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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 016

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 16 – The Art of Stir Frying


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Stir Fry … this is something I am good in!”

Luo Xiu smiled, and begin to add oil to the wok.

The wok in this world is similar to the Chinese wok. There are two handles on each side of the wok, and is suitable for wok frying.

Wok frying is something that Luo Xiu is highly proficient in.

Wok frying is also called shallow fry. It is a technique used in Chinese Cuisine, and one of the techniques that most Chinese chefs must be familiar with.

There are many methods of stir-frying. Wok frying is one of the most often used methods to flip the ingredients in the wok. It is suitable for dishes that are small in quantity, requires short heating time, and scattered ingredients.

For this dish, ‘Stir Fried Potato Rosti in Chinese Style”, this method of frying is highly suitable for it.

“But it is a pity that there is no metal spatula in the kitchen. Using a wooden spatula is not as effective…”

Wok frying requires movement of wok and spatula at the same time. It repeatedly moved the wok. At the same time, it uses the spatula to quickly turn over the ingredients. After that, the whole process is repeated multiple times.

At the same time, you must shake the wok.


Luo Xiu added the vegetable oil into the wok. When the hot is bubbling and is hot, he immediately poured the oil away, and add more oil to the wok.

“Ah? Why did you pour away the hot oil?” Ye Weiling, who was observing everything could not help asking.

Luo Xiu did not even turn around and face her and just quickly explained,” This is called hot wok, cold oil. If you have hot oil, it will be too hot and destroy the texture of the ingredients!”

“Eh? How come I have never heard of this method before?” Li Yuan, who was also observing was stunned.

Luo Xiu just sneered, “If you know about this, you will not be just a qualified chef!”


Li Yuan was about to retort back, but what Luo Xiu did next immediately scared the crap out of Li Yuan.

‘Hu La’!

While he was talking, his hands did not stop moving. Luo Xiu had already placed the threads of roasted Deeson Fruit into the wok.

At this moment, using his left hand to grab the left handle of the wok, his aura suddenly changed.

In the eyes of Ye Weiling, the air around her brother seemed very different. It was as if he had transformed into another person.


With a flip of his left hand, the wok left the stove. The Deeson Fruit Threads in the wok also flew into the sky due to the sudden movement.


Ye Weiling who was watching this immediately widen her eyes in astonishment.

She had never seen this method of wok frying before. The ingredients that flew out of the wok somersaulted in the air, and under Luo Xiu’s spatula movements were cleanly flipped over. Then the force of gravity took effect and the Deeson Fruit thread returned back to the wok. The Deeson fruit threads looked like they were gleaming while they were in the air.

This move is called ‘Dragon rising from the sea!’

It looked like a dragon was in the wok, raised up from the wok, and returned to the wok.  And in doing so, the food had been flipped over.

Cold water!

At the same time, when Luo Xiu moved the wooden spatula, he added some drops of cold water. As he flipped the threads, the cold water was added to each thread of the Deeson Fruit.

The reason why he added some cold water is to make sure that the Deeson Fruit thread is crisp in taste.

‘Sha! Sha! Sha!’

The wok continued to lurch in the ingredients into the air, and each time, the wooden spatula expertly flipped the Deeson Fruit Threads over. There is a rhythm to the way he expertly moves the wok and the spatula so that not even a single thread of the Deeson Fruit or a drop of the oil within falls onto the floor.

Ye Weiling eyes were sparkling. This is the first time she had ever seen someone who can cook until he appears so handsome.

Right, handsome!

With each flick of his left hand, the Deeson Fruit threads seemed to hear an invisible command, and continued to rise and fall in a circular motion. And the wooden spatula movements are insanely accurate and would unfailingly catch the food in mid-air and turn them over.


Everyone who was watching these dropped their mouth open in disbelief.

Honestly speaking, this is the first time they have ever seen anyone cooking like this.

It is really cool!

For those who did not understand what is happening, they thought that Luo Xiu was playing around. But the wok and the spatula combo seemed to command their attention like magic and they could not look away.

Everyone had a feeling that if the Deeson Fruit threads are fried in this way, the taste will definitely be superb.

‘Gu La La’!

The threads of Deeson Fruits slowly become golden yellow in colour.

This method of wok frying is not just about having sufficient strength.

What it needs is a precise control of the strength.

The wrist strength is the key to controlling the wok.

