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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 014

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 14 – Phoenix Tail Egg Custard


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Luo Xiu placed the nitrate salt mixture in another small pot, and use another stove to refine it.


When nitrates salts are exposed to high heat, in the presence of amino acids such as from urine or in the stomach, they can turn into compounds called nitrite [1].


Within the pot, nitrites are rapidly created.


Nitrites are extremely toxic for human beings, and could be considered strong poison.


On Earth, sodium nitrate is white to light yellow powder or granular, taste slightly salty, soluble in water.


Its appearance and taste are similar to those of salt. It is widely used in industry and construction. It is also allowed to be used as a limited amount of food colouring in meat products such as luncheon meat. However, the probability of food poisoning caused by nitrite is high.


Ingesting 0.3 to 0.5 grams of nitrite can cause poisoning. Approximately 3 grams will lead to death.


There should be about 5 grams of nitrate in here.


Luo Xiu could not help grinning manically. Even if this poison does not kill Li Yuan, the chance of Li Yuan getting cancer is 100%.


On Earth, nitrite often comes from some of the marinated and fermented foods, but it is also a carcinogen (a product that causes cancer). Of course, Luo Xiu knows this.


“I have to thank this world’s seawater. On Earth, the sodium nitrate content in seawater is very low.”


Luo Xiu then shifted his focus towards the food he is cooking.


As a master chef, although most of the time Luo Xiu cooked Western food, he is also familiar with Japanese food, Chinese Cuisines, Molecular cuisine, and simple every day and home cook food etc.


After all, the Chinese chefs all begins from being a kitchen hand.


In his past life, he was no exception to this rule.


“Stirred Fried Potato Rosti … I have not cooked this for many years.”


Luo Xiu was recalling his memories in his past life, but his hands’ movements are not slow.


What he wanted to make is the “Stirred Fried Potato Rosti in Chinese Style”. But there are no potatoes here, so it should be “Stirred Fried Deeson Fruit Rosti in Chinese Style”




Luo Xiu placed the string of Deeson Fruit threads into a pot of warm water.


Ye Weiling was curious and could not help asking, “Brother, why did you place them in warm water? Just now, didn’t you just roast them?”


Luo Xiu’s method of cooking made Ye Weiling very puzzled.


The neighbours surround them also become like students, and all of them looked at Luo Xiu as if he is the teacher.


After Luo Xiu had displayed his superior knife skills, nobody thought that he is crazy or stupid anymore.


Luo Xiu must have a reason for doing what he is doing now.


Nobody discovered when the teenage that had lost his senses of taste and smell had become so unpredictable.


Everyone could not guess what he was doing. This also includes Manager Chen and Li Yuan.


“Oh, even if I tell you, you may not understand. These threads of Deeson Fruits, you must soak them in water until the white colour juice had disappeared. In this way, you can guarantee that it will not stick to the wok, and after you fry them, it will give you a tender and crispy taste!”


The starch must be dissolved in water.


And, because the Deeson Fruit in this world is much softer than the potatoes in the human world,  he needs to add an extra step before he fries them.


And that is to roast them, just like what he had done for the French fries.


“Oh, trying to sound mysterious!”


At this time, Li Yuan had recovered from the shock of seeing Luo Xiu’s knife skills.


Although Luo Xiu’s knife skills stunned him, it could not shake Li Yuan’s confidence in himself, or force him to admit defeat. This is because the most important criteria for a chef is the food that they have created. Regardless of how good their knife skills are, if the dishes they made taste bad, at most they will be a metal attribute Kitchen Xiuzhen practicer.




But chefs are not the same. High-level chefs can become spiritual chefs, and holy chefs.


Kitchen Xiuzhen practicers may only serve the chefs.


This is the law of the Country of Fine Cuisine.


Therefore, regarding knife skills, most of the chefs will not put in so much effort in this aspect. After all, there are all kind Kitchen Xiuzhen practicers willing to that for the chef.


