my life!”

Manager Chen suddenly cried, and two streams of tears flowed down his face.

He cried!

Manager Chen cried after tasting this dish!

Everyone was stunned as they looked at Manager Chen. Then their gaze turned towards Luo Xiu.

What…. What did this dish contain?

How could it make the manager of the church cry like a baby after he ate the food?

Is there magic in this dish?

“Do not look at me!” Luo Xiu shrugged his shoulders. He was also wondering what was going on and was at a loss for words.

He was surprised by the reactions of Manager Chen, and did not know what to do. This guy is probably the first guy who cried after eating Deeson Fruit threads.

“How could it be? Deeson Fruit……Deeson Fruit could not taste that good!”

This is just a common ingredient. How could it be used to create a dish that tasted as good as [Delicious Food]?

No, in terms of taste, this is much better than the [Delicious Food] at Inkfusion restaurant. And made people craved for it again and again!

“I dare to say this, other than the spiritual energy in this dish, the taste and the smell of this dish is definitely better than [Delicious Food] category of dishes!” Manager Chen dabbed dry his tears, and said in a low voice.


Li Yuan stepped back in shock, and his eyes were glued to the empty plate that Manager Chen had just clean. He raised his head and shouted, “I … I do not believe this!”

“How could Deeson Fruit be used to make something that good?” Li Yuan said in a hysterical manner,

Luo Xiu was feeling awkward at Manager Chen and Li Yuan’s behaviour. He scooped up a spoonful of the residual gravy. “Come and try it?”


Li Yuan looked up angrily.

“One taste and you will know why this dish is so delicious!”

Luo Xiu moved the spoon containing the residual gravy in front of Li Yuan.

Li Yuan gritted his teeth. He does not want to eat this. This is just some leftovers! Luo Xiu is giving him the leftovers from his dish! This is an insult!

But the smell effusing from the spoon in front of him seemed to enticed his very soul. It teased his sense of smell in a seductive manner.

“This gravy contains the secret of my dish. If you do not want to try it, then too bad, it is your loss!”

Luo Xiu shook his head, and was about to take away the spoon.

“Wait…. Wait a minute!”

Li Yuan clutched his fist, “I will taste it!”


Luo Xiu snickered.

Li Yuan’s trembling hand reached out and picked up the spoon on Luo Xiu’s hand. He stuck out his tongue and licked the gravy on the spoon.

The speed at which he did this is very fast, like a drop of water falling into a pond.

But Luo Xiu felt that it was like a dog lapping up its food.


The next seconds, Li Yuan’s eyes widen in surprise.

Just one taste of a drop of the gravy, and Li Yuan’s body immediately shook and tremble with excitement.

“This … taste?”

There is a strange mild taste of saltiness that he had never taste before.

His body seems to crave this taste, and his body seemed to feel so good that he could almost fly. At the same time, the salty taste is like permeating into his bones.

“Salt is one of the most important ingredients for human survival.  Although it tasted slightly salty, it is needed by the body. Not only is it used to maintain the osmotic pressure of the extracellular fluid (blood etc), but it also participates in the adjustment of acid balance in the body. It allows stomach acid constantly generate, stimulate appetite…”

Luo Xiu was recapping what he had learnt in school about salt.

Salt is the spice of life. You can lack other spices, but you cannot do without salt.

It is important for human to grow stronger, and help to maintain the nerves and muscles in the body.

If the workers eat more salt, their strength will increase. But of course, this is should be eaten in moderation.

As for the sick, saline can regulate electrolytes and maintain body balance and metabolism. The main ingredient in the bags of saline used in hospitals is actually salt [2].

Therefore, salt is definitely a god-level artefact in this gourmet world.

After all, this is a seasoning that is required by the human body.

Salt also can capture the soul of people and make them crave for more. This is especially so for people whose body are lacking in salt. For these people, salt is like magic and will make their body tremble and shake with excitement, just like Manager Chen and Li Yuan.


Li Yuan took a long time to regain his wits. He looked like a drug addict, and his whole face turned red, and he was shaking uncontrollably.

“This…. How did you make this?”

Li Yuan stared at Luo Xiu. The feeling of Eureka in his body informed him that, this gravy could definitely make him a lot stronger!

Just a bit of gravy, and it already made his body sing with delight.

If he could eat the dish that Luo Xiu cooked, the effect would be a lot better!

Li Yuan was completely stunned.




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