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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 013

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 13 – A Person Who Kills, Should be Prepared to be Killed in Return!


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“So fast!”


Ye Weiling used one hand to cover her mouth. She felt that she must be dreaming.


Where got people cut vegetables like that? [1]


This is too exaggerated!


Looking at this knife skill, she could not bring herself to look away, even though she could not see Luo Xiu’s hands.


Da! Da! Da!


Luo Xiu seemed to be faster and faster, and his entire arm became blurry. His cuts were deliberated and controlled. One after another, a thread-thin slice of Deeson Fruit seemed to fall from his hand.


The shadow of the knife constantly fell down like raindrops. Each time, he moved the knife, it struck unerringly with great precision. Not only is the hand holding the knife stable, but each time it cut, it would hit the same spot on the Deeson Fruit.


It was like the Deeson Fruit was constantly rotating, while the knife would continuously hack at one spot on the Deeson Fruit.


Chop Chop Chop Chop, the knife is restless and could not be stopped.


All who were observing this could only look on in astonishment and wonder at the knife skills.


Li Yuan swallowed hard, rubbed his eyes, looked at the scene of Luo Xiu hacking at the Deeson Fruit and felt a chill running down his spine.


This is very scary!


If there is even the tiniest mistake, the thing that will be cut will not be the Deeson Fruit, but rather the fingers that are holding on to the Deeson Fruit. And looking at the speed of the cut and the sharpness of the blade, cutting the fingers would not just result in a mild cut – there is high chance that the entire finger may be cut off.


This is no joke. Because the knife that Luo Xiu is using is extremely, extremely sharp!


What did he just said about slowing down? Why is it so fast?


Li Yuan’s face had turned white in fear.


Manager Chen, who was watching intently, also became flabbergasted.


But he collected his wits almost immediately and reverted to his cautious and sharp self.


For some reason, watching the knife skills of Luo Xiu made him think of one person, [Divine Chef] Wang Xi!


As a manager in the Temple, he had the opportunity to see the Divine Chef Wang in action. That is something that he had never forgotten.


A flash of holy light, and the glint of the blade flew past.


[Divine Chef] Wang, who have both metal and light attributes, could not match Luo Xiu. His blade skills were also fast, but not continuous.


Does it mean this guy…….?


Is he a better chef than Divine Chef Wang?


“Impossible! How could be compared to Divine Chef Wang?”


Manager Chen shook his head, and could not believe his thoughts.


But when he looked up and saw the young man in front of him cutting the Deeson Fruit, he felt that Luo Xiu and Divine Chef Wang has the same aura, the same ease when they handle food, and the same level of confidence in their skills.


“This is a really scary young man, arh!”


Manager Chen immediately pinched his leg, and finally wake up from his amazement.


The level of knife skills that he had displayed is so impressive that it could be considered as….. scary!


And the experience of this young man in cooking!


Luo Xiu’s facial expression from start to finished is the same – he is very confident and calm, and seemed to emit a feeling of confidence in his own abilities. Watching him handling the food is like it is second nature to him and there was no trace of any discomfort.


Even the simple task of cutting a Deeson Fruit seemed to be filled with artistic charm.


Manager Chen knew that this aura and artistic charm could only be earned from cooking repeatedly over a long period of time.


As if…. Luo Xiu is a chef that is well versed in culinary arts.


“Hu….. finally completed!”


As soon as he had finally cutting the Deeson Fruit, he placed the knife aside. The Deeson Fruit had totally vanished. And what appeared in front of Ye Weiling eyes is a long string of Deeson Fruit thread.


Each string of thread was identical in thickness and length.


At least, accordingly to the eyes, no differences between two threads of Deeson Fruit could be detected.


From the time that Luo Xiu picked up his knife to the time he stopped cutting, it all occurred only in the span of a few breaths. His knife skills were so fast that most human beings could not keep up.


Li Yuan’s eyes almost popped out of his head.


He could not keep his eyes off Luo Xiu knife skills. Somehow, Luo Xiu became more and more mysterious.


The feeling that Luo Xiu gives off is one that had been in the kitchen for decades and had perfected his skills. This is something that Li Yuan, who did not have the necessary experience, could not understand. He only felt puzzled.


All a master chef needs to do is just to show his skills, and the rest of the audience will immediately know it.


This aura is unique.


In the eyes of Ye Weiling, Luo Xiu appeared to be covered with a golden halo, and was so bright that he appeared glaring.


He used the world’s most simple words ‘let my actions speak for me’ to strike blind her titanium eyes.