And cooking, creating delicious [Fine dishes], [Great dishes] etc, are the most important thing for chefs!




Time flow by very quick.


After he had got over the surprise of Luo Xiu’s outstanding knife skills, he focused on his dish – Phoenix Tail [Ban Zi] Egg Custard!


This is the dish that he is most proficient in making.


Within the Tibetan iron melting stove, a white colour plume of mist slowly emerged.


Li Yuan also become more excited.


With the diffusion of the white mist, there is a refreshing scent in the air. Manager Chen had closed his eyes, and took a deep breath, “Oh, what a pleasant smell! The Moon Spiritual Glass mild scent compliments the Phoenix Tail [Ban Zi] Egg thick aroma. Plus, the traces of [Sang Jun Zi] spice, bits of [Long Yang Fruit] without the fishy smell …. All these ingredients seemed to infuse the Phoenix Tail [Ban Zi] egg with a mouth-watering aroma, and made it taste many times better!”


“This is definitely a dish that will be delicious!”


“At least a [Fine Food] grade !”


Manager Chen finally opened his eyes. At this time, Li Yuan also picked up the lid of his pot. The dish that he was cooking, Phoenix Tail [Ban Zi] egg custard, is now ready.


“Manager Chen, you are really an expert! You have listed all the ingredients that I have used to make this dish even before you tasted it!”


Li Yuan tried to fake a look of surprise at Manager Chen’s ability to determine his ingredients before tasting it. Everyone knows that he is flattering Manager Chen to get in Manager Chen’s good graces.


Manager Chen just smiled and said, “What are you waiting for? Bring it here! I could not wait anymore!”


“As you commanded! Xiao Sanzi, please bring this dish to Manager Chen!”


Li Yuan immediately asked one of his aides to serve the dish. The teenager named Xiao Sanzi used both hands to carefully hold the container, and place it down on the table in front of Manager Chen.


In this world, because of the prestige that chefs enjoyed, almost everyone is experienced in eating. For each dish, they could easily say something about it.


It is like saying that all the citizens of this world are foodies and loves to eat.




Li Yuan’s face was full of smiles as he watched Xiao Sanzi open the lid of his pot. Immediately, a steam of white colour cloud rise from the dish, and an image that looks like a white dragon spitting stream emerged from the steam.


Li Yuan, who had prepared himself well beforehand, immediately placed some special spices into the pot.


“Phoenix Tail [Ban Zi] Egg custard, please enjoy!”


Li Yuan smiled, and stretched out his palms, inviting Manager Chen to sample the dish.


Manager Chen took a look, and he immediately felt very pleased.


The dish that was placed in front of him really goods very good.


The fiver colour spices were added on top the Phoenix Tail [Ban Zi] Egg custard, and made this dish look extremely appetizing and delicious.


Perhaps it got something to do with the spices that Li Yuan added after the dish was open – The fragrance emitting from this dish also become a lot thicker, and immediately spread all over Nine Gates Restaurant.


Ye Weiling also looked as if she was mesmerised.


As the group of neighbours in the restaurant, they were all captivated by the scent. All of them…. Except for Luo Xiu, who had lost his sense of smell and could not smell anything.


He was looking Li Yuan’s dish with interest. To be able to make an ordinary dish of steam egg looks this good, Luo Xiu was quite impressed by Li Yuan. If he was on Earth, he would definitely be offered a job as a chef by the underworld merchants, because…. There is a lot of profits to be made.


This dish, if you examine it from the cover, is just some steamed egg.


“All right, first you test how much ‘Spiritual energy’ this dish has.”


Manager Chen breathed in deeply, as to ‘drink’ in the smell. He then took out the piece of jade that he carries with him.


He placed the jade in his hand and put it above the dish that Li Yuan had cooked!



[1] If you want to learn more about chemistry 102, The use and control of nitrate and nitrite for the processing of meat products, see This is an academic journal. As expected from a chef that is good with Molecular cuisine, you must have some chemistry knowledge.




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