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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 015

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 15 – Jade Stone, Gourmet Food


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The jade stone floated above the dish that Li Yuan had cooked.

This jade stone is a spiritual stone. It naturally contains spiritual energy. Dishes that falls into the [Fine Food] category could make the spiritual stone emit light.

And the more spiritual energy a dish has, the spiritual stone will continue to emit more light. This stone is really incredible.

In the Country of Fine Cuisine, this spiritual stone is used to evaluate the rank of a dish.

Usually, the taste of the food that could make the spiritual stone light up will not be too bad, and are often delicious.

After all, if a dish had spiritual energy, it is enough to determine the rank of a dish.

Therefore when Manager Chen picked up the spiritual stone and place it above the egg custard,


At that moment, light was emitted from the jade white spiritual stone.

1 ray, 2 rays, 3 rays, 4 rays!

4 rays of lights appeared, and then the light within the spiritual stone disappeared.

“4 rays of light, a medium level [Fine Food]!”

Li Yuan was highly excited, and cried out.

The three aides with him are also screaming excitedly. The person they chose to follow had created a dish that could emit 4 rays of light. This makes them proud!

[Fine food] can be further classified into 3 categories. The low level is considered ‘have flaw’. It means that the food seemed to lack something. 3 or less rays of light from the spiritual stone is considered low level.

And mid-level, it is considered as having no flaw, normal [Fine food]. This category of Fine Food will cause the spiritual stone to create 4 rays of light at minimal, and up to 9 rays of light.

The last category of [Fine Food] is perfection.

A perfect dish of [Fine Food] is the apex of the [Fine Food] category. Unlike other category, it requires the spiritual stone to emit 10 rays of light.

The more rays of light the spiritual stone emits, the closer the dish is to perfection.

Of course, it is very difficult for a [Fine Food] to reach perfection.

Some chefs focused on one dish for 4-5 years, and finally succeeded.

From qualified chef to great chef, this is a very hard bridge to cross into.

“Not bad! 4 rays of light, Mid level [Fine Food], no flaws!”

Manager Chen eyes gleamed. A [Fine Food] that had flaws is extremely tasty!

Although it could not be compared to the taste of perfect [Fine Food], but even Manager Chen did not have many chances to taste perfect [Fine Food].

Just a [Fine Food] without any flaws is enough to tempt Manager Chen and made him shiver with excitement.

“Chef Li Yuan, your cooking skills had improved a lot from last year!”

Li Yuan smiled, “I took 1 year to improve the dish that I am most confident of, and create [Fine Food] without any flaws. This speed could be considered slow.”

Although he said this, everyone could see the pride on his face.

He even glanced at Luo Xiu with proud expression. But Luo Xiu eyes were transfixed on the spiritual stone, and did not even notice Li Yuan showing off his ability.

Li Yuan noticed that Luo Xiu had ignored him, and he pretended to cough, “Luo Xiu, are you frighten silly by the flawless [Fine Food] that I created?”

“No. That spiritual stone…. How come it turned black?”

Luo Xiu pointed at the spiritual stone in Manager Chen hand. Manager Chen immediately looked down, and he was stoned.

The jade white colour spiritual stone, suddenly turned black.


Manager Chen immediately looked around and could not find any problems. But the spiritual stone had indeed turn black.

A spiritual stone that had turned black had lost all traces of the spiritual energy contained within.

Nine Gates Restaurant seemed to be fine. So who or what had absorbed all the spiritual energy within the spiritual stone?

Manager Chen felt the hairs rising on his back. This restaurant is very suspicious.

“Manager Chen, the dish will be cold soon. Why not taste it first?”

Li Yuan immediately called out. Manager Chen looked at Luo Xiu with suspicion, and he looked that the Phoenix Tail [Ban Zi] egg custard. The smell is so alluring….. and Manager Chen temporary forgot about the spiritual stone.

“Here, this is a soup spoon!”

One of Li Yuan’s aide immediately brought out a jade colour soup spoon and placed it in front of Manager Chen.