Too bright!


As if he was a light attribute spiritual chef that was bathed in bright lights!


That’s right, a spiritual chef! The spiritual chef that all Kitchen Xiuzhen practicers must pay their respects to.


In the span of several seconds, the knife’s shadow had disappeared, and the feeling of dread in the neighbours’ heart had also disappeared with it.


All of them seemed to have a kind of introspective feeling, and could finally let out their breath.


On the counter is a long string of Deeson Fruit threads. The knife work was so fine that if was as it was cut by a machine.


Thin stripes after stripes just lay on the counter, like a bunch of snow flowers.


“This guy!”


Li Yuan bit down on his teeth and gritted it. He looked at Luo Xiu and discovered that this lowly man was looking at him with a mocking look in his eyes!


Just now, Li Yuan felt that Luo Xiu was a spiritual chef when he had the kitchen knife in his hand.




Li Yuan breathe in and out deeply, then he reacted.


Luo Xiu did not boast. He really slowed down a lot at first. When Li Yuan thought about this, he could not help but to be shocked. “How could he have this awesome knife skills? Even the Kitchen Xiuzhen practicers with metal attributes could not do this!”


Li Yuan knew that his knife skills were inferior to Luo Xiu.


Meanwhile, Butcher Huang could not help himself and pick up a string of the Deeson Fruit thread.




Everyone had thought that the Deeson Fruit thread had became stripes. But once he picked it up, butcher Huang discovered to his astonishment and surprise that there is a very fine string that joins each thread together to form a long continuous string. When he lift it up, the string of thread started to unravel and become like a whirlpool.




Butcher Huang was scared out of his wits. Once again, Ye Weiling could not believe her eyes and covered her mouth in astonishment.


Every one’s gaze was fixated on the string of thread in Butcher Huang’s hand. The entire Nine Gates Restaurant was so quiet that you could hear a pin dropping onto the floor.


Cutting the Deeson Fruit into fine threads is one thing.


But at such high speed and still manage to ensure that each thread of Deeson Fruit is joined together in a fine string is another matter.


It would mean that Luo Xiu knife skills are nothing short of incredible. At that speed, he could still control each cut with amazing precision and did not cut through the Deeson Fruit threat. This, requires a very scary, accurate and concise judgement.


If he had cut just one millimetre deeper, the string would have break. If he had cut one millimetre less, the thread would not be uniform.


Right now the Deeson Fruit threads were connected by a very fine string. The string was as clear as water crystals, and yet strong enough to hold each thread together. Butcher Huang dare not to breathe and quickly and gently put it back. He was afraid that if he breathed too hard, the string holding the threads of Deeson Fruit would break.


What a scary knife skills!


Luo Xiu ignored these men. He had already decided on what he wanted to do. He cannot wait to create the new dish, ‘Stirred Fried potato rosti in Chinese style’ [2].


“Oil, salt, wok, spoon!”


Luo Xiu walked into the kitchen, and gathered these four items. Looking at the spices in the kitchen, he could not help breathing heavily. This world really had a wide and varied variety of spices!


There are at least several hundreds of spices in the kitchen.


“This huge variety of spices would make even India and the Middle East bow down in shame!”


Based on what he knew, this world extract spices from animals and plants. As a result, it had countless number of spices that could not be found on earth. He reckon that there are at least 100 times the number of spices in this world when compare the city of curry and spice, India.


This world should have millions, if not billions of different spices.


Luo Xiu was preparing to exit the kitchen when he noticed a something on the kitchen counter. It is a packet of white colour crystals – and is none other than the nitrate salts that he had just extracted.


“I have almost forgotten about this!”


Luo Xiu went to the toilet and collected some urine. Then he mixed some water with the urine, and place the nitrate salt into the mixture.


After he washed his hands, he walked out, and looked at Li Yuan, who was carefully braising the egg. There was a gleam of murderous intent in Luo Xiu’s eyes.


A person who kills, should be prepared to be killed in return!



[1] 哪有人这样切菜的?!- translate directly as ‘Where got people cut vegetables like that?’ I feel the sentence is correctly translated, but it really sounds funny to me, and I cannot quite put my finger on it or the best way to translate the meaning. Maybe it is just me….


[2] It translated directly as ‘stirred fried potato wire’ or ‘stirred fried potato thread.’ It sounds funny when directly translated into English. As Rosti is made up of threads of potatoes, I named it ‘stirred fried potato rosti’. I added the words ‘in Chinese style’ to differentiate it from the Swiss style of potato rosti.





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