Luo Xiu wrist looked like it was very flexible. The grip on the wok is extremely stable. The wok may swing freely, but his wrist only slightly moved up and down.

In China, there is a saying. A chef that does not know how to wok fry is not a great chef.

This is a skill that all fine chefs specialising in Chinese cuisine must master.

This is because wok fry could greatly impact the taste of the food.

Using this skill, the ingredients are continuous moved between high heat and short cool down period, and prevents the ingredients from sticking to the bottom of the wok. As well this method of heating allowed the dish to be heated evenly. The texture will not break, and it protects the appearance of the dish.

With a fierce fire and this method of stir-frying will maximise the taste of the dish!


Luo Xiu used the wooden spatula to grab a pinch of salt and added them to the Deeson Fruit threads when he turned them over.

The dish of ‘Stir Fried Potato Rosti in Chinese Style’ is ready to be served.

The restaurant is deadly quiet, because everyone had been rendered speechless by Luo Xiu’s mastery of the wok frying skill.

Ye Weiling, the little glutton, could not wait to try the food.

Just now when Luo Xiu was cooking, she really admired him. Using these types of strange methods to cook Deeson Fruit, the end results should be …. extremely amazing?

As well, the mouth-watering aroma diffusing from the threads of Deeson Fruit had ensnared her in their net, and she was salivating just from smelling the aroma.

“The smell is really incredible!”

Ye Weiling sniffed hard, and her face looked as if she was intoxicated from just drinking in the smell.


After flipping the wok, most of the Deeson Fruit Strips were captured by the wooden spatula.

Ye Weiling swallowed her saliva, and immediately presented a clean plate to Luo Xiu. Luo Xiu smiled and placed the threads of Deeson Fruits onto the plate. The threads looked like a golden shimmering bowl of noodles.

Within the wok, there were still some Deeson Fruit threads. At this time everyone had just recovered their wits, as if they had just woken up from a dream. Butcher Huang was grinning and was about to speak out.

‘Sha!’Luo Xiu just shook the wok again, and once again, the rest of the Deeson Fruit stripes lurched into the air.

Luo Xiu just shook the wok again, and once again, the rest of the Deeson Fruit stripes  into the air.

All this occurs very quickly!

All they saw was a shadow that seemed to cut into the air.

Then the wooden spatula in Luo Xiu’s hands grabbed the remaining food in the air and forced these ingredients down towards the wok. He quickly scrapped all the remaining Deeson Fruit thread together. And again he flipped the wok.


His hands move as fast as a shadow, and all the remaining threads of Deeson Fruits landed on the white plate.

The description may be long, but this occurred only in the span of a few seconds.

Everyone only saw a shadow as the wooden spatula moved, and returned the food to the wok. At the next moment, the food seemed to fly out of their own accord and landed perfectly on the plate.

But what was most amazing is the shape of the Deeson Fruit threads when it landed on the dish.

It was like a Phoenix had just been reborn on the plate itself.

Following this, a very thick aroma diffused from the dish, captivating and ensnaring all its web. Just one sniff is enough to make you salivate.

“Gu lu!’ “

Everyone could not help swallowing their saliva. They were shocked and awed by the last move, ‘A crap jumping into the dragon’s gate’.

Ye Weiling looked at the astounded looks on their faces, and could not help giggling.

“Humph, this is what you get for looking down on Brother!”

She was about the pick up the plate of Deeson Fruit threads.


Luo Xiu interrupted her by slapping her hand, “Wait a moment, it is not ready yet!”

Like the potato on earth, the Deeson Fruit must be taken out of the wok once it is 80% cooked and left on its own for a short while. The heat contained within the oil on the surface of the potato will cook the potato by itself. If it is totally cooked, when you eat it, you will feel that it is not sweet and crispy.

Everyone looked at the Deeson Fruit threads that were still steaming hot. They swallowed their saliva again.

Within the white colour cloud of steam that effused from the Deeson Fruit is the same mouth-watering smell that that attracted the cloud of neighbours over.

With each passing second, the smell thickens in intensity as the dish is slowly cooked by the residual heat.

“Gu Tu! Gu Tu!”

Again, they swallowed their saliva, and their eyes all turned towards Luo Xiu, as if asking him…

In this small porcelain plate, what kind of food is contained in it? What makes countless people drooled in anticipation and salivated uncontrollably with just one whiff of the smell?




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