Manager Chen nodded his head, and was very pleased with Li Yuan’s attitude. He picked up the spoon and was about to take a mouthful. At this moment, Luo Xiu suddenly collide his pot with the hearth furnace and made a large crashing noise.

Manager Chen frown, and glanced at Luo Xiu.

Li Yuan was very unhappy and shouted out, “Luo Xiu, Manager Chen was trying my dish!”

“Oh, is it so…..?”

Luo Xiu smiled, “But I am cooking. My cooking is not preventing him from judging your dish. He can judge the dish while I cook. We are doing two different things, and there are no conflicts between them.”, right?”


Li Yuan was infatuated. This kid did not respect him at all!

I am a qualified chef!

Everyone knows that trying a dish and awarding it a score is a scared thing. This kid is definitely trying to sabotage my score.

‘Zhi ga ga!’

Li Yuan clutched his fists. If Manager Chen is not here today, he will beat Luo Xiu up.

“All right, he is right. My tasting the dish and his cooking are two different things and are not in conflict with each other. Luo Xiu, you continue to cook. You have already seen the level of this dish.”

Manager Chen looked at Luo Xiu. Even though he had said these words, his face suddenly turn black as he exclaimed, “But if you could not make a dish that is better than a flawless [Fine Food], I may not even try it!”

“Arh….. Perfect [Fine Food]? Luo Xiu…. I bet you have never seen such a dish before?”

Li Yuan look at Luo Xiu.

Luo Xiu shrugged his shoulders, and looked at the Deeson Fruit threads that were soaked in warm water, “En, it should be ready!”

“Next, I can finally cook!”

Luo Xiu smiled, and he still look as confident as ever.

All the preparations that he had made is just for this one moment.

‘Chi La’!

Luo Xiu picked up the BBQ net that he had used to roast the Deeson Fruit stripes earlier, and placed it on top of the flame.

Before he can stir fry the dish, he need to add one extra step.

That is the same step as what he had done for the Deeson Fruit – roast it!

After the threads of Deeson Fruit turn yellow, all he need to do is to fry them, then mission completed~!


He wiped away all the water on the threads of Deeson Fruit. All the starch content had been dissolved in the warm water.

Everyone had the chance to see Luo Xiu skills in roasting as he expertly turned the Deeson Fruit threads on the BBQ pit, and brushed the Deeson Fruit thread with oil. Then the insane hand movements happened again, as he picked up from the fire, and turned them over quickly, and coated the other side with oil. The cycle repeated itself until the threads of Deeson Fruit become golden colour.

At this time, the overwhelming aroma that is a characteristic of the Deeson Fruit diffused out.

Manager Chen, who was about to eat, was captivated by Luo Xiu strange method of roasting the Deeson Fruit threat.

This is the first time that he saw someone took so many steps to prepare the Deeson Fruit.

And in everyone’s mind, they suddenly have a feeling of doubt. Even Li Yuan, who was full of confidence, stared unblinkingly at Luo Xiu.

At this time, Luo Xiu’s attitude did not seemed like a person who had lost or is about to concede defeat.

Rather, it was as if Li Yuan’s flawless [Fine Food] was unworthy of his consideration.

All the people who behaved like this belongs to one of the two groups. If he is not an idiot, then he had great confidence in his skills. And Luo Xiu was the second group of people.

“This guy…. Can he really use Deeson Fruit to make a dish that is better mine?”

Li Yuan was thinking out loud, but in the next second, he coldly retorted, “How can it be. Even great chefs could not do this!”

Great chef?

Luo Xiu really wanted to tell Li Yuan that he is …. much better in cooking than the great chefs in this world.

‘Sha! Sha! Sha!’

A big bowl of Deeson Fruit threads, under Luo Xiu expert roasting, become golden colour.

“Next, I can finally fry them!”

The next step is to stir fry them in hot oil.

For Chinese cuisine, how the food is stir fried is also very important.

For stirred fried dishes, the one thing that determines if the food is tasty is the chef’s skill in stir frying the food, also known as ‘tumbling’.




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